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cause a healthy crisis

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The egg too many edible will cause a healthy crisis
Rich contain various one of the health foods that the nourishment chemical elements are female affection inside the egg.But the beauties may have a doubt like this:”The egg actually eats how much just good?”In fact, egg although the nourishment is abundant, too many edible will cause cholesterol’s piling up in the body, very disadvantageous to health.
Underneath, small plait for you introduce surfeit the exactitude eating the endanger and egging of the egg eat a method.Exquisite youth

The egg is a kind of the food that the nourishment enriches, an egg weighs about 50 grams and contain protein 7 grams of, fat 6 gram, produce thermal energy 82 kilocalories.The amino acids comparison of egg protein is very suitable for human body physiology to need, easy absorb for machine body, the utilization is up to above 98%, the nourishment is worth of very high.Calcium, Lin, iron and vitamin AN in the egg the content is very high, the B clan vitamin also enriches very much and also implies many other vitamins with essential human body and trace element, is a child, old man and pregnant woman and hepatitis, tubercle, anemic sufferer, after operation the good tonic of convalescent period patient.

Egg although good, should also pay attention to science in eating of amount.According to will investigate enunciation in the near future:In some city officers and workerses, have some youth person who be engaged in the mental work or light manual labors, in order to increase nourishment, wants to eat 5~6 eggs for a day;Have mediumly, the primary school living to eat 3 eggs for breakfast every day, the noon, dinner also eats 1~2.In some villages, the pregnant woman wants to eats to be 10~15 every day and unexpectedly eat 300~450 in month after giving birth.They think:”The egg contains nourishment and takes tonic body more.”Eat too manily in fact and otherwise, on the contrary will bring body some badly influence.

First, there is a great deal of cholesterol in the egg, eat an egg excessive, will make the absorbing of cholesterol had great capacity big increment, result in blood cholesterol content lead high, cause the artery gruel kind hardening and heart, cerebral paroxysm occurrence.Take pregnant woman as an example, an egg contains cholesterol 250 milligrams around, 10 eggs contain 2500 milligrams of cholesterols around.This measures, it is as usual to absorb about 10 times that of quantity.Add it, enrich the fat containing to belong to saturated fatty acids in the egg, absorb excessive, by all means will make the serum cholesterol hoicked, and can urge artery gruel kind harden and the heart cerebral disease of occurrence.

Eat egg more to easily result in secondly nourishment excess, cause obese.During the period of breast feeding, women’s postnatal period’s the demand of thermal energy measures every day general be or so for 2800~3000 kilocalories, the protein needs to measure to 90 grams, such as everyday eat 10 eggs, equal to absorb 70 grams of proteins, 60 grams of fats, about 820 kilocalorie calorieses, add of the wet nurse still need to eat the staple food, chicken, fish and meat, bean product and vegetable and fruit etc. of one fixed amount, the thermal energy absorbs quantity to attain 3500~3800 kilocalories every day, absorbing of protein and fat the quantity can attain 120~140 grams.This far far above they the actual nourishment need every day and cause nourishment excess, will make the surplus fat piled up but form obese in the body.

Eat egg more to also result in the nourishment vegetable in the body of unbalance, influence health thus.Our daily meals constitute to°from various foods of, reasonable equilibrium meal, request to imply various nourishment vegetable that the human body needs, and request various nourishment the vegetable should has an appropriate comparison in the meal.Because, the various nourishment vegetable is mutual to moderate in the body, mutual check and supervision but produce result.Thus, the body then can develop and keep healthy as usual.the love

The thou is Chinese and Foreign now, in spite of which kind of food, though its nourishment is worth of very high, also is not likely to imply all nourishment vegetables that the human body needs.Eat a kind of food over a long period of time, will make some nourishments plain excess, but a little bit another nourishment vegetable lacks.The egg is no exception, the egg cans not supply all nourishment vegetables that the human body needs, either, for example, it doesn’t contain carbohydrate, vitamin C content also almost is zero.Therefore, excessive eat an egg, by all means will make other foods absorbed quantity of opposite decrease, make various nourishment plain unbalance for absorbing.Sky the long day is long and easily result in because of other nourishment vegetables lack or excess but cause related disease.

