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follow weather

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Healthily lead “three Fus”s the health want to follow weather
After getting into July, was so-called”three Fu sky”.Three Fu sky is a period of time of of Chinese lunar calendar slight heat and great heat, it is a the middle of the year, the air temperature tallest and damp and sultry day.The air temperature successively climbs, each kind of healthy problem also closely upon heels and since then, the hotness is hot wet become we guard against of point.
The expert reminds:Stay away sunlight don’t necessarily once hide to suffer a sunstrokeRome sandals let feet

Follow three Fu sky, suffer a sunstroke to also get into Gao Fa Qi.In the many people’s impression, it is working under the hot sun just to easily suffer a sunstroke.To this, expert reminds everyone, in fact under the heat and the airiness ineffective environment, the human body is most easily subjected to a hot evil hit;But multifarious wear shuttle at the heat of environment and the low temperature air condition place, more easily suffer from hot wet catch a cold.

Expert hinted, don’t think as long as you avert from sunlight, can narrowly escape”hot”.Heatstroke means under the long-term function of the heat and the hot radiation, the machine body body temperature regulates an obstacle, the water, electrolyte metabolizes the generic name of the symptom of mess and nervous system function injure.As long as is in the heat, bad-ventilated and foolish under the degree of humidity higher environment Be getting longer, equally easy”in recruit”.Therefore, in the temperature higher environment, keep airiness particularly for importance.Utopia weaves

Remarkable BE, now people’s life and work environment in a lot of all free adjust, space too closeness, and the heat of the air temperature and outdoors is anti- to differ very greatly.Professor Yang points out that people are multifarious outdoors of go back and forth in heat environment and the low temperature environment of the indoor, machine body suddenly the heat Be suddenly cold to regulate not to come over, very easily suffer from hot wet catch a cold.While running about in outdoors, very hot day people’s the sweat gland on the skin greatly opens and pops in to ten several air condition environments of 20 Celsius degrees, the hotness in the body hasn’t comes yet at this time and the row is over, the algidity suddenly inherits and appear very easily various unwell with disease.Moreover, loving too much the icy cold food will the appetite causing is unwell and blow an electric fan and wash a cold shower to reduce the heat over a long period of time and all easily cause hot wet catch a cold with various trouble.These are the all hot wet causable healthy problems, is also the performance that the different degree suffers a sunstroke.

Defend hot dispel wet:The Huo fragrant sense of right liquid applies most

Modern living like, insolate to suffer a sunstroke have already consumedly reduced, however have air conditioning, blow an electric fan, eat cold drink to wait for someone work to excessively reduce the heat a way, cause hot, cold and wet etc. various evil-minded wound persons, appear hotness dizzy, hot catch a cold, appetite unwell etc. various paroxysm persons but more and more.Speaking from Chinese medicine, these crowd mostly the pathologic symptom of “inside wet outside hot”, so used the traditional Huo fragrant sense of right product such as too very the Huo fragrant sense of right liquid to solve hot, again suitable however.Too very the Huo fragrant sense of right liquid is make use of Huo joss-stick, thick plain etc. has a Teng function of vaporize, rise of medicine, pass Chinese herbal medicine Aromatherapy, the closing pathologic system of “inside wet outside hot” opens after suffering a sunstroke human body and flick to spread inside the body of moisture, resist the hot air out of the body, so the movement function of the viscera can recover as usual, the human body can line up sweat as usual and suffer a sunstroke symptom to also soon disappear.What to need to be reminded BE, Huo fragrant the type is a lot of, liquid product liquid since effect quick, is more suitable to cure hotness disease.And”liquid” don’t imply alcohol, didn’t limit to the crowd, both sexes and all ages was all proper and drive also can’t the wine drive.LED and new material

Three Fu healths:Hand sun to go to fire, much much sourer sweet

The summer season is three Fus, the sun annoys prosperous, the human body is placed in the territory ground of “the sun is more prosperous than an outside but falsely in inside” for the sake of the conformance weather at this time, the sweat liquid increases, the summer heat is pressing and usually cause human body sun spirit Xuan Fa too but appear the sun inside the body annoys short of summer season physical endowment characteristic, at this time if because defend hot reduce the heat but excessively be greedy for cool easy to inside cold too much, with as for the sun inside the body annoys more Shuai.

Moreover, hot wet very disadvantageous to Pi in summer, so should eat some foods of sweet flavors and sour proper Pis more appropriately in summer, like mountain medicine, Yi rice, Bo Luo, and watermelon…etc.;Blazing hot weather still easily causes person’s quick temper’s rising and express be fidgety, anxious and easy for emotion concussion, suffer from insomnia etc..Therefore, “going to fire” is also essential homework that the summer food repairs.The summer goes to fiery food, ascend good choose to have green lentil, bitter gourd and tomato to have cool etc., pure hot food;In the meantime, all of milk nourishment, can with Wen Pi, repair water and reinforce body fluid, is also summer fine goods.

toilet female’s crumpling

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

While going to toilet female’s crumpling breast can keep mammary glands from increasing to livinggood luck He Nan

The expert suggests that the female can make use of to go to the stool of opportune moment, conveniently untie text chest, the hands are first clockwise and go against a hour hand direction again to lightly crumple breast.Needs short short 20, can make the breast got a precious rest.Had better up and down the noon Be each to do once.

