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the Russian Air Force

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

China Reuters RIA Novosti reported, in 2012, Russian troops opened the prelude of a comprehensive facelift, equip and update the priorities involved in air and space defense soldiers, the strategic rocket troops, Air Force and Navy. Military experts generally agreed that lasted three and a half years of radical reform of the Russian armed forces has entered the most critical stage. February 23, the eve of the
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Preparation of recombinant

Six Military District before the Russian military has been replaced by the newly formed four military regions of the west, south, central and eastern (a joint strategy for the Battle Command). This greatly simplifies the decision-making mechanism, thus reducing by half the number of command authority.

All the backbone of forces (ie, the drawdown of forces) have been abolished, the division prepared to be banned (only airborne retain the division prepared). The trip as a more compact, more mobile combat corps, the Russian military the most basic tactical unit.

Servicemen who no longer need to engage in, such as laundry, cooking, equipment maintenance, barracks building, such as loitering Affairs (these chores are outsourced to local companies), but simply obsessed with dry Bank – combat training and exercises. In order to straighten the military discipline, crime prevention, the Russian military also set up a special military police force.

The professionalization of the army, the Russian military has done a lot of work. Contract officers and men the proportion increased. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the election articles recently published, the current Russian military contract officers 220,000 18.6 million people, soldiers and NCOs. In the next five years, the annual recruitment of 50,000 contract soldiers. Before 2017, one million of the armed forces, there will be 700,000 professional soldiers. By 2020, the number of compulsory servicemen reduced to 145,000.

January 1, 2012, the Russian servicemen’s wages almost doubled tripled, pensions also increased by 1.6 times. The social status of the soldiers gradually returned to the former Soviet Union level, a pun on high income groups.

Putin’s promise to 2012-2013 will completely solve the military’s most urgent, the most difficult housing security issues. Be completed before the establishment of the Foundation of soldiers apartment in 2014.

Russian military education continued in-depth, deep integration of teaching resources. 10 Military Research and Training Center is currently being formed. Can compare the various types of military academies of the former Soviet Union up to 166.

Air and space defense soldiers

The most iconic events of the Russian Federation armed forces, the preparation of structural reform is completed in the space force on the basis of the formation of air and space defense soldiers. New branches of combat duty from December 1, 2011, which mainly undertakes the task functions of missile warning, missile defense, air defense, space surveillance and satellite launching.

Air and space defense soldiers under the jurisdiction of the Space Command, Air and Missile Defense Command and the Plesetsk cosmodrome (in Arkhangelsk State). The formation of new branches is in response to the United States and NATO to deploy anti-missile system in Europe to step up. Russian authorities believe that the U.S. anti-missile encirclement of the Russian nuclear deterrent forces pose a threat.

The Russian military intends by 2020 20% of the national armed planned budgetary funds into the construction of air and space defense soldiers. In 2020, the arms will be fitted out in about 100 military spacecraft. The air defense forces will continue to be fitted out in the new S-400 air defense systems. There are two S-400 air defense missile regiment on combat duty task in 2012 will have further two S-400 air defense regiment to complete facelift. In 2020, the Russian military column mounted S-400 systems can be equipped with 28 group. The latest model S-500 air defense system is expected in 2015, the armed forces.

The new generation of early warning radar, 2006′s first high degree of factory prefabrication radar station in Leningrad Oblast completion of the formation. Subsequently, in Krasnodar Krai, Kaliningrad built Voronezh radar system. At present, in Irkutsk, Voronezh radar station to complete the preparatory work before the test run.

