7 taboos at that time

Went into an autumn to eat tonic food Zao just to eat to have 7 taboos at that time
The autumn is exactly a Zao mature of season, the Zao nourishment enriches, the flavor is sweet thick great, the row poison counteracts poison, can also go into a medicine.Eat a few red dates every morning, or drink one cup red date the tea be all good to increase the blood effect.However, Zao although delicious nourishment still need to notice following 7 problemses while eating.
1.Putrefied change in character Zao to hate to eatfull of loving time

The big Zao will make the microorganism bred after being putrefied, the tartaric acid Mao in the Zao continues to resolve the fruit gum creation fruit the gum is sour and methyl alcohol, the methyl alcohol can resolve born formaldehyde and methyl alcohol again.

Edible putrefied Zao, light can cause dizzy, make eyes victimized, weigh to then endanger life.

2.Should not eat in the meantime with vitamin

The vitamin in the Zao can make the vitamin K resolved breakage and make treatment function to lower.

3.Should not with the cucumber or the turnip together edible

The turnip will have the anti- the bad blood sour Mao, the cucumber implies vitamin decomposition Mao, and two kinds of compositions can break the vitamin in other foods.

4.Don’t should eat in the meantime with animal liver

The liver of animal is rich to contain chemical elements, such as copper and iron…etc., copper iron ion very easily makes other foods in the vitamin contained oxidize but lose effect.

5.The taboo is edible while taking febrifuge

Taking to reduce fever medicine in the meantime and eat food with amount of sugar Gao easily formation not to dissolve is sexual of compound body, reduce the absorption speed in initial stage.Big Zao for the food with amount of sugar Gao, the past taboo is edible.Begin from the detail

6.Take bitter taste to be good for the stomach medicine and get rid of breeze to be good for the stomach medicine should not eat

Bitter taste and get rid of breeze to be good for the stomach the medicine is the bitter taste that depends medicine to stimulate sense of taste organ, glint ground the excitement that raise food to the axis, in aid of digest, promote appetite.If use big Zao while taking above medicine, then clearly influence the curative effect of medicine.

7.The ache of Qu Chi, abdomen department the bulge is full, big constipation knot should not eat, hate to eat with spring onion, fish together.

The Chinese medicine thinks that the spring onion is the fiery food of Xin Re Zhu, the Zao also belongs to sex sweet Xin Re’s thing, twos together eat and easily make quick temper larger.Taiwan gets married those matter sonses

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