Heat in the sky eats potato more to repair potassium

Sultry summer, a carelessly the meeting”flicking sweat is like rain”.Runs off with the sweat liquid of, in addition to water, also someone body health essential potassium.LED LCD TV

Heat in the sky prevent°froes lacking potassium, most the safety is effective of method be much eat rich potassium food, mainly have bean, vegetable, and fruit…etc..The soybean content is the tallest in the bean;Contain in the vegetable the most in potassium is spinach, potato, mountain medicine, celery, and lettuce…etc.;Containing amount of potassium by banana, orange in the fruit is the tallest.

In addition, the midsummer body row sweat is many and also increase water-soluble vitamin particularly ejecting of vitamin C, therefore people can much eat in summer some contain the vitamin C, the vitamin B clan enriches of food.Be body to in great quantities perspire generally speaking or the body temperature lead Gao, adding of humidity had better be a little amount, many times.But the sodium add to then want to see to perspire how much but settle.LED business increases

Soot second hand smoke becomes the female lung cancer outbreak inducement

In recent years, female lung cancer outbreak in Shanghai City has year by year the power of the ascension.Shanghai region lately delivers lung cancer more than 9000 examples annually, among them, the female has 1/3 and be taken bad in the female malignant tumor in, the lung cancer death rate is resided to first.The expert said that inhaling the soot, and second hand smoke…etc. is the on the sick list inducements of female lung cancer.

The expert points out that female lung cancer sufferer’s great majority is a gland cancer, and doesn’t smoke.70% female sufferers exist a household history, another the or so cause of disease having 30% isn’t clear.Clinical discover, passive smoke cigarette, spray fog soot, car tail spirit and the harmful grain in the atmosphere may be the inducement that the female falls ill.The data suggests that our country female lung cancer sufferer five year, the existence rate is about 10% and compares abroad that data differ 5%.Semi-conductor

The expert suggests that the female over 40 years of age can go to annually the specialty hospital carries on “the low doses spiral CT”, the Shai checks and early discovers that the cancer changes omen.If is diagnosed for the lung cancer, then should after member examination diagnosis technique first”already set” again treatment, avoid blindness the treatment delay the best opportune moment.

bad habits destroy you

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Watch out for nine kidneys that the bad habits destroy you
When you at complain that the body usually appears various small trouble of time, don’t should only is a body to circulate long the nature will have a little “small break down”, in fact these breakdowns appears of reason, all come from you picked to eat to pick much at ordinary times, hence healthily will also start picking fault with your body.
Not the love drinks waterportion of the lens

Big parts of mans feel its importance towards drinking water all little interest, even not, but result in the important injury of body very easily in fact and like this.The discard of metabolism inside our body mainly from the liver and the kidney processing, only have a human body weight 1% kidneys but want to accept whole body 1|4 hearts output quantity, every minute will have the blood of 1-2 liters after kidney, therefore, the discard that the kidney accepts is far and far more than other internal organs organs.Kidney the most important is to be responsible for an intermediation human body for internal water cent and electrolyte of balance, the discard produced by metabolism physiology activity is been alongside of to urine in, but when it carries on these functions, need enough humidity to carry on an assistance.

Solve a method:The habit that develops to drink water more can dilute an urine liquid and let urine liquid to quickly eject, not only can prevent°fro stone calculus, absorb too many salts also be advantageous to wetting a liquid to become thin, protect kidney thus.

The love drinks beer

If have already suffered from the disease of kidney, without limit and in great quantities drink beer again, will make the uric acid deposition caused the kidney small tube’s jaming and result in kidney’s crocking up.

Solve a method:If while conducting blood testing, discover the kidney contains problem and afraid of kidney function at this time already damaged not Be getting lighter, conducts blood tests with its etc. to understand kidney, also be rather periodically carry on wetting check at ordinary times, because checking the urine understands the most simple and fast method in kidney.

Not appropriate edible vegetable fruitRMB exchange

Eating vegetable fruit more is healthful, these are the ordinary people’s idea, however for have the chronic kidney function the stumbling person to say, vegetable fruit these are usually thought to have help natural decline blood pressure of contain high potassium composition in the food, over a long period of time eat on the contrary will result in the breakage of their kidney function.In fact to kidney function poor person come to say, the potassium is also the composition that will aggravate kidney to do work, to the injury of the kidney is very big.

Solve a method:If get chronic kidney function obstacle, should notice appropriate eat vegetable and fruit, avoid resulting in the influence on kidney.Don’t drink too thick vegetable and fruit juice, chafing dish soup and vegetable soup, food with simple elegance is proper.