Strategic rocket troops

In November 2011, the Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev cited the Russian counter European anti-missile system, military and diplomatic initiatives, including the latest intercontinental ballistic missile and a new and efficient warhead equipment can break through the anti-missile system. It is reported that the Russian military has decided to develop a new liquid-fueled ballistic missile weighing 100 tons, the future replace world famous heavy R-36M2 missiles of the Force Executive

The Russian Strategic Missile Troops Commander Sergei Kara Akayev had previously claimed that Russia at the same time in R & D is intended to replace the The development of the missile will be fully learn the

At present, the strategic rocket troops belong to three missile divisions are switched to the

According to Kara Akayev disclose, prior to 2020, the strategic rocket troops new equipment, accounting for 97% (compared to 30%). In the next 10 years, there will be more than 400 pieces of land-and sea-based intercontinental ballistic missiles fielded forces.

Air Force

The Russian Federation Air Force is also experiencing a big adjustment and reform, aviation divisions preparation was banned, air and space defense battle Strategic Command turn scribe the newly formed air and space defense soldiers. Set up a complete infrastructure of the seven large air force base, the airport network is also to modernize: 28 military airport completed a major overhaul this year, plans to complete the repair work of the 12 military airport.

Prior to 2020, the Russian Air Force will receive more than 600 aircraft, including the fifth-generation fighter T-50 modern fighters, more than 1000 helicopters, as well as equip 38 battalions of

At present, the Russian Air Force, three T-50 prototype in flight test flight prototype will be increased to 14, 2015 is expected to be fitted out in the first aircraft batch production prototype, future plans to purchase 60 T-50 fighter. Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin said, T-50 flight test work is being progressively carried out smoothly.

In addition, the Russian Air Force will be in the near future to provide access to 10 sets of armor-S1 air defense missile system. At present, the presence of an air defense missile regiment in Novorossiysk column installed four sets of armor-S1.


In 2020, the Russian military plans to spend 4.7 trillion rubles for the Navy and equipment update. In the weapons development program in the country, the Navy’s investment did not pay enough attention to. This situation has now been completely reversed. The large-scale shipbuilding program has been launched. Before 2020, the Navy will receive 8

The missiles will look forward to long The second ship, Vysotsky, commander of the navy said, the third ship of the same level ship

The topic of building a new aircraft carrier touted again. Vysotsky said,

At the same time, the Russian Navy is preparing to provide access to the legal system


At present, the Russian army the allocation of more than 100 various arms brigades and special trip, these are all filled with members of standing forces. 2015, also plans to set up the first Arctic motorized infantry brigade (the formation of a total of two Arctic trip, but also say that 3).

2013, plans to enable the advanced combat training center in the Western Military Region (Lower Novgorod the Mu Linuo town). In the same year, the unit will use the new automated training equipment and laser shooting simulator here to carry out even the – even the combat training. 2014 to carry out the camp – the camp combat training. The other three military regions will also establish a similar training center.

Prior to 2020, the Army will provide access to the Iskander-M tactical missiles can be equipped with 10 Battalion, over 2300 tanks, 2000 artillery, and more than 17,000 military vehicles.

According to Army Commander Alexander Post Kafelnikov, the Army will be held in 2013 to receive the first batch of armored samples (including Alberto Mata The new armored vehicles will start in volume quantities.

In the summer of 2011, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov described the overall position of the military procurement tank: I hope to get the true, full sense of the new tank, the progressive realization of the new tank manufactured modular. Department of Defense will not purchase those old tanks.


At present, the Russian military only airborne does not retain the organizational structure of the division and regimental levels. The airborne commander Vladimir Sharman Ivanov said, according to the airborne development plan has been approved by the Russian President, 2016 will not give up the division prepared, because the current organizational structure or the most appropriate.

National weapons program prior to 2020, airborne full facelift. Which is switched to one of the main direction of the new BMD-4 airborne chariot (the type vehicles not bulk supply), and its generated based on a series of new equipment, such as of the reconnaissance car.

Developed by the Russian Central precision machinery manufacturing research institutes of 120 mm and 152 mm caliber new artillery will greatly enhance the combat capability of the airborne, airborne equipment of the two types of artillery before 2020.

