mammary glands cancer

The woman whom the love drinks easily suffers from a mammary glands cancer
So-called”have no wine not to become a seat”.From time immemorial, the beautiful wine is to promote friendly relations of good assistant.But in the meantime, “drink to harm a body” also in our ears knock a Jing clock repeatedly, but recently, the American expert announces on the European cancer general assembly of the result added substantial evidence for even this theories again.high pure broadcast

《Everyday post 》top of report way suggests, regardless red wine is still a strong drink, which afraid is a beer, as long as you drink to more than 3 cups(a cup equals 250 milliliters around) every day, female’s suffering from the risks of mammary glands cancer will increase 30%!terrace supports

“This is a factor that is underrated consumedly!”European cancer Epidemiology chief professor Pa especially inside gram ·the plum Sen Ni man say.Previously, although the scientist has already discovered the opportunity that the alcohol can increase to suffer from a mammary glands cancer,do not know exactly what wine would result in this kind of result.But this time, the scientist is accurate to know “the alcohol causes a mammary glands cancer, not the category in wine, but in the wine of how much”.

What to lead this research is the Auckland public hygiene institute for research of the United States California of Se ·the card Lao Si gram professor, its research group at 1978-1985 years, , consulted while doing a check-up for 70033 American females concerning alcohol habitual problem, arrive in 2004, they discover that 2829 female miseries suffered from a mammary glands cancer.notebook in Korea

Discover, absorb hard drinks with everyday in the meantime less than one cup females compare, those everydays drink the female of 1-2 cup wines and suffered from the risk of mammary glands cancer to increase 10%;Absorb amount of hard drinks more than 3 cups females every day, developed into the risk of mammary glands cancer to rise 30%.

As for why the alcohol may cause a mammary glands cancer, a come is after drinking, the hormone level in the female body will rise, two to really imply the gene to can induct a mammary glands cancer in the alcohol.”Certainly, cause mammary glands cancer of the factor still have a lot, for example fat and some heredity genes, and age…etc..But no matter when it is, the female friends can not forget and drink too many not really good.”

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