Eating an egg is excessive and also increase the burden of liver and kidney.8 kinds of essential amino acidses needed by human body eat 1~2 eggs every day, can meet the demands.Because the body no longer needs and can’t absorbs exploitation again, either, will convert into fat to pile up inside the body or regard as calories drive white the white run to waste.And much eat into of the egg, its protein’s resolving a metabolism outcome will increase hepatic burden, after metabolizing in the body produce in great quantities to contain nitrogen discard, also all want to eject a body outside through a kidney, and then directly aggravate the burden of kidney, so excessive eat an egg all disadvantageous to the liver and the kidneys.

So, a person eats every day how many eggs just more suitable?See from the standpoint of dietetics, for promising equilibrium meal and satisfying a machine body demand, again unlikely nourishment excess, under the general condition, the old people eat 1~2s every day better.For the youth and the middle age, be engaged in mental work or light manual labor of, eat 2 eggs every day also more suitable;Be engaged in heavy manual labor, consume nourishment 2~3 edible eggs is for several everydays;Youth and child, in order to growing body, metabolize quickly, every day also edible 2~3.Pregnant woman, pregnant woman and wet nurse the body is weak and practice greatly and after operation the patient of convalescent period, in order to needing to increase good protein more, every day 3~4 edible eggs, but should not be again many.antenna baby cried

nourishment changes cutthroat

Friday, August 12th, 2011

The vegetable food mistake area nourishment changes cutthroat
The vegetable species is numerous, nourishment abundant, not a few vogue females like to is a main meal material the vegetable.But, eat a vegetable have already clean, cook, absorbed paying attention to of quantity etc. as well, if the mistake steps food mistake area, the healthy food will also become healthy cutthroat.
Food mistake area 1:Flush not appropriatedynamic state website designs

Some from the supermarket in buy of vegetable, from seeming see very clean, hence some female friends before cooking just slightly use water blunt once.In fact, general vegetables all haven’t a few agrochemicals for remaining, if the ill success cleans and to health endangers very greatly.

Correct way of doing:

The fresh vegetable that will buy a time puts in the clear water to soak for around 20 minuteses and makes the agrochemical well fused in the water, then use clear water to again and again flush;Or in the middle of washing rice water soak after 10 minutes, again and again hurtle to clean with water again.

Food mistake area 2:Wash after slicing first

Some females are accustomed to cutting into vegetable small piece behind again clean, this kind of way of doing broke the nourishment of vegetable.Hardly realizing, many nourishment vegetables are water-soluble in the vegetable, the vegetable is sliced thin after washing away dirt, will lose a great deal of nourishment material.

Correct way of doing:

Should wash first and slice a vegetable behind.

Food mistake area 3:Burn to cook too longlycharacteristic website designs

The vitamins in the vegetable are all afraid hot, afraid cook, the vitamin c meets heat to more easily oxidize.According to the measurement, the vegetable burns to cook of time if leading was long, vitamin c in which would lose 60% or so.

Correct way of doing:

Use wildfire to stir-fry a vegetable quickly, so not only the color is delicious well, and the nourishment vegetable in the vegetables loses also at least.If add some vinegars while cooking, also very the benefit is at the conservancy of vitamin.

Food mistake area 4:Eat overnight vegetables

In order not to sometimes wasted, some the female friends will eat don’t finish of the vegetableses stay the on alternate days eats, doing hardly realizing and like this will make the vitamin c and b been a great deal of loss, overnight vegetables even if put in the refrigerator also very easily drive germ pollution, cause to change in character, even will take place food poisoning.

Correct way of doing:

The vegetables quantity that burns each time doesn’t have to be too many, had better burn to eat now now, this since the hygiene has nourishment again.

Food mistake area 5:Throw  soup juice of vegetables awaywhole processeses

Drop crowded the vegetables farcing juice water while cooking gruel and vegetables Jiao.The result that does like this was all to throw  70% vitamins and the mineral qualitieses in vegetables away.

the most dirty s fruit

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

The fruit Shu agrochemical remains a ranking in 2011:The apple unexpectedly becomes “the most dirty”s fruit
The American environment work set(EWG) released “2011 fruit Shu the agrochemical remain a ranking”, apple the head that reside the most fruit in agriculture remnants Shu placard list, the onions became “the cleanest vegetable and fruit”.development spring

According to understanding, American agriculture section(USDA) and American food drugs the administration(FDA) will carry on the agriculture remnants sample content and agrochemical category examination to parts of fruit Shus annually, and carry on analysis to the result.But this time placings be according to 2000-the data of 2009 these 10 years analyze of.