Replace boiled water with the beverage

None of big parts of mans loves the mild tasteless of water and compare under, beverage naturally grounds, such as carbonic acid beverages, such as soda and cola…etc. and coffee…etc. became water of the best act for.But, in these beverages the caffeine contained, usually cause blood pressure’s rising, but the blood pressure lead Gao, is one of the important factors that harms a kidney.dollar range

Solve a method:As far as possible avoid excessively drinking beverage, take by water but generation, keep to drink the 8 greatest cups white water every day to help the body endotoxin to eject in time.

Eat too many meat

The American food association once suggested that mankind the protein of each kilogram weight take to measure to 0.8 grams every day, is also the person who says that an individual weighs 50 kilograms, can absorb 40 grams of proteins just every day, therefore a day also not edible surplus is 300 grams of meat and avoid bringing too big injury to kidney payments

Solve a method:If discover urine egg white in the urine, and then ate too many meat, will make the kidney function been subjected to damage thus over a long period of time.Every meal meat and bean product’s absorbing quantity should control is all of about 0.5 cms of the thicknesses at the palm, if have the person whom the chronic kidney blazes, this quantity should reduce again.

Over take a pain reliever

There is research enunciation, take the pain reliever of mixture over a long period of time, the blood speed of the human body will be forced to lower, therefore will seriously influence the function of kidney.In addition, remarkable BE, the pain reliever causes of the kidney crock up a sufferer to also a little bit easily take place an urine bladder cancer.

Solve a method:No matter take which pain reliever, all Be suitable to occasionally take, absolutely can not take over a long period of time, if need to depend on a pain reliever over a long period of time, have to cure to do thoroughly check.

Eat too many salts

The salt is the important chief culprit that makes the kidney burden aggravated.Salt within our food 95% is BE dropped by the kidney metabolism, absorb too many, the burden of kidney was forced to aggravate, and the sodium in the salt will cause human body humidity’s doing not easily eject, aggravate the burden of kidney further again and caused the decrease of kidney function thus.

Solve a method:Science every day shoots amount of salt should control at 6 grams in, but have among them 3 gram can direct from acquire in the food everyday, therefore, the food should kept at 3-5 grams while seasonning in.Remarkable BE, the salt in the instant noodles is specially many, the person, who usually eat, had better reduce to eat.

The pressure makes the blood pressure gone up too greatly

The blood pressure leads Gao and has already become to a big threat of modern people health, very big one part because living pressure lead greatly result in, thus and indirectly influence the normal operation of kidney.The pressure big familiar symptom is to suffer from insomnia, the male’s blood pressure on the average than female high is 5-10 millimeters of mercury pillars, but suffer from insomnia will result in blood pressure’s going up 2-5 millimeters of mercury pillars on the expectations

Solve a method:The young man generally can hardly discover his/her own high blood pressure circumstance, therefore ignore age much greatly, had better carry on a blood pressure diagraph once in a while, and prevent°from sitting up and pressure lead ambassador’s blood pressure go up.

The edible background unidentified medicine eats

Causing the circumstance that the impatient kidney crocks up because of unusual foods, such as edible snake Dan and grass carp Dan…etc. is nothing new, many people all because at that time curious, even blindly take a Chinese herbal medicine to come to strong sun.The in fact a lot of Chinese herbal medicines insides all imply the composition of the birthwort sour etc. kidney toxicity and not only bring kidney huge injury and have of even will bring bane to whole body.

Solve a method:Although fish Dan or snake Dan are enounced have strong sun, can the pure heat counteracts poison or cures the curative effect of pimple, even if is the fish Dan or snake Dan that the Chinese herbal medicine is used, have to then can know its toxicity after special cannon system and absolutely not to and blindly take a food.