Sharman Ivanov said the Russian General Staff is considering a time of war will be a helicopter brigade turn scribe airborne command. Sharman Ivanov believes that the future of army aviation regiment and the Army Aviation Brigade into the airborne sequence, is a good preparation of the adjustment programs


a reporter’s question

Friday, February 24th, 2012

People in Beijing , February 23 ( Reporter Huang Zijuan , Hyo Jin Bo ) this afternoon , Defense Ministry Secretary , Ministry of Defense spokesman Geng Yansheng colonel at a regular press conference on the Taiwan media, the PLA Navy in the Pacific reported that the the
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conference , a reporter’s question : Department of Defense how to evaluate ? >


the Iranian media reported that the talks were

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

According to Iran ‘s Press TV reports , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in meeting with officials and nuclear scientists of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran , said: and theoretical , Iran to possess nuclear weapons is a serious offense , Iran believes that the proliferation of nuclear weapons does not make sense , destructive and very dangerous . the purpose of the arrogant countries to stop Iran’s technological progress , pressure , sanctions, threats and assassinations will not produce any results, Iran will continue to promote scientific and technological progress He said that if the world were allowed independently to promote the development of the field of nuclear energy and aerospace , the powerful countries can not get to the dominance of world affairs .

International Atomic Energy Agency , a delegation of 20 to 21 in Tehran and the Iraqi side on the nuclear issue held a closed-door talks . 22, the agency issued a statement saying the talks did not achieve concrete results due to differences on the issue of whether to allow a delegation to visit Iran Parchin military . This is the second within one month of the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation , traveling to Iraq . The end of January , the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation visited Iran, the Iranian media reported that the talks were

International Atomic Energy Agency released a report last November that Iran at least the end of 2003 , before The manufacture of nuclear weapons given the clear conclusion. Iran insists he was not a secret nuclear weapons program and accused the report politically motivated .


South Korean prosecutors

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

World Wide Web Reporter Chang reported that , according to Yonhap , January 30 , the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutor’s financial tax investigation of three at 30 am local time on the South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade office were searched .
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It is reported that at 10:00 on the 30th , the prosecutors and prosecution staff is located in Jongno-gu , Seoul , South Korean Foreign Minister searched and seized computer hard drives and other kinds of information in the office of energy resources, Ambassador Kim Eun- stone .

In addition , the prosecutor on the other office , including the Office of the Spokesman searched . It is the

South Korean prosecutors , when he was Prime Minister Room foreign and security policy official , Kim Eun- stone dominated the reported data released by the Department of State on December 17, 2010 , which became the source of CNK stock soared .

Prosecutors also revealed that Kim Eun- stone it comes to family gatherings at the end of January 2009 , the CNK -related businesses , followed by his two brothers in January last year to buy a total of over 80,000 CNK stock , profit from the huge profits .


It is reported that about 2

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 30 , according to foreign reports, the Syrian army was 29th on the outskirts of Damascus, the opposition launched the armed occupation of the siege , in order to regain control of the region .

It is reported that about 2,000 government soldiers in tanks and armored vehicles under the cover of dawn on the day moved into the eastern suburbs of Damascus , for control of these areas to wipe out the opposition militants . Local activists said 19 civilians and opposition fighters were killed.

In a tank surrounded by Kafu Er – Batna town , an activist said , this is a city of war , the body can be seen in the streets .

Residents of downtown Damascus , said the city’s main square, the army and police are deployed to prevent opposition forces infiltrated into the city center.

