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Over a long period

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Over a long period of time high pressure to mind and body obstacle stocktaking modern and different crowd pressure source
The modern people work the stress is big and live rhythm quickly, if will feel as for adjustment that can not get in time the mind and body is exhausted more serious mind and body disease even suffer from.Say for the different crowd of modern society so, which aspects easily bring pressure to them?
The city white gets:Work strainDongguan will expand

The city white gets work pressure big, spirit high strain, live rhythm quickly.This crowd because of being placed in highly nervous appearance over a long period of time bottom, if can not get the adjustment in time, will feel that the mind and body is exhausted.Then appearing worry anxiously as time passes is uneasy and suppress Yu disease, and spirit obstacle…etc. mental problem and disease.Speak from the physiology angle, the spirit high strain will also make endocrine function out of tune over a long period of time, human body immunity the dint descend but cause various physiology paroxysm creation.

Divorce a personage:Mind woundMid-Autumn

The modern people divorce leads more and more high, but divorce empress of the damaged square is particularly female and usually can not stand the stroke of divorce and result in mind and body of biggest hurt.If can not get to adjust in time, very likely because of the mental state carry over-weight but induct mental disease.A survey expresses that the our country is divorcing crowd currently and lead because of various reason psychological stresses big of have 70% around, this person needs to look for to get off the heart object and deserve mental state to help.

Poor family:Living pressure

Because life of poor make the psychological stress led big but induct mental paroxysm crowd, mainly for be unemployeed officers and workers and the narrow circumstances of high school to living.In order to being unemployeed, particularly husband and wife, the double is unemployeed, its psychological stress is huge, if at that time can not find a suitable work, very likely cause mental disease.

Livingsing but talking to narrow circumstances in the high school is on the other hand an economic pressure, on the other hand because of poverty because of the psychological stress brought, if poor living the help and care of canning not get the material and spirit, it is the highest to induct mental paroxysm to all lead.According to the statistics, the narrow circumstances in the our country high school livings to has 15% one 20% around, but have mental problem and the paroxysm near 50% among them currently.

Commercial circles elite:The business suffers a defeatLED industry observes

On the business field, the modern people easily make the trouble of nasty achievement near benefit, the success of the in pursuit of business, usually is strongly work, continuously add to press by one’s own, though is still to demand too much oneself as far as it exceeded oneself ability, make heart enough thus but the dint isn’t enough, not ability ego satisfy, cause a mental disequalibrium.

Usually failure or business fluctuate, its mental state because of failure of the stroke is placed in a kind of disequalibrium appearance over a long period of time in, if don’t can adjust by one’s own, very likely induct a spirit obstacle, suppress the Yu disease, and autism…etc. mental disease.

food too fine kid’s

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The food too fine kid’s tooth isn’t and together long
If eat these fine foods that don’t need to take pain mastication over a long period of time, is notter only inconvenient than inside the mouth cavity of from the Jie, chewing the function will also descend.

Why along with the growing better of nourishment condition,vogue toward the green sea was the tooth of modern people less and less and together?

Medicine department university subsidiary Peking in capital city blesses a mouth cavity section expert of Anne hospital to point out, baby tooth just grew the time of, arranged orderliness, but led much more 4 years old will appear blind side, harbour to stay a space for Heng tooth, arrive 67 years old, the Heng tooth would start harbouring .

In this period, if eat too finely, such as cut into the piece, food to the fruit and braise lousy etc., will directly cause tooth bed the muscle can not get and toughens an opportunity, but chew not enough also influence Han of growth of the bone, make the Han bone developed not whole, alternately expect and appear baby tooth to”abdicate” at the milk Heng tooth,LED light showsforcing the Heng tooth has to result in Heng tooth’s arranging not tidy circumstance occurrence from the seamy side or the outside side long of baby tooth.