Cherish such happiness

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

A friendship began life, always doomed fate, otherwise, lifepartner why let me meet you, lost their feelings, so wait, not return, is a warm heart so touched, guilt, I think, such a meeting, is should cherish. So, I love you, love you like. Because of this love and love, have each other’s Freemasonry, have the sincere.The expense idea
Because the text flows in emotion, because the text image of entanglement, began approaching, began to wait, began to wish … … Such support and encouragement let me so moved that tears,,, because of the happiness, and, shocked, because of the pay, you know me so much, I want to know is, however, wouldn’t say anything, everything, just let it flow, softly, softly, but for a long time … …
Hard to get a hold of happiness. Because they do not want to, live up to it a sincere heart engraved with the sincerity hope, close to the soul, without rhetoric, without sweet words, silently, hide in the heart, the silent exchange, that a way to let the emotional heart tremble, from text, to music, to the mood, not to make me feel warm, deep in my heart … …
Deliberately, but it does not naturally, with such a premise, contact them, there is no embarrassment, smile, tears of sorrow, sincere missing, then Tanzania expansive expression. Since then, the past, engraved in memory, even if will not disappear, fade, also has a constant shear traces of love.
There have been numerous times with thanksgiving, because I met you, you gave me the confidence and courage, you gave me the inspiration and thoughts, with the fragrance of flowers, engraved in my life, never fade, each fragment is a petal, hard to forget.good reality wooden
Cherish, such happiness.
Time, with a beautiful walk, the past, still remember, with text about mood was, therefore, I have been waiting for, has been hard to cherish such a permanent. Really, do you feel? Happiness, is to wait for that, but, we must make efforts. I feel, because your copy of the work, so I cherish such a waiting time, and then, as I settle down, with strong fragrance.
Pay nothing, inside there are deep regret, inexplicably, often think, in fact, we can hold around us just the ordinary hand, warm, and smile, know, the treasure of the people must treasure, the grateful people also have to appreciate, understand the value of distance also, at this meeting, feel, so, like, the margin of the deep, shallow thoughts, always linger in your heart.
Night, quiet, because in the character miss, love, warm, because of their selfless giving, no thanks, but would also like to thank, because the heart, always cherish, it a kind of fate and karma and that a subtle emotion!Solid wooden door

Female menstruation

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Female menstruation conditioning big different
That time of the month, the majority of female friends will undergo abdominal pain and other symptoms. According to their own physical characteristics, adhere to the scientific and rational diet and lifestyle, in order to” holiday” will have more relaxed. Follow up to look together which conditioning methods.
Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon, a normal woman could not avoid, however, when physiology period is coming, there are a lot of trouble there, every woman has such experience, each month to receive the” good friends”, always consumes considerable mental and physical. Since the traditional cognition, the woman menstrual cramps as blood loss, so a woman want to have a good look like apple, have tried to put up blood menstrual loss. However, before filling, the filling or after menstruation during filling, is also a fill, exactly what is the best time to recuperate? Experts said: in fact women during menstruation conditioning to see their own constitution, the constitution of different conditioning methods are not the same.
( a ) bad blood circulation type constitutionLED\IC design
Symptoms: just before their period will feel belly bulge bulge, lower abdomen prominent, a period will be constipation. Menstrual flow colour to dark color, feel sticky, sometimes like liver, Gore outflow. Menstrual blood volume, the first day is less, but the very next day and third day suddenly becomes much more than 7 days, the period will be.
Improvement of small secret:
Poor blood circulation of the human body to activity, be careful not to catch cold, do not eat cold food. Not the best of the tampon. Eat black, red, purple food, vegetables are best heating treatment. Avoid long time to sit, walk, let the pelvic blood circulation. You can drink ginger tea or medicine rose, safflower, hawthorn tea.
Recommended diet: Lotus saffron braised pork ribs.
Practice: pork 500 grams, 300 grams of fresh lotus root, safflower 5 grams, cooking wine 5 grams, amount of salt. Ribs, lotus root slicing, into the casserole in safflower, cooking wine, salt, plus and the amount of water, boil skim floating foam, a small fire stew to rotten meat. General fed once a week, eat 1 months effective, but the menstrual period, pregnancy can eat this party
( two ) cold type constitution