Syria ‘s official media said 29 Syrian people call Xujun action , Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Bing Seoul regards the security forces recently in the families of martyrs , said Syrian security forces are on the land

Another reported that at least 16 Syrian soldiers in the day killed in different attacks , several of them were allegedly

A day earlier , the Arab League officials said that given the increasing violence in Syria , Arab League Secretary General Arabi has decided to suspend operations in Syria Mission . Arab League foreign ministers will be held on February 5 headquarters held an emergency meeting in Cairo to discuss Syria .


again to the detriment of military relations.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Hit bottom in 2010 the Sino-US military relations began to gradually pick up in early 2011. In January, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited China. In May, the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde visit, frank exchanges with the U.S. departments, both expressed concern about maintaining my core interests, but also demonstrated the sincerity of cooperation. In July, a return visit to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, went to China to organize its armed forces and the forces visited the Second Artillery exchanges, panoramic display of the military style. In a series of high-level exchanges, our military with an open attitude and constructive measures to express the emphasis on the development of military relations with the United States attitude. At the same time, US defense consultations and maritime military security consultations and working meetings and other Department of Defense mechanism of the exchange as planned. In May, in the third round of the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue under the framework of the two sides also set up a high-level diplomatic and military officials to participate in the strategic security dialogue mechanism. These mechanisms of dialogue and communication, and promote mutual understanding and to avoid misunderstandings miscarriage of justice. In addition, the military has conducted a number of professional exchanges, and played a better understanding, mutual learning and the role of mutual trust. These exchanges and cooperation, fully reflects the firm implementation of the Sino-US military heads of state reached important consensus on promoting the development of military relations have made new concrete efforts.

However, gradually into the track of normal development of Sino-US military relations, once again because the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan in a difficult situation. September 21, 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a total value of $ 5.852 billion in arms sales plan. Therefore, the military plans of some of the high-level exchanges, joint exercises, and large events inevitably affected. The United States again and again and again to ignore China’s core interests, again to the detriment of military relations.

Over the years, Sino-US military relations are three major obstacles: First, the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan; Second, the U.S. military arrived in China from offshore continue to air reconnaissance; Third China-US military exchanges for U.S. law to draw the penalty area. In addition, the U.S. blockade of China’s military technology and arms embargo has lasted 20 years. If the U.S. does not eliminate the three major obstacles to make serious efforts, Sino-US military relations is difficult to develop smoothly.

Outlook 2012, both countries face a more complex security challenges, jointly cope with new challenges but also provides for bilateral military cooperation, new opportunities. In the United States and China committed to work together to build mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win partnership context, the two armies should be dedicated to building mutual respect, cooperation and win-win new military relationship. (


rain and snow over the cement is just brush off

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

At 11 o’clock yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Bureau Deputy Inspector, Provincial Tourism Bureau Accidents caused by peer attachment Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy head of Padang build a new minor child, Lee Jae-Hill injured drivers.

Yesterday, Badong County, had a light snow, seven groups to look at Doubletree Village, Chaoyang Peng reservoirs progress, check the weather, rain and snow over the cement is just brush off, and met with people through the winter sun Ping difficult situation. 11 am, with members operating Fosamax build a new child, Lee Jae-mountain driving by the driver off-road vehicles to the sun E A0S123 floor, in the , skidding more than 80 meters deep cliff fall. Operation Fosamax injuries, He died at 12:10 or so died. Children build a new jumping out time of the incident, the driver Lee Jae-Hill was seriously injured and rushed to the rescue in Enshi.

After the incident, Badong county leaders to lead the relevant departments to the scene to carry out rehabilitation and related work.

Party Secretary Li Hongzhong line of duty on the operations Fosamax attention, please Provincial Tourism Bureau on behalf of his comrades to visit and comfort the families of operating Fosamax, wounded every effort to work.

It is understood that, in March 2011, the Provincial Tourism Bureau depth Badong counties December 8 last year, led by the parade Fosamax practical December 29, just 11 days helping the working group completed the first when dengjiatang, praised by the local villagers.

Operation Fosamax Biography Born in 1952 in Wuhan New Island, enlisted in December 1972, October 1975 joined the Chinese Communist Party, in November 1987 after the Provincial Tourism Bureau, she served as deputy chief of the political department, chief , deputy director, deputy secretary of the party organs, Finance Director, Office of the Director, Deputy Inspector. At 11:00 on January 3, 2012, to carry out


which will once again stimulate the sensitive nerve investors

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

January 5, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo up to four months, new CEO.