The agrochemical is the most:Apple

In 53 kinds of vegetable and fruits, more than 700 apple samples all discovered cripple remaining agrochemical and had 98% of total amount, among them 92% sample agrochemical the category is a kind of not only, the apple is leaped to a first by the 4th in last year at the placings of “agrochemical blacklist”.

Rank the second:Celeryplan provides

Rank secondary is a celery, there are 96% samples examining an agrochemical, an among those sample implies 13 kinds of agrochemicals in the meantime.

The agrochemical category is the most:

The agrochemical category is at most belonging to a hot pepper and have already been up to 97 kinds of agrochemicals in all samples.

The agriculture destroys most of and the minimal fruit Shu


The agrochemical remains 12 kinds of most fruit Shus BE:Apple, the celery, strawberry and peach, spinach and import oil peach, importing grape, lantern Jiao, potato, domestic blueberry, lettuce and feather dress cabbage.


At the same time, should organize still announced an agriculture cripple the minimal 15 kinds of fruit Shus:The onions, sweet corn, Bo Luo, avocado, asparagus, sweet garden pea and mango, eggplant and the United States produces the cantaloupe, kiwi and book heart vegetables, watermelon and sweet potato, pomelo and mushroom.

Ate an agrochemical fruit Shu to the bane of bodyconserves energy

After taking a meal for the sake of true reflection people the agrochemical absorbed quantity, these samples have already been cleaned before examining at least 10 or paring over, but data still suggests, people eat 5 kinds of agricultures remnants fruit Shu every day, equal to eat into 14 kinds of agrochemicals.

Not a few researches all express that the agrochemical has the Sun human body health, is damaged with nervous system disease, hormone maladjustment and child’s intelligence all relevant.

Does the agrochemical so much still want to eat fruit Shu?

Although the fruit Shu exists an agriculture remnants problem, American government and nourishment the expert still keep reaching some consensus, then is more opposite than agriculture the bane of the remnants, the fruit Shu is larger to healthy advantage, want ~only exactitude edible, for example the vegetable cook again eat, the fruit washes and go to skin etc., can lower bane.

But Xiao sword reminds a way, is each difference because of the agrochemical category, the simplicity is soaked with the clear water, or use edible alkali, liquefied detergent to clean a not the best method.Should as far as possible purchase green and organic plant of fruit Shu, especially greenery vegetable.”Eat 5 placard lists every day in of’clean vegetable and fruit’, the human body absorbs amount of agrochemical to reduce 92%.”EWG chairman be willing to ·the database gram say.

After signing an autumn

Monday, August 8th, 2011

After signing an autumn should how care a health?
Signing an autumn is the beginning in autumn.After signing an autumn, a lot of regions are still placed in blazing hot in, the midsummer waste heat didn’t eliminate, therefore vegetable have”autumn tiger” of call.Therefore, sign health worther people in autumn to notice.

After signing an autumn, blazing hot weather usually needs to continue till the end of mid- September, the weather would be real pleasantly cool.After signing an autumn, still blazing hot in the daytime, but the total trend is that the weather is gradual cool, usually very hot in the daytime, but the night is cooler, the difference in temperature becomes big sooner or later.The natural creation is a sun spirit to gradually accept, the Yin spirit is gradually long, from the prosperous sun change into gradually the prosperous Yin turn orders, the human body yin and yang metabolizes naturally also get into sun to eliminate the transitional period that the Yin global bead