If eat these fine foods that don’t need to take pain mastication over a long period of time, is notter only inconvenient than inside the mouth cavity of from the Jie, chewing the function will also descend.We should are much more arousable to eat some foods of thick fibers.Specially canning give kid some is a little amount, easily ground, the degree of hardness slightly high food, gradually increment number of times and dosage, the formation is long-term of incitement,United States promote the Han osseous growth.

more easily”satisfied”

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Hungry before sleeping sport than eat more easily”satisfied”
Each girl hopes that he or she owns a proud shape, along with early autumn close by, body for the sake of orientation season variety, will let we imperceptibly food go into the food of much Gao fat, how in this autumn easy weight reduction?NOW!Bringing a lazy person for you will also become 6 kinds of thin weight reduction shortcuts!greatest bottlenecks
Surprise1:Be getting more hungry before sleeping, exercise than eat more easily”satisfied”

Q:Sleep ex- head quarters to feel very hungry, this is a great problem and fear to sleep to go forward a food again will cause fat’s hoarding, too terror, how do just good?Hunger must not edible of 11 kinds of foods

A:Must feeling sleepy, but feeling hungry not go and endure not to eat?Can!The correct way is to do some stomach muscles to train and attain body tiny perspire then.So since can reduce a belly hungry felling can also be good to reduce weight a function.

Specially remind:The human body contains quicker metabolism in the evening and by this time and regardless do what sport can be good to reduce weight a function.Decrypt:The body is tiny to perspire of time, inside the body will send forth a calories.Food originally is also provide human body need of calories of, so although the belly still didn’t fill satisfied, hunger of the felling will descend.By this time exercising to reduce weight effect is surely quite good, but slice to record don’t be too violent, because of willing stimulate brain nerve?The person is once too the excitement should can not sleep to feel!

Recommend a key:The supper more much eats, more easy hungry before sleeping.Since eat so and to heart’s content, sleeping the front and next day will for to heart’s content paying of today a very small price?Forever without eating without paying of dinner!Ability and edible some things with low calorieses, had better be white water to cook vegetables, simple elegance vegetable soups all can, stir-fry vegetables as far as possible don’t eat as well.

Surprise 2:The hot quantity food can eatLED chip group

Q:Think popular thick chocolate so much, but, this calories is getting more terrible too much, how do just good?

A:Want to eat a hot quantity food?Can!Stay till 12:00 hereafter, the legendary ash miss changes body time.Midnight from 12:00 to 2:00 A.M. of take a meal the nottest easy hair fat.The hidden hot quantity food pursues a point

Decrypt:Because of the cause according to human body living creature clock.At the mid-night, pulse and body temperature start declining down and absorb function to weaken and ate not to gather flesh anything naturally!But this method still has certain influence to the body, the living creature clock stabilizes ground to regulate human body each parts of functions naturally and once disrupts a living creature clocks and wills make the endocrine appeared an abnormality.Long time such, then will cause spirit not to flap.

Recommend a key:The peacetime can also pass to eat some eggs pure to add protein part, the whole grain has no sugar low-fat side to go together with some fruit nourishments all right already.But the fruit cans not much eat, either and otherwise also meets the danger of facing”big stomach”.So the key secret is a vitamin+protein, the in addition is some sport and connect next go to and then wait own weight and downwards decline!

Surprise 3:In the evening can also eat much and very still don’t deliver fatEvolve toward super

Q:Always literally eat a point to fill satisfied belly in the company in the daytime good, in the evening mother but did flourishing dinner, don’t eat too sorry mother, how do?Teaching you how to do one is low calorie and then the nourishment delicious weight reduction dinner.

A:Does the supper want that eating is good?Can!Sleep again after 4 hours, not necessarily don’t  want to wait until ash miss to change the time of body .

Specially remind:Eat for supper 780% under the normal circumstance satisfied is good, not edible to support.Decrypt:In fact this also has no what airtight good solution, comprehend very easily, eat much to go to bed to easily cause fat’s piling up right away in the evening.So the key promotes to digest speed, before sleeping even if sit to write all of things are a kind of sport, sport causes digest, the fat can’t pile up naturally.