Thompson previously served as an online payment service provider PayPal (Paypal) the company’s president, he also served as PayPal senior vice president and chief technology officer positions. Thompson’s reputation in the industry is not very large, so it was selected as the outside of the new head of Yahoo was surprised. I believe that Yahoo executives in the past few years, hopes to take various measures to help the business to profitability, but the results have failed, so Thompson assumed office inevitably will face daunting tasks and challenges, and the following is Thompson took the initial five

1, find out their position in Yahoo CEO to stay on this long time

Analysts pointed out that Thompson was not much behind the background, which makes Thompson in the management of time will be more independent Yahoo. Last week, from China’s Alibaba (microblogging) hired a Washington lobbying firm, a professional lobbying the U.S. government to agree to its overall acquisition of Yahoo’s plan, before the acquisition of Alibaba and Yahoo on assets in Asia, the latter The negotiations eventually broke down. Yahoo search for a new CEO for the company’s behavior is intended to show Yahoo’s board is more hope in the business enterprises to have more independence, which I believe Thompson at Yahoo working hours will not be too short.

2, as soon as possible so that investors know that Yahoo plans to do

Yahoo announced the appointment of Thompson, the company’s shares fell 2%, this phenomenon reflects the non-normal Yahoo investors questioned the personnel changes. Yahoo had announced large-scale reforms in the internal reorganization in order to further tap the potential value of business, some investors said Yahoo was busy looking for new business head is actually to delay the implementation of the restructuring plan. Thompson took office after the restructuring plan before a certain will be re-evaluated, which will once again stimulate the sensitive nerve investors, in fact, he needs to do is decide as soon as possible next course of action and Yahoo pay close attention to implementation.

3, the redefinition of Yahoo

Thompson’s predecessor, during the reign successfully Bartz Yahoo’s internal organizational structure and product service reform and restructuring, but her actions ultimately did not help Yahoo beyond For Yahoo, in the end is a multimedia technology company or IT is no longer important to the company’s arguments, but in fact these two definitions is not much difference between Thompson to do is clear as soon as possible together with the Yahoo board of directors and investment for the user by the exact location.

4, a member of the Board to adjust

CEO of the company’s board of directors usually work under the guidance, the Board must consider the formation and business owners (investors are) views. Thompson on the Yahoo board member as soon as possible to adjust, Yahoo’s board now there have been some disharmony issue, which does not lie in Yahoo’s upgrading of products and services can be changed. Thompson will no longer be excluded from the board the right people, in addition, can absorb some fresh blood in.

5, the selection of some of the possible future areas of popular cutting-edge R & D efforts

Yahoo’s Web search and social networking for research and development has lagged behind many other peers, not only a huge waste of time and money, Yahoo employee’s ability to innovate is being constantly spend. Mobile services and social networking has become the new cutting-edge IT R & D, but I believe that these areas are unable to give Yahoo a huge success. Yahoo has about 700 million users worldwide, it should be more advertising companies to provide competitive opportunities for them to put up a bridge leading to Yahoo customers.


nearly half of the country.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Dalian PX complex mass production

According to the First Financial Daily News December 22, a mysterious 19, the project is located in Dalian Jinzhou New Area Administrative Committee an official said, he did not know this

So-called And a noteworthy point is that authoritative information is displayed, on December 8, held in Dalian Fujia Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical companies such as transformation of the overall relocation planning feasibility studies. At the meeting, Mayor of Dalian Lee Wan was said in favor of the proposed program Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical enterprise group in due course as a whole move.

According to reports, complete elimination of risk, safety rectification meet the requirements of the premise, agreed to resume production of ‘The main spirit of the requirements, please accept Fujia normal group of related businesses for work.

One person said that the government’s request, Fujia in September this year had a shutdown, but since late September has been present in the normal production.