Sign an autumn and keep lung

After signing an autumn, the sun spirit turns Shuai, the Yin annoys a day up, nature from growth beginning to collect a change, keep Yin autumn winter according to adjusting the health principle in 4:00.The Chinese medicine thinks that lung and autumn corresponds, while the autumn is dry and annoy dry wound lung, lung debility then machine body to bad incitement of bear is descended by sex, easily produce disease, because needing to be smooth is dry and keeps Yin and smooth lung.Livinged from 5 lines prosperous reckon, the liver, heart and appetite was placed in a weak stage, but signed after the autumn at this time the lung function start being placed in a prosperous period, according to yin and yang in harmony with, the principle of machine body balance, strengthen to keep to the these organs’ adjusting, the lung spirit didn’t once want to be partial to, influence machine body health.pearl goes

Signing the autumn should eat what

After signing an autumn, want to eat acerbity more food on the food little food mordacious food with help liver spirit, much edible even liver the food of the smooth lung, like bulb of lily, Ou, potato, turnip, tree mushroom, mountain medicine, hyacinth bean, matrimony vine, white fungus, pork, duck, chicken, rabbit meat, peanut, yellow Shan, Ji fish, yellow fish, pomelo, pear, and apple…etc..The autumn is a feat human body tonic season, but wants to choose “defend dry don’t get fed up with” of even repair of article, like pumpkin, lotus seed, dried longan, black sesame, red date, and walnut…etc..Little eat spring onion, , garlic, Jiu, and Jiao…etc. of the article of bitter flavor.Hate to much be greedy for food melons and fruits, the in order to prevent harms appetite.Gold price

Sign an autumn to eat nut to defend malaria

The malaria is a child in summer autumn the familiar infectious disease of the moment, call again cold hot disease, is bitten the infectious disease of dissemination through the gnat Ding by the plasmodium, the symptom is cold to fight, hot.Prevent°from malaria, the best prevention way is to put out a gnat and keep gnat from biting.The scientist discovers that a kind of makes the Jing ammonia sour amino acids able to help a child to don’t need to encounter violating of malaria, the Jing ammonia sourly lacks with oxidize in the human body nitrogenous imperfection’s including very a toll-gate is allied, but oxidize nitrogen to help the aggression that the human body resists plasmodium.The researcher also discovers that the Jing ammonia in the nut sour content is abundant.After signing an autumn, the child eats nut more, can improve the ability of the machine body anti- approaches

The food pig spine that signs an autumn braises Ou

This cuisine has a benefit kidney to fill Sui and adds calcium quality, the Jian brain strengthens figure of function, suit to sign edible autumn seasonal changes.

Raw material:The pig spine is a , the Ou is 250 grams of, and the refined salt, spring onion segment and ginger slice, rice wine and monosodium glutamate are just the right amount each.

Create:Wash, clearly chop fine pig spine, put a boiling water pot inside Zhuo, get.Go to Ou stanza and epidermis, wash,clearly slice, the pig spine puts in the pot and fills with water just the right amount.Boil with the wildfire, the Pie drops to float Mo and adds a refined salt, rice wine, spring onion segment and ginger slice and braises to cook meat to leave a bone with the small fire again and gets a bone and tears down meat, Tong spinal cord.Putting spinal cord, Ou slice in the soup to braise is familiar, the Jian goes to spring onion, ginger and adds monosodium glutamate then.state gold jewelry

The child perspires a lot how do?

Friday, August 5th, 2011

If summer will have the appearance in summer, don’t perspire, is the malpractice in summer.However, the job in summer is responsible for the person of hometowns daytime some sweat, if if in the evening sleep still don’t stop drop the words for perspiring, those were the system of the person of hometowns oneself to be delinquent.The movable activity causes in the daytime of perspire, call from the sweat;Still keep keeping emitting the words of sweat under the immovable circumstance in the evening, call to perspire a lot.The adult perspires a lot mostly kidney Yin the Yin of the shortage falsely sex perspire, child Nan is getting more different.This period, we come right away to band together once, how to should do pediatric night sweat.

The few person’s health bands together:tang dynasty design breeze

The time that went home last weekend shouted an elder sister to also return to again and certainly mainly visited the month that several days didn’t see for the sake of the visit small tooth classmate.Didn’t see for a long time, that evening month the small tooth classmate Leng want to sleep a bed with few person.Which know, the time in midnight, month small tooth whole body of sweat, dripping wet of, really follow Shui-li to get out of similar.With, the few person feels, work out the problem that the kid perspires a lot to need to lift agenda.