Recommend a key:No matter eat what, adopt what method reduce weight, remember that after meal’s exercising is all right.The lazy beautiful eyebrow can choose a stroll, but the so low amount of sport wants to be reduced weight by it and then don’t remember, but at least can have already helped digest!Other sport such as jogging, exercise time want keep on to an and a half hours above, can not interrupted, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of sport will not consume fat of, so at least also wanting to support half an hour most most is above!

mammary glands cancer

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The woman whom the love drinks easily suffers from a mammary glands cancer
So-called”have no wine not to become a seat”.From time immemorial, the beautiful wine is to promote friendly relations of good assistant.But in the meantime, “drink to harm a body” also in our ears knock a Jing clock repeatedly, but recently, the American expert announces on the European cancer general assembly of the result added substantial evidence for even this theories again.high pure broadcast

《Everyday post 》top of report way suggests, regardless red wine is still a strong drink, which afraid is a beer, as long as you drink to more than 3 cups(a cup equals 250 milliliters around) every day, female’s suffering from the risks of mammary glands cancer will increase 30%!terrace supports

“This is a factor that is underrated consumedly!”European cancer Epidemiology chief professor Pa especially inside gram ·the plum Sen Ni man say.Previously, although the scientist has already discovered the opportunity that the alcohol can increase to suffer from a mammary glands cancer,do not know exactly what wine would result in this kind of result.But this time, the scientist is accurate to know “the alcohol causes a mammary glands cancer, not the category in wine, but in the wine of how much”.

What to lead this research is the Auckland public hygiene institute for research of the United States California of Se ·the card Lao Si gram professor, its research group at 1978-1985 years, , consulted while doing a check-up for 70033 American females concerning alcohol habitual problem, arrive in 2004, they discover that 2829 female miseries suffered from a mammary glands cancer.notebook in Korea

Discover, absorb hard drinks with everyday in the meantime less than one cup females compare, those everydays drink the female of 1-2 cup wines and suffered from the risk of mammary glands cancer to increase 10%;Absorb amount of hard drinks more than 3 cups females every day, developed into the risk of mammary glands cancer to rise 30%.

As for why the alcohol may cause a mammary glands cancer, a come is after drinking, the hormone level in the female body will rise, two to really imply the gene to can induct a mammary glands cancer in the alcohol.”Certainly, cause mammary glands cancer of the factor still have a lot, for example fat and some heredity genes, and age…etc..But no matter when it is, the female friends can not forget and drink too many not really good.”

man’s deltoid muscle

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

39 male workout Thursday five recruit to create strong man’s deltoid muscle
The muscle that the shoulder department needs to be toughenned mainly is a deltoid muscle, it again before being divided into, medium, empress three bunches of.The small plait introduces for everyone today can toughen these three bunches of muscle of the workout act.Dumbbell alternately front even raise, the dumbbell side Be even to raise, Fu body the side Be even to raise, the Gang bell recommend before the neck, Gang bell the neck recommend behind.VHS tapes recorded
Remember someone once said a words:Man naturally be use to carry on the shoulder a responsibility.Feel this sentence is pretty reasonable, because at regardless is in the life or work in, the pressures born by man all want to be higher than a female.Make reference to carry on the shoulder pressure, that shoulder that will see you have much strong solid with Be getting more generous, certainly this is also just a fun words, but explains a problem from the on the side:Own the double of a generous burliness shoulder, can give a person with the sense of security and the trust.So how create strong double of shoulders?Believe this to is also a lot of problems that the male friends have been having a headache.

The muscle that the shoulder department needs to be toughenned mainly is a deltoid muscle, it again before being divided into, medium, empress three bunches of.The small plait introduces for everyone today can toughen these three bunches of muscle of the workout act.

The front of the dumbbell is even to raise
A, dumbbell alternately the front is even to raise

Aim at part:Deltoid muscle before tie

Act:Two legs draw, and shoulder together breadth, the hands are holding dumbbell before being hanged to a leg.Keep arm to hold bell to raise upward, go to is more slightly high than a shoulder.Grind to a stop for a second, keep arm again to slowly let go of, restore to before the leg.If use dumbbell, can the left and right hands is an one for each and alternately do in a row.

The dumbbell side is even to raise
Two, the dumbbell side is even to raise

Aim at part:It ties in the deltoid muscle

Act:Two legs draw, and shoulder together breadth, the hands eat dumbbell and leg department two sides.Keeping arm to raise above to the side is more slightly high than a shoulder and grind to a stop for a second, slowly revivification.

