6 hating is proper

The healthy food of office worker 6″hating is proper”
The office worker works the pressure is big, slightly the inattention will appear fatigue and attention isn’t concentrated, the memory decline etc. second healthy condition.To keep healthy at ordinary times work well a prevention is a key.Among them, in the food, the healthy food of office worker will attain 6″hating is proper”s.
1, the pressure lead greatlyMix the intermediation

The pressure is big proper eat:A the cup low fatty acids milk or 2 spoons mix nut.The sour milk depends on one of ammonia sour best food sources, the nut is rich to contain a Jing ammonia sour.Depending on an ammonia is sour and the Jing ammonia is sour to reduce you of misgiving;

The pressure greatly hates to eat:Carbonic acid beverage.《American public hygiene magazine 》the research publishing discover, every day drink 2.5 bottles of carbonic acid beverages will cause to suppress Yu and worry anxiously to increase 300%.

2, felling sorrow

The sorrow is proper to eat:Egg and greenery vegetable.The greenery vegetables, such as sugar beet and spinach…etc. is rich to contain a B clan of vitamin, be advantageous to a serum vegetable etc.”the good will feels hormone” of born, improve the blood circulation of brain thus, ease anxious symptom.Invigorate a spirit, town to pledge love a clue etc.;TD-SCDMA solution

Sorrow hate to eat:White chocolate, the white chocolate doesn’t calculate the chocolate of real meaning, don’t contain solid cocoa among them powder.The white chocolate can not stimulate “the good will feels hormone” like dark chocolate of born.

3, fat

Fat proper eat:Fish, chicken, vegetable and fruit.Fish and domestic fowl egg white can provide energy and accelerate metabolism, since solve Chan, and then contribute to reducing weight.And high egg white food and vegetable fruit Be also contribute to strengthening a muscle to reduce belly Nan;

Fat hate to eat:Thick soup and many salt snacks.The food leads salty, drink water many, the stomach department will become “water ball”.Therefore, salt foods with many etc. of the salt 焗 nut, Shu slice should as far as possible avoid.

4, energy shortage

The energy shortage is proper to eat:Assorted kernel.The potassium that the raisin provides helps the body to convert sugar into energy.The nut is rich to contain a magnesium, the magnesium is to the all very importance of the metabolism, nerve function and muscle function;

Energy shortage hate to eat:Thick coffee beverage.Although the caffeine has refreshing function, a great deal of sugar in coffee will make the blood sugar gone up, disadvantageous healthy.

5, need to raise intelligenceHigh pure HDMI

Need to raise intelligence proper eat:Tomato, blueberry and orange.Various anti- oxidizing agents in this kind of food contributing to to protect a brain to don’t need is hurt by free radicals and then lower the danger of Alzheimers disease and Parkinson’s disease;

Hate to eat while needing to raise intelligence:Ice-cream.The sweetmeat will make the glucose content inside the body fluctuated and cause attention dispersion.

6, drunk with wine empress

Be proper to eat after the wine:Orange juice.The fructose in the orange juice makes the alcohol metabolized to accelerate 25%.The vitamin Cs in it also contributes to the cell that prevent°froms a drunk with wine empress damaged.

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