Eliminate a food to turn to accumulate:

Xu Wen Bing Yue, all of majority of pediatric night sweat are that the digestive systems are wrongs, is because the food fire is too big, eats too satisfiedly for rice, food material property too hot result in.In addition to perspiring a lot, also usually the companion has there is swollen usually red and swollen strange smell, throat, tonsil in the very hot hand and foot heart, mouth greatly etc. symptom.

Therefore, run into the circumstance of this kind of pediatric night sweat, usually from eliminated a food to turn to accumulate of angle to adjust a reason.Generally, the tenseness prosperous kid has a meal of the speed is quicker, therefore want to control the rhythm and amount of food to this kid.If being partial to is carnivorous, don’t love to eat a vegetable, then should guide a kid to eat a vegetable.Generally speaking, kid 3 before the year old if can develop into a good habit, try and eat the words of various foodses, the possibility of partial eclipse is very small hereafter.If habit not change of words, can go to the medicine store buys some buds that stir-fry an absolute being song and stir-fry barley and stir-fries hawthorn, together cooks water and drinks for kid.Again simple of the method is to make the kid eat some golds inside the chickens.If the appetite peristalsis got up, the digestive system liked, the problem of that night sweat will also solve.

Push to take a method:international jewelry market

Ba Ren in Chung-li has 1 set to push to take a method and exclusively use to solve a child to perspire a lot a problem.Certainly, this method may looking at troublesome, doing may be also remarkable, but if parents at that time of the trouble can bring health of kid’s body, is also the matter son that a piece can make large parents delighted.Concrete method is as follows:

Repair lung through 200 times, clockwise revolve a push in the kid’s ring finger noodles;

Xie heart through 200 times, heart through in the kid’s middle finger end stanza noodles, from the middle finger scrutinize a palm direction straight line push;

Restore virility through 200 times, clockwise revolve a push in the kid’s little finger noodles;

Repair Pi through 200 times, clockwise revolve a push in the kid’s thumb noodles;

Push six Fus 200 times, six Fus at kid forearm Yin the noodles depend a little finger, that line, the parents use thumb noodles or food middle finger noodles from the elbow and push toward the wrist department;

Crumple to flow out spring 300 times, flowing out spring cave ex-1/3 hollow place of the feet scaleboard is at the kid;

Knead ridge 5 time.

This method comes down, generally be a night and then can see effect, but want to thoroughly cure to want to insist persistence more well and also, the symptom is more serious and need insistent time more long.Can this push take of the process be into a kind of parents and children’s game, not only can give kid health, can also promote and the kid’s feelings.

Eat therapy:Establish Hong Kong

There is a friendly food treating square son:The mountain medicine 10 gs, the bulb of lily 10 gs, floats the wheat 6 gs, big Zao 6 gs, fill with water to totally fry, take juice, everyday drinks through three times.This square son mainly is use to keep Yin and lead a period of time, the kid no longer perspires and sleep Be getting more safe.What to need to be reminded BE, the kid, who perspire a lot, should eat tall egg white and vegetable food more at ordinary times, don’t eat mordacity to stimulate cold food.

The navel fills a medicine:

Some kids lose a liquid treatment after catching a cold, the symptom disappeared, but would appear the circumstance of night night sweat.If more slight, can use nutgall to persistently whet powder, just before sleep fill 1:00 in the navel, use well ventilated plastic cloth fix, the morning takes, 23 times can more.

The result that the few person bands together:

If really would not like to try these square sons, the few person suggests the person of hometowns seek inside cure to adjust for kid to manage to once, anyway always so steal sweat, really have the Sun kid’s health.

fruit really a good thing

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Is the fruit really a good thing?
Cover with to dance in the wind of is all speech of “the fruit is a good thing”, with, all the people all drinks water a fruit, regardless what physical endowment when.But, the fruit still really isn’t necessarily so a good thing.Detailed see a contents.incorporated