Three, Fu body the side is even

Fu body the side is even to raise
Aim at part:The deltoid muscle ties behind

Act:Two legs draw, slightly at the shoulder,Leading Performancethe breadth’s body bends into 90 degrees forward.Two arms keep pushing to upward to completely stretch to keep and grind to a stop for a second, let Gang bell slowly the whereabouts get to chest up.

All held dumbbell completion and needed when above 3 acted advertent BE:Up raise or under dumbbell type, the body should fix, not ability literally rock.The breath breathed out while all making an effort to up raise and relaxed next inhaled while putting.Each action does 5 sets, each 12-15.

Recommend before the neck and behind
Four, the Gang bell recommend before the neck

Aim at part:Deltoid muscle before tie with medium bunch

Act:Two legs draw naturally and accept stomach to stick out chest, the hands are holding Gang bell before being placed to a neck.The active constringency deltoid muscle raises Gang bell up at the head and grinds to a stop 1 above and slowly restores.

Five, Gang bell the neck recommend behind

Aim at part:Tie in the deltoid muscle and behind tie

Act:With recommend to act before the neck similar, dissimilarity of is place Gang bell to recommend upward after brain.

PS:Acting 4, 5 all can adopt standing posture or sitting posture and accept stomach to stick out chest and breathe out while ascending to push and inhale while restoring.Each one acts 5 sets, each 12-15.

Editor language:Toughens each time shoulder department and not necessarily want to finish doing these five actions, can choose a few actions can toughen completely deltoid muscle among them of front, medium, empress the three bunches of muscle is then.Or can choose a little bit other toughen the action of deltoid muscle match a practice and continuously change new action, the effect will be better.

The most “smelly” delicacies

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

In the daily life middlemans all the love eats savory food and has parlance to each the smell of Liu lotus, someone says that joss-stick someone says difficult smell arrive not to dare to eat, everybody’s taste is different to judge naturally different, so, the small plait gives you seven big smelly foods in the world of introduction today you whether also approbation?
Liu lotus

The Liu lotus carries great reputation most in Thailand, is praised as “the king of fruit”.Its smell is strong, of love is great it joss-stick, be disgusted with of resent it smelly, as a result, the hotel, train, airplane and public place prohibit to bring in.Although the Liu lotus is smelly, but have never eaten the person of Liu lotus as long as for the very first time boldly try an one mouthful after, the food flavor of sweet Qin heart will teach you to more eat to more want to eat.Many tourists will enjoy in retrospect everlasting after tasting delicacy of leading the Liu lotus and even become addicted, therefore the Thai Liu lotus sells a world-wide locations now every year, especially countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Europe and America etc., also start selling to China now.LED luminophor

The Liu lotus is an egg ball form, generally heavy about 2 kilogramses are outside a quality-like in shape wood hard shell, inside the score building, each building has 3, 4 grains of like the seed of egg yolk size, totally have 10-15, the seed outside binds 1 F ointment is pulp, be yellow for milk.The flavor is sweet but sprays joss-stick.

The good and bad that can know a Liu lotus from the epidermis, any taper stabs bulky but Shu, all generally develop good, the fruit grain is many, pulp is thick and delicate;Such as sting point thin and airtight, then fruit grain, pulp is thin but the meat quality is thick.

The nourishment of Liu lotus is worth of very high, in addition to implying very high sugar, contain starch 11%, the sugar is 13%, the protein is 3%, there are also various vitamins, fats, calciums, iron and Lin etc..The Liu lotus belongs to a hot sex fruit, as a result once ate empress the Liu lotus nine taboos inside hours to drink.All of Liu lotus whole bodies are treasures, the nut can cook and roast to eat, the flavor elephant soft-boiled sweet Shu, the Liu lotus implies abundant protein and fat, to the nourishment source that the machine body is good to repair to keep a function, is a good fruit category.Water that cooks a Liu lotus can cure the Chuang Yang of skin sensitivity.The Liu lotus hull can synthesize a soap with other chemistry things, can also used to a skin disease medicine material.power distribution


The person who likes a tropical fruit isn’t definitely unfamiliar to it.In Africa, its medical treatment effect already the reputation far sow and make use of pulp of guava at the women of Pacific Ocean group of islands, be used as face department and the lotion of body.The guava contains various abundant nourishments vegetable, make it have lustrous, endow with to live with protection skin of ability.

