daily timetable watch

In the world the most healthy the daily timetable watch
There is a living creature clock inside the human body, developing the good work and rest can adjust a living creature clock more quasi-, also more the benefit care at the health.To see in the world most the work and rest of the health what kind of actually?
7:30:Get up.The English national prestige Si quick Si especially the researcher of university discover, those in the morning 5:22 ―s 7:The person who gets up for 21 cents there is higher a kind of material content that cans cause a heart attack in its blood, therefore, at 7:21 after get up Be getting more beneficial to the healthy body.Chinese-English marriage

Turn on a desk lamp.”On waking up, turn on a light, will re- adjust the living creature clock in the body like this, adjust sleep and wake up mode.”Pull professor Ji Mu in the man fortress university sleep research center ·the Huo boon say.

Drink one glass water.Water is the essential material that the thousands chemical reaction inside the body can carry on.Drink one cup clear water in the morning, can drink the water shortage appearance in evening.

7:30 ―s 8:00:Brush teeth before breakfast.”The corrosion that before brushes teeth to prevent°from a tooth in the breakfast, because after brushing teeth, can be glazed outside the tooth to contain the protection of fluorine of layer.Want Yao, etc. breakfast after half an hour again brush teeth.”British tooth association health and safe researcher Ge ascend ·fertile especially the gold Si say.

8:00 ―s 8:30:Have breakfast.”The breakfast has to eat, because it is in aid of you maintain the stability of blood sugar level.”University of London nutritionist Kevin in the college of king ·Wei Er the Lun say.The breakfast can eat oaten gruel etc., this food has lower blood sugar index number.

8:30 ―s 9:00:Avoid sport.Come from the cloth Lu Nai Er university of the researcher discover, is in the morning carries on toughenning of the athlete is more easily infected disease, because immune system’s function in this time is the weakest.On foot go to work.Ma Sa Zhu fills the researcher of state university medical college and discovers, person walk every day, than those long suffer from low 25% of several rates that catch a cold to get sick by the person that doesn’t exercise.

9:30:Start in a day the most difficult work.The researcher of sleep center in New York discovers that 12 brainses inside hours that greatly parts of persons wake up on everyday are the most awake.

10:30:Make eyes left screen take a rest.If your usage computer works and so makes eyes taken a rest for 3 minutes while working for an hour.wedding plan

11:00:Eat some fruit.This is a kind of good method that solution body blood sugar descends.Eat an orange son or some red fruits, doing like this can add the iron content in the body and vitamin C content in the meantime.

13:00:Add some bean vegetables on the bread.You need a tasty lunch, and can slow-movingly release energy.”The bean food baking is rich to contain cellulose, the ketchup can regard as is a part of vegetable.”The Doctor of Wei Lun says.

14:30 ―s 15:30:The lunch break is one small meeting son.An university research of Athens discovers that those every noon lunch break 30 minutes or more long-term, thoughtful little lunch break is 3 people each time, because of heart attack death of several rates will descend 37%.

16:00:Drink the cup sour milk.Doing like this can stabilize blood sugar level.Drink some sour milk between everyday three mealses, be advantageous to heart health.

17:00 ―s 19:00:Train for physical fitness.According to the living creature clock in the body, this time is sport of the best time, giving up virtuous university kinetics of thin Er doctor Rui is fertile ·the Ni gram say.

19:30:The dinner doesn’t eat too much.Eating for supper is too many, will cause blood sugar’s going up, and increase the burden of digestive system, the influence sleeps.The supper should eat vegetable more and eat the rich food with the calories and protein less.To chew thoroughly and eat slowly while having a meal.

21:45:Watch a meeting television.See a meeting this time the son television kick back and enjoy and contribute to sleep, but want to notice, as far as possible don’t lie on the bed to watch television, this will influence sleep quality.

23:00:Wash a hot bath.”The adequacy of body temperature lowers to contribute to relaxing and sleeps.”Pull the man fortress university sleep Ji Mu in the research center ·Huo boon the professor say.

23:30:Go to bed a sleeping.If you morning 7.30 get up, now fallen asleep can promise that you enjoy ample sleep for 8 hours.DIY the wedding”six don’t ” rule

Any behavior that try to change a living creature clock will leave puzzling disease for body and regret again after for 20, 30 years, already too late.

A, 9-11:00 p.m. lines up poisonous time for immune system(lymphoid), this time should is quiet or listens to music.

Two, evening 11-1:00 A.M., the row of the liver poison, need to carry on in the middle of sleeping soundly.

Three, 1-3:00 A.M., the row of the Dan poison, as well together.

Four, 3-5:00 A.M., the row poison of lung.This namely why cough the person cough the most violently in this time, because of row poison the action have already walked to the lung;Don’t apply to stop coughing a medicine, the in order to prevent represses to discard the exclusion of accumulating the thing.

Six, 7-9:00 A.M., the small intestines in great quantities absorbs a nutrient time, should have breakfast.The one who treat disease had better early eat, by 6:30, health by 7:30, not the one who have breakfast should change a habit, even if drag along till 9, 10:00 eat all ratio not eat like.

Seven, midnight the going to build a blood time for vertebrate at 4:00 A.M., have to sleep soundly, should not sit up.

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