Originally, the few person is the time that intends in autumn and discuss a concerning the problem of fruit again of, on coming, various fruits are all placed in to abound in in autumn of appearance, can be provided as the leeway of choice more, two come, according to 《Emperor Huang inside through 》of thought, autumn is real of suitable drink water the season of fruit.But, recently, the few person hears of concerning the fruit is a speech of good thing Be getting tooer many, on every occasion promote the person of hometowns to drink water fruit more, dare feeling your house is a fruit seller.Equanimity is calm.This period, we together band together once, the fruit exactly isn’t a good thing~~that what, this thing not that the thing admire~~

The few person’s health bands together:

More and more discover, the fruit is pushed ascend all-powerful throne.Want to reduce weight how to do?Drink water fruit more!Be constipated how to do?Drink water fruit more!Skin not how do?Drink water a fruit!……Such as if the person of hometown proceeded without hesitation ground to do, that result shoulded include two, 1 BE, you discover may so order effect in the short run, but long term to see these symptoms don’t present new look, even will more very;Another BE, the price of fruit is helped to push Be getting higher.

The fruit is the scheme that protects seed:

The plant will knot a fruit for multiplying greatly posterity.In fact, real can what to multiply greatly posterity is “solid”, namely inside of seed.But what are the mankind or what other animals eat ?Being a fruit is also protection in pulp of the seed, namely we often say of fruit.Does this fruit have function Nan?On coming, can protect seed to be free from breeze to blow rain to bask, the next year sproutlaces a growth so much, two come, is in order not to the animals, include mankind certainly, eat their seeds.Because the fruit flavor is very fresh beautiful, so when the animals fight to be the first drop to eat a fruit, but eat an inside “solid” taste obviously not like, past, these seeds were abandonned.At this time, the purpose of plant comes to a.

In fact, every really exactly the thing is all defective.For example say the head of brothel inside card miss, temper affirmation isn’t quite good, otherwise, be not is a Piao guest for paying and then can see.With, the experts all generally eat nut, not fruit.

“Five fruits for help”, the fruit is just supporting roles:

Chinese medicine food’s paying attention to is such:In order to keep grain, five dumbs is a benefit, five vegetableses is a Chong, five fruits for help.See, the fruit helps the digestive after just finishing eating meal and is just the supporting roles in the food.Such as if the person of hometowns don’t  want to put across these supporting roleses the leading role of oneself’s food, that is to put the cart before the horse, food of the main direction Be getting wronger, Be getting more opposite.

Xu Wen Bing Yue, if usually make fruit being eaten as staple food, will make the own Jing blood, vitality canned not get and add, nourish, harm Jing first for the meeting as time passes, behind harm spirit, finally mentally taxing, will appear severity of be disgusted with food or suppress Yu tendency.

Fruit’s eating much will injure Pi sun:Economic special

The moisture of fruit is more heavy, once arriving the moisture in the body is excessive, can not eject as usual, the sun spirit of human body will surround and particularly is Pi sun.The Pi sun is damaged, health will be very greatly embroiled and raise two examples:

The first, the Pi sun isn’t enough, the moisture in the body then will more and more weigh, and the sun spirit will be weaker.After the debility, the function of the internal organs will descend first, spirit Wei the Mi and little spirit is tired, can sit not to wish to stand, can lie not to wish to sit, on every occasion abnormal sweating.And, anti-disease ability will weaken, the external world has a little bit a slight commotion, and he will be badly sick to take up arms.

The second, the Pi sun isn’t enough, will increase a fat possibility.The function shortage of the Pi sun BE, will make the heart made a production contracted to living to accumulate a liquid, make the function of heart conveyance blood lowered thus.Thus, the whole vitality of body descended, the liquidity of body fluid also descended in the human body veins and arteries, such, the discard in the body can not completely eject as usual.When the discard in the body is more and more of time, person’s becoming is getting fatter.

The result that the few person bands together:

Say so, don’t mean the person of hometowns hereafter not edible fruit, every all have a degree, the thing has no beautiful bad, lead then for the disaster.Also want to see the attribute of the fruit and the system of the person of hometowns oneself certainly.Weaving by

For example say an apple, usually and a little bit eat, can promote the body fluid, quench thirst, smooth dry.But if eat too manily, or you of the physical endowment isn’t suitable for to eat an apple, that will cause diarrhea.Blindly learn to eat an apple for other people’s a day, can harm stomach first, then harm small intestines and large intestine, what end injury is the whole body.