The guava has higher nourishment and medicine to use value and implies the nourishment composition and beneficial material that various human bodies needs, if implies fructose, grape, cane sugar and valley ammonia sour etc..

On top of that, guava because of rich contain vitamin C but enjoy people’s favor.In open country science exploration investigation activity in long time, the guava powder is an almost indispensable essential article, it can add a demand of human body to vitamin C to measure in time, can availably avoid because the vitamin C lacks but cause of disease.Not only such, guava still is more extensively applied than a food processing industry, main purpose be for the sake of the content of increment food vitamin C, can make the nourishment of food enhanced and raise.

The guava isn’t only the fresh fruit that livings a food, the medicine is used the value also shows Zhao very much, if have the effect that decline the blood sugar, in common use cure diabetes abroad.The experiment expresses that the diabetic usually eats a guava and have an obvious assistance treatment to the easing of disease function.But, puckery because of but and imply Rou quality, food can the Xie much eats to easily cause constipation, so, get constipation or should not eat inside having a quick temper.In addition, the bark, root and leaf of guava can also go into a medicine and use to cure some diseases.

Fermented bean curdoutput luminous

The fermented bean curd in China smells smelly, eats joss-stick, some people to it respect but far it, some people then will eat it be became a kind of habit.In fact the fermented bean curd belongs to ferment a bean product, will not only produce certain corrupt material, but also easily be subjected to a germ pollution in the creation process, from the healthy angle consideration, still little eat for like.

The research is proving that the bean product is in the process of fermenting, will produce An materials, such as AN An, Fu An and color An…etc. and hydrogen sulfide, they have a special bad smell and very strong volatility and much eat combine to health of no avail.In addition, An deposited time to grow, may also with second nitrate function, the born strong carcinogen second nitric An.

Although the fermented bean curd is small, but creates process more complicated, have to pass by to fry in oil, add to stew and ferment etc. a few procedures.In the whole creation process, request always to carry on under the natural condition, and very high to the request of the temperature and the degree of humidity, be subjected to pollution of the other germ very easily once controling isn’t good, light will cause a human body stomach enteric disease, heavy also cause botulinus’ in great quantities breeding, produce a kind of poisonous material-meat poisonous toxin.This is a kind of to love a neurotoxin, the poisonous dint is the strongest, in recent years once report way the fermented bean curd poisoned affairs for leading, is caused by this kind of toxin.

6 hating is proper

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The healthy food of office worker 6″hating is proper”
The office worker works the pressure is big, slightly the inattention will appear fatigue and attention isn’t concentrated, the memory decline etc. second healthy condition.To keep healthy at ordinary times work well a prevention is a key.Among them, in the food, the healthy food of office worker will attain 6″hating is proper”s.
1, the pressure lead greatlyMix the intermediation

The pressure is big proper eat:A the cup low fatty acids milk or 2 spoons mix nut.The sour milk depends on one of ammonia sour best food sources, the nut is rich to contain a Jing ammonia sour.Depending on an ammonia is sour and the Jing ammonia is sour to reduce you of misgiving;

The pressure greatly hates to eat:Carbonic acid beverage.《American public hygiene magazine 》the research publishing discover, every day drink 2.5 bottles of carbonic acid beverages will cause to suppress Yu and worry anxiously to increase 300%.

2, felling sorrow

The sorrow is proper to eat:Egg and greenery vegetable.The greenery vegetables, such as sugar beet and spinach…etc. is rich to contain a B clan of vitamin, be advantageous to a serum vegetable etc.”the good will feels hormone” of born, improve the blood circulation of brain thus, ease anxious symptom.Invigorate a spirit, town to pledge love a clue etc.;TD-SCDMA solution

Sorrow hate to eat:White chocolate, the white chocolate doesn’t calculate the chocolate of real meaning, don’t contain solid cocoa among them powder.The white chocolate can not stimulate “the good will feels hormone” like dark chocolate of born.