A Dalian relevant officials claimed, and can now reveal the attitude of the Crown: the existing Fujia Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical companies such as upgrading the relocation and construction group new petrochemical industrial park overall planning, compliance with government guide, the main business principles, in the relocation technological upgrading of enterprises and industrial upgrading.

The official said that Lee Wan was also the recent statement in favor of the

Reported that, in Fujia two former factory found in front of the bus stop, one after another loaded with earth and rock materials, some large vehicles entering the plant. Seen in the vicinity of the height, number of devices emitting steam plant in the region as well as white gas, and rumble, some workers around the equipment inspection.

Work in a nearby construction site workers, said Fujia within the plant noise is not usually large, but can see a small amount of white smoke gases. Dagushan Dagushan power plant will always be along the normal to the production of corporate supply, Fujia is no exception.

Reports indicate, the industry said that China has more than a dozen PX device manufacturer, Fujia production ranked fifth, five companies account for a total capacity of domestic PX (nearly 900 million tons), nearly half of the country.

PX product in accordance with the recent market over 1400 U.S. dollars / ton prices Fujia PX year, sales of only $ 1 billion or so. In theory, the cut-off a month means less than 80 million dollars in revenue.

Officials confirmed the resumption of production in Dalian PX

According to the Daily News reported that on December 29, Dalian municipal government official said, Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Fujia PX (paraxylene) project, through consolidation and safety standards, the recent recovery has been production. Cancel the project for the relocation rumors, he stressed that the relocation of the project is still advancing, not stagnation, nor the

For the printing of process, this also requires the approval of relevant state departments.


129 sets of real estate transactions

Monday, January 9th, 2012

New Year’s Day deserted during the first-tier cities to continue the property market, buyers wait and see mood strong, Beijing, Shanghai property market turnover fell sharply year on year. This bleak situation is mainly because the developers do not give sales force, led by only a small amount of real estate over to the buyers just need to attract, turnover rose slightly.

Insiders pointed out that in 2012 the property market regulation will not relax, only to drive prices continue to fall until the volume is expected to pick up. Increase in the expected future supply, the developer is facing more serious situation, the property market may enter the

Substantial decline in housing turnover

Property transactions in Shanghai during the bleak New Year. NetEase property data center, according to statistics, January 1, 2012 Shanghai 84 sets of real estate transactions; Shanghai on January 2, 129 sets of real estate transactions, including residential real estate turnover is only 21 sets; January 3, 97 sets of real estate transactions in Shanghai .

And compared to previous years, the New Year holiday, the Shanghai property market turnover in 2012 a huge decline. January 1, 2011 to 3, New Year’s Day three days without transaction data, but in the next two days, the Shanghai property market on the blowout, January 4, 933 sets of real estate transactions, January 5, 960 sets of transactions. And New Year period in 2010 before the daily trading volume of about 500 housing units in 2009, daily trading volume during the New Year there are 350 sets.

Statistics agency, in Beijing January 1, 2012 -2 days residential (including new and existing homes) net total of 335 units, compared with the same period in 2011 dropped 67%. Which houses net total of 323 residential units, down 66% year on year; secondary net total of 12 residential units, down 84% year on year.

Shenzhen property market performance more stable. January 1 and 2, 159 units of residential transactions in Shenzhen, with 160 sets of the same period in 2010, essentially flat compared. Average transaction price from 16,469 yuan per square meter in 2010 up to 2012′s 20,849 yuan per square meter. Analysis of the industry, the New Year in Shenzhen property market turnover average price during the one hand, and the transaction may be related to the structure, it also shows substantial loosening of the Shenzhen property market has not yet begun, the current in the sale of the new disc also the Lord.

Guangzhou New Year period or even cancel a lot of real estate promotions. Central Plains real estate project manager of Guangzhou Huang Tao estimates that the turnover of property Guangzhou New Year’s Day which fell 20% -30%, the average transaction price is higher than about 10% over the same period last year.