Symptoms: one to menstruation, abdominal have cold feeling, pain severity, a cold will be more severe, but warm feel comfortable. The period is usually late, period usually lasts over seven days, blood dark red, will be mixed like liver, Gore outflow. Especially cold, with a very high probability of deficiency type.SKYWORTH photoelectric
Improvement of small secret:
Be sure to keep warm in Kung Fu, can wear thick underwear or thick socks. Don’t wear a skirt, because if the lower body cold, the pain will be more serious. Recommended to eat warm food. Ordinary bath or foot bath can be to drive the cold. Recommended drink Jiang Mucha and cinnamon tea.
Recommended diet: Eucommia kidney
Ingredients: 12 grams of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv, kidney 2
Method: the kidney to remove fascia, cut ten orthographic patterns, and cut into small pieces, water boiled with salt, slightly stains, clean; wash the other of Eucommia ulmoides, fried juice, reserve. Frying pan put the oil,, 7 into heat, kidney wok, and stir-fry for about 3 minutes away, pot. Pour juice ( Eucommia ulmoides with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, salt, MSG, cooking wine ) a little, to be boiled for 10 minutes, then pour into the kidney, boil 5 minutes, wet starch thicken, edible.
( three ) pressure is too large physique
Symptoms: Premenstrual mental instability, emotional anxiety, easy to lose his temper. Bulimia and anorexia two phenomena kept repeating, always fart or burp, will be chaos long smallpox smallpox, not constipation diarrhea. Each menstrual pain symptoms vary, with his condition at the time change, in premenstrual abdominal distention or abdominal pain, but menstruation come these symptoms will disappear. Menstrual blood is red, is the normal four to five days. Sometimes early, sometimes late.
Improvement of small secret:
Just learn to control emotions, daily life work and rest normal, menstruation may listen to music or drink herbal tea to soothe emotions. Eat oranges or tea, daily room can put some green plants, after getting up, can do some simple stretching exercises, if you have time to take a walk. It is recommended to drink jasmine tea with mint tea, Chinese medicine can try mint and tangerine peel.
Recommended diet: Huang Jing stew
Ingredients: Huang Jing 30 grams, 250 grams lean pork.
Method: wash pork, cut into 4 cm square piece, first in the hot water scald, fishy. Pork, Huang Jing plus a moderate amount of alcohol, salt, onion, ginger, pepper, monosodium glutamate and other spices, into the stew, lie between water to stew ripe, edible, pork soup and Huang Jing.
( four ) anemia type constitutionsemiconductor manufacturing
Symptoms: easy dizziness, stand up stars, skin feels rough, dry, inattentive, always forget. Physiological period of abdominal discomfort, backache and also complicated with various kinds of discomfort symptoms. Menstrual flow colour is pink or reddish, blood is very thin, the period is very short. The late period of the situation is very serious, often dragged for more than forty days. Even if the menstrual period has ended or feeling weak all over.
Improvement of small secret:
Usually do not use eye or excessive use of the brain, and get plenty of sleep, diet and lifestyle should pay attention to the blood. Every night to sleep before twelve, if can’t sleep can drink a cup of hot milk. Can eat animal liver or other blood food. It is recommended to drink jujube tea or medlar tea, Chinese angelica and longan available.
Recommended diet: Angelica ginger mutton soup
Ingredients: Angelica 20 grams, 10 grams of ginger, mutton 500 grams.
Method: hotpot abluent, cut into 4 cm square piece, first with boiling water boiled, to smell of stale. Clear water 500 milliliter, plus angelica, ginger, fry takes medicine juice 200 ml, to slag, standby. Mutton pot water, simmer stew, meat tender, adding medicine juice, uniformly, and onions, salt, monosodium glutamate and other spices, slightly boiling, you can eat.
( five ) asthenia constitution
Symptoms: a period, feet will be swollen, fatigue, and pain in the back, do not have appetite, easy to catch a cold or diarrhea. Almost never have the pain, menstrual blood is pale red, sometimes more sometimes less, polarized. The period is short, if anemia, it is easy to late menstruation. The new supersedes the old. Difference, edema, especially the lower body is fat.
Improvement of small secret:
No less than three meals, eat good digestion, nutrition balanced food. Must eat breakfast, because the stomach is not good, eat slowly. Not suitable for intense exercise, to exercise, select the best walking after supper. It is recommended to drink Du Zhongcha and Korea tea. Traditional Chinese medicine available seeds of astragalus.
Recommended diet: kidney soup
Ingredients: Pig 2, 100 grams of yam, medlar 50 grams, 50 grams of Adenophora stricta, coix seed 50 grams of salt, ginger, spring onion, a little.
Preparation method of pig kidneys: wash, cut, remove the fascia, put cold water soak 2 hours, every half an hour in the water 1 times, finally boiled with hot water to urine smell, diced, standby; yam, peeled, cut Ding, together with other drug into the pot, add the kidney and the amount of water, and add wine, salt, ginger, spring onion, pepper, first with the fire boil, then simmer gently until crisp to, you can eat.