3, fat

Fat proper eat:Fish, chicken, vegetable and fruit.Fish and domestic fowl egg white can provide energy and accelerate metabolism, since solve Chan, and then contribute to reducing weight.And high egg white food and vegetable fruit Be also contribute to strengthening a muscle to reduce belly Nan;

Fat hate to eat:Thick soup and many salt snacks.The food leads salty, drink water many, the stomach department will become “water ball”.Therefore, salt foods with many etc. of the salt 焗 nut, Shu slice should as far as possible avoid.

4, energy shortage

The energy shortage is proper to eat:Assorted kernel.The potassium that the raisin provides helps the body to convert sugar into energy.The nut is rich to contain a magnesium, the magnesium is to the all very importance of the metabolism, nerve function and muscle function;

Energy shortage hate to eat:Thick coffee beverage.Although the caffeine has refreshing function, a great deal of sugar in coffee will make the blood sugar gone up, disadvantageous healthy.

5, need to raise intelligenceHigh pure HDMI

Need to raise intelligence proper eat:Tomato, blueberry and orange.Various anti- oxidizing agents in this kind of food contributing to to protect a brain to don’t need is hurt by free radicals and then lower the danger of Alzheimers disease and Parkinson’s disease;

Hate to eat while needing to raise intelligence:Ice-cream.The sweetmeat will make the glucose content inside the body fluctuated and cause attention dispersion.

6, drunk with wine empress

Be proper to eat after the wine:Orange juice.The fructose in the orange juice makes the alcohol metabolized to accelerate 25%.The vitamin Cs in it also contributes to the cell that prevent°froms a drunk with wine empress damaged.

7 taboos at that time

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Went into an autumn to eat tonic food Zao just to eat to have 7 taboos at that time
The autumn is exactly a Zao mature of season, the Zao nourishment enriches, the flavor is sweet thick great, the row poison counteracts poison, can also go into a medicine.Eat a few red dates every morning, or drink one cup red date the tea be all good to increase the blood effect.However, Zao although delicious nourishment still need to notice following 7 problemses while eating.
1.Putrefied change in character Zao to hate to eatfull of loving time

The big Zao will make the microorganism bred after being putrefied, the tartaric acid Mao in the Zao continues to resolve the fruit gum creation fruit the gum is sour and methyl alcohol, the methyl alcohol can resolve born formaldehyde and methyl alcohol again.

Edible putrefied Zao, light can cause dizzy, make eyes victimized, weigh to then endanger life.

2.Should not eat in the meantime with vitamin

The vitamin in the Zao can make the vitamin K resolved breakage and make treatment function to lower.

3.Should not with the cucumber or the turnip together edible

The turnip will have the anti- the bad blood sour Mao, the cucumber implies vitamin decomposition Mao, and two kinds of compositions can break the vitamin in other foods.

4.Don’t should eat in the meantime with animal liver

The liver of animal is rich to contain chemical elements, such as copper and iron…etc., copper iron ion very easily makes other foods in the vitamin contained oxidize but lose effect.

5.The taboo is edible while taking febrifuge

Taking to reduce fever medicine in the meantime and eat food with amount of sugar Gao easily formation not to dissolve is sexual of compound body, reduce the absorption speed in initial stage.Big Zao for the food with amount of sugar Gao, the past taboo is edible.Begin from the detail

6.Take bitter taste to be good for the stomach medicine and get rid of breeze to be good for the stomach medicine should not eat

Bitter taste and get rid of breeze to be good for the stomach the medicine is the bitter taste that depends medicine to stimulate sense of taste organ, glint ground the excitement that raise food to the axis, in aid of digest, promote appetite.If use big Zao while taking above medicine, then clearly influence the curative effect of medicine.

7.The ache of Qu Chi, abdomen department the bulge is full, big constipation knot should not eat, hate to eat with spring onion, fish together.

