The most “smelly” delicacies

In the daily life middlemans all the love eats savory food and has parlance to each the smell of Liu lotus, someone says that joss-stick someone says difficult smell arrive not to dare to eat, everybody’s taste is different to judge naturally different, so, the small plait gives you seven big smelly foods in the world of introduction today you whether also approbation?
Liu lotus

The Liu lotus carries great reputation most in Thailand, is praised as “the king of fruit”.Its smell is strong, of love is great it joss-stick, be disgusted with of resent it smelly, as a result, the hotel, train, airplane and public place prohibit to bring in.Although the Liu lotus is smelly, but have never eaten the person of Liu lotus as long as for the very first time boldly try an one mouthful after, the food flavor of sweet Qin heart will teach you to more eat to more want to eat.Many tourists will enjoy in retrospect everlasting after tasting delicacy of leading the Liu lotus and even become addicted, therefore the Thai Liu lotus sells a world-wide locations now every year, especially countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Europe and America etc., also start selling to China now.LED luminophor

The Liu lotus is an egg ball form, generally heavy about 2 kilogramses are outside a quality-like in shape wood hard shell, inside the score building, each building has 3, 4 grains of like the seed of egg yolk size, totally have 10-15, the seed outside binds 1 F ointment is pulp, be yellow for milk.The flavor is sweet but sprays joss-stick.

The good and bad that can know a Liu lotus from the epidermis, any taper stabs bulky but Shu, all generally develop good, the fruit grain is many, pulp is thick and delicate;Such as sting point thin and airtight, then fruit grain, pulp is thin but the meat quality is thick.

The nourishment of Liu lotus is worth of very high, in addition to implying very high sugar, contain starch 11%, the sugar is 13%, the protein is 3%, there are also various vitamins, fats, calciums, iron and Lin etc..The Liu lotus belongs to a hot sex fruit, as a result once ate empress the Liu lotus nine taboos inside hours to drink.All of Liu lotus whole bodies are treasures, the nut can cook and roast to eat, the flavor elephant soft-boiled sweet Shu, the Liu lotus implies abundant protein and fat, to the nourishment source that the machine body is good to repair to keep a function, is a good fruit category.Water that cooks a Liu lotus can cure the Chuang Yang of skin sensitivity.The Liu lotus hull can synthesize a soap with other chemistry things, can also used to a skin disease medicine material.power distribution


The person who likes a tropical fruit isn’t definitely unfamiliar to it.In Africa, its medical treatment effect already the reputation far sow and make use of pulp of guava at the women of Pacific Ocean group of islands, be used as face department and the lotion of body.The guava contains various abundant nourishments vegetable, make it have lustrous, endow with to live with protection skin of ability.

The guava has higher nourishment and medicine to use value and implies the nourishment composition and beneficial material that various human bodies needs, if implies fructose, grape, cane sugar and valley ammonia sour etc..

On top of that, guava because of rich contain vitamin C but enjoy people’s favor.In open country science exploration investigation activity in long time, the guava powder is an almost indispensable essential article, it can add a demand of human body to vitamin C to measure in time, can availably avoid because the vitamin C lacks but cause of disease.Not only such, guava still is more extensively applied than a food processing industry, main purpose be for the sake of the content of increment food vitamin C, can make the nourishment of food enhanced and raise.

The guava isn’t only the fresh fruit that livings a food, the medicine is used the value also shows Zhao very much, if have the effect that decline the blood sugar, in common use cure diabetes abroad.The experiment expresses that the diabetic usually eats a guava and have an obvious assistance treatment to the easing of disease function.But, puckery because of but and imply Rou quality, food can the Xie much eats to easily cause constipation, so, get constipation or should not eat inside having a quick temper.In addition, the bark, root and leaf of guava can also go into a medicine and use to cure some diseases.

Fermented bean curdoutput luminous

The fermented bean curd in China smells smelly, eats joss-stick, some people to it respect but far it, some people then will eat it be became a kind of habit.In fact the fermented bean curd belongs to ferment a bean product, will not only produce certain corrupt material, but also easily be subjected to a germ pollution in the creation process, from the healthy angle consideration, still little eat for like.

The research is proving that the bean product is in the process of fermenting, will produce An materials, such as AN An, Fu An and color An…etc. and hydrogen sulfide, they have a special bad smell and very strong volatility and much eat combine to health of no avail.In addition, An deposited time to grow, may also with second nitrate function, the born strong carcinogen second nitric An.

Although the fermented bean curd is small, but creates process more complicated, have to pass by to fry in oil, add to stew and ferment etc. a few procedures.In the whole creation process, request always to carry on under the natural condition, and very high to the request of the temperature and the degree of humidity, be subjected to pollution of the other germ very easily once controling isn’t good, light will cause a human body stomach enteric disease, heavy also cause botulinus’ in great quantities breeding, produce a kind of poisonous material-meat poisonous toxin.This is a kind of to love a neurotoxin, the poisonous dint is the strongest, in recent years once report way the fermented bean curd poisoned affairs for leading, is caused by this kind of toxin.

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