food have conflict

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Carefully ten kinds of drugs and food have conflict
There is the category to can not mix together to eat in the meantime between food and food, too, the medicine is also similar, and some medicine can not take together with another beverage or the food in the meantime after taking if a little bit inattention causes otiose injury very easily.led lighting design

Department wood and wine conflict.The wine is oxidized into an acetaldehyde first in the body, then becomes acetic acid, but department the wood will hinder an acetaldehyde to oxidize into acetic acid, result in acetaldehyde inside the body’s storing and aggravate to have fever and whole body ache etc. symptom, also easily cause liver harm.

Golden thread vegetable and tea conflict.The tea and drinks implies about 10% Rou qualities, be easily resolved into Rou in the body sour, but the Rou is sour will precipitate the alkaloid in the golden thread vegetable, lower its efficacy of medicine.Therefore, taking golden thread can not take tea in plain front and back 2 hours.led grow lights

The cloth Luo aroma and coffee, cola conflict.The cloth Luo aroma(aroma must) agree with stomach mucosa contains incitement, the cocaine in the caffeine and the cola in coffee then will stimulate stomach acid to secrete, aggravate the side effect of the cloth Luo aroma agree with stomach mucosa and even induct stomach issue of blood, stomach perforation.

Antibiotics and milk, juice conflict.Taking don’t drink milk or juice for antibiotic front and back 2 hours, because milk will lower an antibiotic activity, can not make the efficacy of medicine well developed;But juice(is particularly fresh juice) is rich to contain of the tartaric acid will accelerate antibiotics deliquescence, not only lower an efficacy of medicine, but also may increase poisonous side effect.led home lighting

Calcium slice and spinach conflict.Spinach’s implying a great deal of grass sour root ion that the grass sour potassium get into after the body electrolysis will precipitate calcium ion and hinder human body absorption calcium, the also easily born grass sour calcium stone calculus.Take a calcium slice for front and back 2 hours inside don’t take a meal a spinach, or cook a spinach first and once again edible.

The anti- allergic medicine and cream cheese, meat product conflict.Take an anti- to avoid eating cream cheese, and meat product…etc. for allergic medicine period rich contain a set of food with sour ammonia.Because set the ammonia is sour will convert into to organize An in the body, but the anti- allergic medicine repress organization An decomposition and result in organization the An store and induct dizzy, headache, confused etc. unwell symptom.12 volt led lighting

Xie medicine and milk conflict.Take the Xie medicine can not drink milk, because milk not only lower the efficacy of medicine of Xie medicine, it implies of lactose still easily aggravate diarrhea.

Diuretic and banana, orange conflict.Take diuretic for period, the potassium will be detained in the blood, if edible rich banana with the potassium, orange, the potassium inside the body stores too many, easily induct the complications of heart, blood pressure.

Vitamin C and shrimp conflict.Take vitamin C not edible shrimp in front and back 2 hours, because the copper in the shrimp will oxidize vitamin C and make it lose an efficacy of medicine.Five price arsenics in the shrimp easily respond with vitamin C occurrence, born have toxic”three price arsenics”s.led lighting automotive

Decline to press medicine and the west You juice conflict.Can not drink the west You juice while taking to decline to press a medicine, because the You skin vegetable of the west You juice will influence the function of the liver a certain Mao, but this kind of Mao and decline the metabolism of pressing the medicine relevant, easily result in the blood Chinese herbal medicine thing density lead high, increase side effect.

After meal nine greatest cutthroat

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

You know after meal nine greatest cutthroat?All of these are to endanger your healthy backstage cutthroat!
The after meal eats a fruit

Not a few people like after meal to eat some fruit and think to be advantageous to a pure like this.In fact this is the living habit of a kind of mistake, after meal right away drink water a fruit will influence digest function.Because, after the food gets into a stomach department, needing to be digested then can slowly expel for 1-2 hours, the after meal drinks water a fruit right away, the fruit will be before eaten into of food countercheck, but not the ability in go order digest.

The after meal drinks strong teaJade price doubles

There is sour a great deal of tannin in tea-leaf, the after meal drinks strong tea, will make to ate into just of the protein that hasn’t digested together the tannin be together sour to combine to form sediments, the absorption of influence protein;The material in tea-leaf also hinders the absorption of iron chemical element and develops the bad habit that the after meal drinks strong tea over a long period of time and easily cause to lack iron anemic;In addition, the after meal drinks tea right away, a great deal of water gets into stomach and also dilutes the digestive juice that the stomach secretes and influences a stomach’s digest work for food thus.

The after meal smokes cigarette

Someone thinks that”the after meal is a smoke and excel to live fairy.”In fact, this kind of way of doing is tremendous to human body bane.Because the appetite of after meal human body wriggles very multifarious, the blood circulation also immediately speeds, the digestive system started overall sport.If smoke cigarette in this time, lung department and organize to absorb strength for smoke to consumedly strengthen all over, cause smoke in harmful composition is a great deal of absorbability, to breath, the digest ways all have a very strong incitement function, undoubtedly will bring human body function and organization a ratio to smoke cigarette at ordinary times big get much injury.

After meal drinkingFactor impetuses

After meal right away the drinking meeting dilution stomach liquid, make the food in the stomach had no to digested and then gotted into small intestines in time, weakened the digestive power of stomach liquid, easily cause a stomach enteric disease.If the after meal drinks of is soda that to body is also should not, the carbon dioxide of soda creation easily increases to press inside the stomach and causes impatient dilated stomach.

The after meal sings a karaoke

Just ate satisfied empress stomach capacity enlargement, the blood measured increment, at this time sing a song will make diaphragm the bottom move, belly cavity pressure increment, lightly then cause an indigestion, weigh to then cause unwell etc. of appetite other symptoms.Therefore, had better at after meal around an hour, the food digests as usual after again sing a karaoke, or simply sing a song first then again have a meal.

The after meal drives

After meal because of digestive of demand, the blood mostly concentrated a stomach department, the brain was temporarily placed in appearance of lacking the blood, drove to easily cause operation to mistake at this time and traffic accident happened.Therefore, drivesing again is more safe for after meal an hour.

The after meal takes a showerThe silver

The folks has a common saying to call”satisfied take a shower hungry shave hair”, this is also the life habit of a kind of inaccuracy.The after meal takes a shower, the body form blood quantity will increase, and the blood of the stomach and intestines way measures and then will correspond decrease, makes the digest function of appetite weakened thus and causes an indigestion.