The Chinese medicine thinks that the spring onion is the fiery food of Xin Re Zhu, the Zao also belongs to sex sweet Xin Re’s thing, twos together eat and easily make quick temper larger.Taiwan gets married those matter sonses

daily timetable watch

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

In the world the most healthy the daily timetable watch
There is a living creature clock inside the human body, developing the good work and rest can adjust a living creature clock more quasi-, also more the benefit care at the health.To see in the world most the work and rest of the health what kind of actually?
7:30:Get up.The English national prestige Si quick Si especially the researcher of university discover, those in the morning 5:22 ―s 7:The person who gets up for 21 cents there is higher a kind of material content that cans cause a heart attack in its blood, therefore, at 7:21 after get up Be getting more beneficial to the healthy body.Chinese-English marriage

Turn on a desk lamp.”On waking up, turn on a light, will re- adjust the living creature clock in the body like this, adjust sleep and wake up mode.”Pull professor Ji Mu in the man fortress university sleep research center ·the Huo boon say.

Drink one glass water.Water is the essential material that the thousands chemical reaction inside the body can carry on.Drink one cup clear water in the morning, can drink the water shortage appearance in evening.

7:30 ―s 8:00:Brush teeth before breakfast.”The corrosion that before brushes teeth to prevent°from a tooth in the breakfast, because after brushing teeth, can be glazed outside the tooth to contain the protection of fluorine of layer.Want Yao, etc. breakfast after half an hour again brush teeth.”British tooth association health and safe researcher Ge ascend ·fertile especially the gold Si say.

8:00 ―s 8:30:Have breakfast.”The breakfast has to eat, because it is in aid of you maintain the stability of blood sugar level.”University of London nutritionist Kevin in the college of king ·Wei Er the Lun say.The breakfast can eat oaten gruel etc., this food has lower blood sugar index number.

8:30 ―s 9:00:Avoid sport.Come from the cloth Lu Nai Er university of the researcher discover, is in the morning carries on toughenning of the athlete is more easily infected disease, because immune system’s function in this time is the weakest.On foot go to work.Ma Sa Zhu fills the researcher of state university medical college and discovers, person walk every day, than those long suffer from low 25% of several rates that catch a cold to get sick by the person that doesn’t exercise.

9:30:Start in a day the most difficult work.The researcher of sleep center in New York discovers that 12 brainses inside hours that greatly parts of persons wake up on everyday are the most awake.

10:30:Make eyes left screen take a rest.If your usage computer works and so makes eyes taken a rest for 3 minutes while working for an plan

11:00:Eat some fruit.This is a kind of good method that solution body blood sugar descends.Eat an orange son or some red fruits, doing like this can add the iron content in the body and vitamin C content in the meantime.

13:00:Add some bean vegetables on the bread.You need a tasty lunch, and can slow-movingly release energy.”The bean food baking is rich to contain cellulose, the ketchup can regard as is a part of vegetable.”The Doctor of Wei Lun says.

14:30 ―s 15:30:The lunch break is one small meeting son.An university research of Athens discovers that those every noon lunch break 30 minutes or more long-term, thoughtful little lunch break is 3 people each time, because of heart attack death of several rates will descend 37%.

16:00:Drink the cup sour milk.Doing like this can stabilize blood sugar level.Drink some sour milk between everyday three mealses, be advantageous to heart health.

17:00 ―s 19:00:Train for physical fitness.According to the living creature clock in the body, this time is sport of the best time, giving up virtuous university kinetics of thin Er doctor Rui is fertile ·the Ni gram say.

19:30:The dinner doesn’t eat too much.Eating for supper is too many, will cause blood sugar’s going up, and increase the burden of digestive system, the influence sleeps.The supper should eat vegetable more and eat the rich food with the calories and protein less.To chew thoroughly and eat slowly while having a meal.

21:45:Watch a meeting television.See a meeting this time the son television kick back and enjoy and contribute to sleep, but want to notice, as far as possible don’t lie on the bed to watch television, this will influence sleep quality.

23:00:Wash a hot bath.”The adequacy of body temperature lowers to contribute to relaxing and sleeps.”Pull the man fortress university sleep Ji Mu in the research center ·Huo boon the professor say.