Cause I love my family group (microblogging) Hu Jinghui, vice president (microblogging) that Beijing, Shanghai and other places during the 2012 New Year’s Day domestic net signed volume compared with 2011 although sales of, but with the recent Dragon Boat Festival 2011 Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day compared to trading volume has been significantly warmer. Fourth quarter of 2011 the price of new and existing homes continue to fall, inspired some buyers who will buy a house.

Poor fineness real estate marketing

Before and after New Year’s Day (December 31, 2011 to January 3, 2012), has six residential projects in Shanghai opened, housing a total of 1,300 sets of launch, the opening price of about 23,000 yuan / square meter, which is nearly six weeks average price for the first time since opening more than 20,000 yuan / square meter.

Overall, the January 2012 Shanghai New site listing the number of rare, only eight projects expected opening, not only compared with December 2011 the number greatly reduced, not to the January 2011 opening number by half. Low-cost market housing will continue until the general benefits, there came yet more concessions. Analysis of the industry, Shanghai’s developers seem to have deliberately avoided the traditional low season in January, Chinese New Year earlier this year, the property market in 2011 with .

Beijing property market is waiting to see atmosphere. China Securities Journal (microblogging) reporter interviewed found that the crowd did a few showings during New Year’s Day, but most to wait and see. Sales office staff said that most of the showings are just over the field, One critically, said:

Because of the strong price expectations, the majority of prospective home buyers now more inclined to purchase existing homes. New Year period, the Beijing property market, the new opening of the project is not much. East Asia is located in Daxing District Jiugong rings International is one of the few opening on January 1, one of the items, the average price of 14,500 yuan / square meter in 2014 to stay. Real estate sales, said the New Year during the consultation and a lot of showings, but most are still

New Year’s Day holiday in Guangzhou several indicators of real estate prices have not been loosened. Hutchison Whampoa coral Panyu project in the New Year holiday peak day does not have any benefits, Guangzhou was once known as the price of coral-day peak of the first set, now the price has returned to the high, rough housing 17,000 yuan / square meter. Yuexiu District is selling in the East Bonaventure Plaza, price 29000-38000 yuan / square meter, the average price of 33,000 yuan, known as

Price cut is expected to open

For 2012, the property market trends, Asian high (microblogging) Guo Yi, director of marketing for that trading volume in 2011 continued to decline in residential prices caused by loose regulation of the property market in 2012 will not relax, this will deepen the market price expectations and buyers bargain-hunting mentality. Buyers will make collective watching the first half of the property market turnover in 2012 is still hard to warming, but the real estate market will continue to increase fear, more intense development of enterprise funds.

On the one hand, 2009,2010 to peak for two years after the project started in 2011 there has been wave. Case Study of Beijing, from January to November 2011, Beijing city commercial residential new construction area of ​​24.452 million square meters, up 45.5% over the previous year, starts in the increase means that many projects into the opening On the other hand, light property transactions in 2011, listed some of the delays in new projects, but the drag in 2012, the developer has the financial pressure to the high in urgent need of Sales Outstanding ease the financial difficulties, would have braved the risk of forcing the market opened.

Beijing Zhongyuan Zhang Dawei, director of market research that almost all major cities in 2011 the property market have suffered no immune to cold. 2012, China’s real estate market, in the 10% of third-tier cities fell about the possibility of very large.

Previously in one fell swoop below the Real estate officials say, before the only ones who enjoy the pricing strategy that can beat the gun market, future market pressure is still great, the developer only to give up fantasy, given the psychological expectations of buyers who meet the price, it may quickly return the funds. A sale of the Star River in Shanghai, Huang Tsai, chairman, said the initiative is to lower the price control policy response, the current real estate industry has entered the winter.

World Union Properties (11.21, -0.11, -0.97%) (microblogging) Chairman Chen Jinsong (microblogging), recently said that the developer is now down to price and not only to buy other way. First half of 2012 will be conducive to the formation of a real environment for developers to cut prices, then the developer’s sales from the current

Many real estate insiders said it expects first quarter of 2012, or will have a more substantial