The after meal relaxs trousers belt

Many people feel to support panically after having a meal the surfeit and usually relax buckle, this although the belly is getting more comfortable,will result in to press inside the belly cavity of descend, force stomach subordinate to hang.Continuously for a long time hence, will suffer from true gastroptosis.

The after meal”100 walk”

The after meal”100 walk” can not not only live “99″, but also influence digest way’s absorption for nourishment material because of the increment of the sport quantity.The heart function decrease, arteriosclerosis particularly old people, , the after meal stroll much will appear blood pressure to descend to wait a phenomenon.

herb medicine anti-virus

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The anti-virus vegetable is only for expert initiated medium herb medicine anti-virus
Is been called the antibiotics of Chinese medicine field”history ascend the strictest” management policy by the industry to be apart from the date that it formally carries out already no longer than a week.
Expert said, health department this undertaking weighed at fight a clinical misuse antibiotics, this undoubtedly provideds a chance for the medium herb medicine anti-virus development of opposite safety.In the daily life in addition to the germ kills poisonous aspect and equally needs to promote the herb medicine in the usage.A pearl

Antibiotics or for medium the herb medicine”let a way”

That expert said that the our country has the tradition of usage Chinese medicine medicine, 1,100 years of medium herb medicine fulfillment has already confirmed numerous of medium herb medicine if the moxa leaf, the plank blue root and wild chrysanthemum etc.s all have in addition to the germ kills poisonous effect.Under the sistuation that the antibiotic situation limits an usage, in the usage herb medicine to cure an infection disease or will become main current.

The medium herb medicine is anti-virus is more unlimited than medicine realm

The expert inside the industry said that at the germ kills poisonous aspect, besides which, not only wants to suppress the usage of antibiotics in the medicine realm, in the middle in people’s daily life, more should devote major efforts to initiate the herb medicine in the usage anti-virus, “in herb medicine in addition to the germ has opposite and moderate, safety, the advantage of with abundant resources”.Natural

According to understanding, turns a business enterprise-Shanghai house to turn in the local day currently underneath of six absolute being brands, have already started daily life realm at people expanding in the herb medicine in addition to germ, pass to make use of high-tech means and modern craft, carry on an extracting of modern craft to the leaf of moxa, withdraw moxa leaf’s ethereal oil in which as product composition, release six absolute being moxa leaf the series bathing dew and soap.Cultured pearls

reduce weight constantly

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Eat watermelon to reduce weight constantly thin anti- hair fat
Watermelon although it is said above 94%s are all humidities, but oneself contain amount of sugar higher.If you eat a very big watermelon every day and about have 8~10 catties, is the calories that absorbed 1000~1250 kilocalories.But, also have so some people, is also adopt watermelon to reduce weight a method, be disappear thin anti- see fat.

Investigating the reason that it gains flesh in fact is that the method that they eat watermelon isn’t right.While adopting watermelon to reduce weight a method, people want to notice once what time:

Mistake area a:To reduce weight the watermelon can not be to eat for rice

Watermelon although it is said above 94%s are all humidities, but oneself contain amount of sugar higher.The normal sweet degree watermelon contains sugar 5%, so bring it higher calories, the calories of watermelon is 250 kilocalories|1000 gram.Is also say if you eat a very big watermelon every day and about have 8~10 catties, is the calories that absorbed 1000~1250 kilocalories, but common wife and children bowl a bowl of rice calories is about 200 kilocalories.Is also say that eating a watermelon is equal to to have 56 bowls of rice.

In addition, the watermelon is a cold thing and ate at a time much easy wound appetite.The appetite is falsely cold, have impaired digestion, move bowels the Tang leak particularly should little eat, otherwise make the abdominal distension diarrhea, appetite descend, accumulated cold help wet.A great deal of humidity contained by watermelon also dilutes a stomach liquid and causes indigestion and stomach and intestines way resistibility’s descending.

Mistake area two:To reduce weight the watermelon sleeps a front much notter edible

The watermelon is rich to contain sugar, if eating before sleeping in the evening is excessive, will make the insulin risen and help the fat to synthesize.But the human body lately- synthesized fat the great majority is all stored in the belly, the nighttime exercises quantity decrease, fat storage not consume, time grew, the small belly Nan grew out.

Mistake area three:To reduce weight can not replace the first with the watermelon three meals

Although the watermelon has many advantages,its nourishment composition is more single and only have a little amount protein and cellulose, the rest all is sugar and humidity.But human body the normal metabolism demand is a great deal of every day of protein and various nourishment vegetable, past should not with the watermelon replace on the first three meals to reduce weight.

The watermelon reduces weight small stick a private

·little eat watermelon to in the center contain sugar of many parts, but choose the watermelon rind of red and white intermingled to eat.

·in summer, even can cook with the watermelon rind.Isn’t only good to eat, but also again the hairdressing reduce weight again.