23:30:Go to bed a sleeping.If you morning 7.30 get up, now fallen asleep can promise that you enjoy ample sleep for 8 hours.DIY the wedding”six don’t ” rule

Any behavior that try to change a living creature clock will leave puzzling disease for body and regret again after for 20, 30 years, already too late.

A, 9-11:00 p.m. lines up poisonous time for immune system(lymphoid), this time should is quiet or listens to music.

Two, evening 11-1:00 A.M., the row of the liver poison, need to carry on in the middle of sleeping soundly.

Three, 1-3:00 A.M., the row of the Dan poison, as well together.

Four, 3-5:00 A.M., the row poison of lung.This namely why cough the person cough the most violently in this time, because of row poison the action have already walked to the lung;Don’t apply to stop coughing a medicine, the in order to prevent represses to discard the exclusion of accumulating the thing.

Six, 7-9:00 A.M., the small intestines in great quantities absorbs a nutrient time, should have breakfast.The one who treat disease had better early eat, by 6:30, health by 7:30, not the one who have breakfast should change a habit, even if drag along till 9, 10:00 eat all ratio not eat like.

Seven, midnight the going to build a blood time for vertebrate at 4:00 A.M., have to sleep soundly, should not sit up.

Everyday a carrot

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Everyday a carrot strengthens immunity dint
The carrot was produced to Asian the south at first, it contained to have abundant carotene, everyone knew that the carrot nourishment enriched, but concretely coulded not say it where well?Today the right here”Kua Kua” carrot, let you more clearly know it.

The nourishment of carrot is very abundant.Include protein, fat, meal fiber and carbohydrate, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and Ni the gram is sour, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, Lin, selenium etc..Among them, the carotene is most outstanding.development potential

The tiny number of carotene that generally every 100 grams of foods contains is two numbers or three numbers, while the carrot can attain four number.Press average value in the whole country, the red carrot contains carotene to 4130 tiny gram of, the yellow carrot contains carotene 4010 tiny gram of, the most is the carrot that Fuzhou, Fukien produces, the content of its carotene attains 7700 tiny gram of|100 gram.

The carotene calls again vitamin AN original, at human body bowel way and change into vitamin AN in the liver.Each 0.6 the tiny gram of carotene is an equal to international unit vitamin A.

The free radicals is the middle outcome in the normal metabolism process, can accelerate human body decrepitude.The carotene can get rid of the malignant function of free radicals, as a result is the ideal food of defer decrepitude.

Carrot the flavor is sweet and even, person’s lung and Pi two through, the main function is a Jian Pi and turn Zhi, is iner common use than the treatment impaired digestion and long diseases, such as Li and a cough…etc..

The carrot is an alkaline food and enrich to contain fruit gum, the fruit gum can make the bowels taken shape and adsorb the germ and toxin in the bowel way.The volatile oil in the carrot can also promote digest and receives

Still imply the mineral quality and trace element of one fixed amount in the carrot in addition, can add the nourishment material that throws to lose because of diarrhea rain.Drink carrot soup for suffering from of diarrhea son, can Xie.

The fruit gum contained in the carrot can combine with mercury.Some people appear chronic mercury because of usually getting in touch with mercury poisoned, at this time when the medicine cures, can eat some carrots, promote combining of mercury and eject.Some foreign sections have already chased carrot as to usually get in touch with people’s health care food of mercury.

The research expresses that have the fruit gum the sour calcium in the carrot fiber, it can combine with sour the Dan in the body but decline low cholesterol.The cholesterol inside the body is more high, the fruit gum material in the carrot declines a Dan farmland Chun of more big;The cholesterol inside the body is normal, the effect of fruit gum then corresponds to lower, so can’t influence normal cholesterol level.The scientist thinks that insist eating 2 carrots every day, in certain time inside can make the cholesterol level lowered 10-20%.

Still imply the composition to can lower blood sugar in the carrot, provided good Shu good medicine for diabetic.The amber in the carrot sour potassium salt has certain effect to the treatment high blood pressure, kidney disease.physics prize

The carotene can strengthen the immunity function of human body and raise huge bite the vitality of cell, but huge bite cell can gobble up germ and cancer cell.