·can replace one part of staple foods with the watermelon while reducing weight, for example take watermelon as to eat, do try more lean meat, vegetable, and sweet potato…etc..

·strict control weight, eating watermelon every day should not more than 3 catties.

OL5 big “special zone” of health care

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

A lot of whites get a female to be occupied in a work every day, have no time to train for physical fitness and cause body more more bad.The health care secret recipe that below introduces female body 5 greatest special areases.Very of simple, the white gets the MMs to try.
Special area a:Ex- chest

Health keyword:Strengthen heart lung function.

One personal strong or weak of immunity function is decided by the height of the thymus gland plain density to some extent and adjusts reason incitement to the thymus gland, can prevent cancer, strengthen figure to postpone a year by anti- disease.

Care a method:With the right hand press in the right milk above, the finger is inclined to get down and appropriately make an effort to push to wipe to a left abdomen and back and forth wipe to touch 50 times;Change a left hand to rub with the same method 50 times.Then, use a palm again and toward chest to in the center and up and down and back and forth rub 50 times;Carry on the back after canning also use two palms to alternately tap ex- chest, clap 100 rests each time, each do once sooner or later.

Wiping to clap chest can make the thymus gland cell of “dormancy” been placed in active appearance and strengthen heart lung function.

Special area two:Back

Health keyword:Raise immunity dint, defend to catch a cold.

Usually carry on a skin scraping and rub to wipe, pound to press, tap to the back veins and arteries and the muscle, can dredge veins and arteries, have peace of mind to tranquilize the nerves, help a prevention to catch a cold, rub to wipe back moreover to medium the old-age chronic disease sufferer has a certain assistance treatment effect.

Care a method:Wipe(rub) to carry on the back, clap to carry on the back or knocks back with the health care hammer sooner or later on everyday;(include back and neck)Or adopt back massage to nurse and treat like back skin scraping, knead ridge and pull out a fire bottle etc..

Especially 35:Spinal column

Health keyword:Promote digest, prevent°from the spinal column familiar disease.

Have around now 70% the persons make because of lacking the correct health care toward the spinal column special area at ordinary times of produced a pathological changes.The spinal column special area has four physiology flection, most easily having of pathological changes happen a neck(cervical vertebra disease) is as bent as loins.(the waist muscle Lao Sun and waist Zhui the dish outstanding disease)

Care a method:Can follow spinal column two sides clip ridge cave to massage.Carry on massage to nurse and treat to the spinal column every evening, skin scraping, pull out a fire bottle and lightly tap.

Carries on pinprick and Chinese medicine Feng’s treating in the spinal column special area and the moxa burn, to each segment of spinal column spinal cord divides the nerve ache of and strong keep sex of the spinal column Be burning to have treatment effect.

Special area four:Stomach Qi

Health keyword:Get rid of belly fat, prevent and cure constipation.

The stomach Qi department is a health the expert values very much of the health care”fortress”, the Chinese medicine calls the stomach central navel as “absolute being Que”.Press to crumple incitement and adjust a reason to the stomach Qi department, can the benefit lung solid kidney, tranquilize the nerves rather heart, comfortable liver benefit Dan, benefit three burnt, defend the Jian body of disease.

Crumple stomach to still harden to the artery, the high blood pressure, Gao Xie Zhi, diabetes, cerebral disease and obesity have a good assistance treatment function.

Care a method:Two hand layer after layer, press at the navel, appropriately make an effort, keep breath natural in the meantime, clockwise round Qi to crumple stomach.

For lack to toughen in normal times of crowd, the suggestion develops when the odd moment occasionally takes a walk the double palm alternately tap(frequency is every second once) for 20 minutes in the abdomen department, there is the function to promote belly metabolism.

Special area five:Ear department

Health keyword:Prevent°from ear department chilblains, help to keep a kidney.

Chinese medicine speaks that the kidney is begun to understand to an ear, usually rubbing the ear Kuo can prevent and cure ear department chilblains, and can have the function that the Jian kidney strong waist, health postpones a year.

Care a method:

Lift to pull lower ear lobe.The hands index finger puts an ear to after holding the seamy side lift to pull an ear to hold with the index finger, thumb, lower ear lobe, from introverted outside lift to pull, skill from lightly arrive heavy, lead long to pull of strength with not feeling ache is limit, every time 3-5 minutes.

The hand Mo ear round.The hands hold an empty boxing, with the Mu, eat 2 to follow the ear round up and down goes back and forth to push Mo, until the ear round Chong blood has fever.

Lift to pull an ear point.Use hands Mu and index finger to clip to knead ear Kuo point, lift to clench, crumple, knead, rub upward 15-20 times, make the part had fever to flush.This method has a town to calm down, relieve pain, the pure brain clear eyes, reduce fever etc. effect.

When the female works well these five health cares of special areas every day, can promote metabolism, line up a poisonous pure body, attain the effect of strengthening figure the Jian body, anti- decrepitude thus.