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most simple method

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Let endocrine as usual the most simple method
The endocrine is out of tune to is many people’s annoyance, probably you of the circumstance haven’t arrived sick situation not and seriously, but often some errors also make the person can not stand:Occasionally emit a few sons of small poxes, the puzzling hair is fat and face lover’s enthusiasm to gradually eliminate. explain in detail
1, my love take a bath

Take a bath is maintain one of the most simple methods in mind and body balance and make use of heat to again and again take a bath of way, can promote afferent constringency, extend.Take a bath for 3 minutes each time, take a rest to take a bath again for 5 minutes, repeat three times, can unconsciously consume a great deal of energy, the effect is equal to to jog 1 kilometer.In the meantime, taking a bath can also promote old old horniness renewal, keep the skin smooth delicacy.

But heart the not good person also isn’t suitable for to often sink into a hot bath, might as well try traditional health care good method-hot water bubble feet, can make feet department the capillaries extend and promote whole body blood circulation, attain the purpose of workout in the meantime.

The ethereal oil takes a bath or steeps feet, is also that the effect is strange like!

2, can not sit up not to sit up

Sleeping the shortage will cause metabolism out of tune.Usually sit up or work and rest abnormality person not only old must be specially quick, health also will be serious damaged, so can not sit up and then as far as possible don’t sit up!Each late sleep 4 hours or shortage of in 4 hours,man peddlesthe person’s body metabolism will appear a problem on the processing of carbohydrate.

To raise sleep quality can before going to bed sleeping of Be in 2-3 hours carry on toughenning, can make the sleep kept steady.In the meantime, steep a hot bath or drink the glass hot milk to also have an advantage before sleeping.

3, the soybean is naturally a good chemisette friend

There is a great deal of phytoestrogen in soybean and bean product, play important role in the aspects of prevent°froming mammary glands cancer, particularly soybean, can change secreting of hormone inside the body.Clinical medical science research suggests that soybean and bean product has the function of estrogen inside the equilibrium body, when estrogen inside the body is too low, soybean or bean product will make it increase, but when estrogen is too high, soybean or bean product will also make it reduce.

4, anywhere do a massage at any time

Whether lymphoid liquid inside the body and blood circulation are lucid, willing influence body the speed is for the ejecting of materials, such as discard and toxin…etc..Correct massage skill, can maintain blood circulation of smooth, accelerate a metabolism, handle a discard inside the body smoothly.The direction massages from the arms and legs end dynasty heart, can push lymphoid and blood of fluxion, can make the muscular metabolism been getting more prosperous, provide the cell more oxygens of combustions that promote the nourishment of metabolism plain and help fat, in the meantime acceleration eject a discard.The time that watch television every day conveniently massages, lightly loose loose ability more healthy.

5, the healthy body dedicate blood

Dedicating blood not only is consumedly a good social social ethics, but also can help the oneself to metabolize of ability, not only can’t injure health, periodically dedicate blood or maintain one of the healthy methods.Therefore, as long as the healthy body matches to dedicate a blood condition and still do the duties.

6, have the fast food less,satellite electronics keep off toxin

The fast food sends to the chemisette BE-cardiovascular system disease and grow the high outbreak of system tumor rate.Taking the excessive saturated fat will stimulate estrogen to excessively secrete, the steroid in the fat can change into estrogen in the body and urge breast cancer to take place.

7, exercise of 333 rules

The Aerobic promotes body energy to at least attain every week 3 times, every time 30 minutes, exercise behind the heart palpitates reach to the Aerobic of 130 times to contribute to health every minute.Sport quantity that never despise this short 30 minutes, it in addition to in aid of depletion calories, ease a weight, returning can take the oxygen to whole body each part, promote a metabolism rate, effective combustion fat, the effect will keep on for long several hours.

At once throw away to have no time to exercise of lend!Exploitation every day the coffee break after the lunch, walk to take a walk in the neighborhood of company, with even speed on foot, not necessarily don’t  want to perspire all over, can raise a metabolism, in the meantime help digest, prevention constipation.

refrigerator persimmon

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The apple grape can put refrigerator persimmon soft store again
The fruit species that becomes available in the market in autumn is much again cheap, how store these fruits, but let a lot of criminals difficult.Put to refrigerate Yan in refrigerator quick, put fruit basket in the living room and love to recruit an surprised gorgeousIn the near future Taiwan of publication 《Kang Jian 》the magazine write and answered the great hard nut to crack of the fruit hoarding for everyone.

The region in Taiwan serves as the several agricultural product in the United States expansion association product manager’s Hong to add to tell a reader and keep fruit, first essentials what to peg out Chu’s fruit first is “already familiar type” or”empress familiar type”.

“Already familiar type” means while adopting to accept already mature fruit, mainly include a grape, apple, strawberry and cherry peach, water pear and orange.If this fruit directly put under the indoor temperature environment to once will be very quick familiar and lousy drop;Directly put refrigerator and easily run off humidity.The best method is to first wrap up with the paper,emergency mask of pox again the bagging put into refrigerator.This since can prevent°from the refrigerator absorption fruit humidity, and then keep water spirit coagulation from stiring up a germ and become mildewed.

“The empress familiar type” fruit while adopting to accept still the not yet finished whole maturitieses, have to put to put to for a while continue in the indoor temperature environment familiar turn, mainly include peach, plum, banana, rhesus macaque peach, and persimmon…etc..With peach and plum etc. to the fruit of temperature sensitive for example, don’t the ideal conservancy temperature of familiar front is in 10-25 ℃ , in summer must the cool place Be familiar to turn indoors, can immediately refrigerate after slightly becoming soft.If refrigerate before the not yet finished well-done turns, will break fruit organization and run off humidity.

Fruits, such as peach, Lee, kiwi and sweet persimmon…etc. whether maturity can distinguish according to the soft degree of hardness.Buy back to put to put for around 2 dayses in the indoor temperature environment generally, a little bit become soft and then can put into refrigerator to refrigerate.Tropical fruit, if the Bo Luo, banana, mango, and papaya…etc. are more afraid cold, mature behind refrigerate, suggest for longer than two days not.

It is advertent to also need in addition there aring some fruits ability and other vegetable and fruits doing not putting together, like apple, pear, papaya, and banana…etc..wrinkly maskThis fruit will release “ethylene” air in the mature process and accelerate a fruit of mature and aging, if put other vegetable and fruits and this kind of fruit together, easily aging and putrefied in advance.Bad the fruit dropping will also release ethylene, therefore, in a heap of fruit, if have 1 is bad, will immediately pick

sausage eat together

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Do milk tea and sausage eat together to cause cancer?
A lot of Taiwanese people all love to drink pearl milk tea, however Taiwan Consumer’s Foundation announces the examination result that the market-available pearl milk tea cup drinks and discovers to have 45% pearl milk tea to be all checked to imply anti- type fatty acids;There is 80% sample being checked to contain F two Xis sour antiseptics in the meantime,detailed solutionif eat to still probably cause cancer together with sausage.

According to the “medium wide news” report way in Taiwan, pearl milk tea can be treated as the important beverage that represents Taiwan, however for supporting the consumer’s healthy rights, the Taiwanese Consumer’s Foundation announces the examination that the market-available pearl milk tea cup drinks, discover at with the contracting of cardiovascular disease more related saturated fatty acids and anti- type fat, 20 saturated fatty acidses that check every 100 grams of samples are lain to 0.1-4 grams of;Take excessive will even make the low density fat egg white cholesterol in the body gone up, subsequently pile up in the afferent wall, increase the probability of contracting the cardiovascular disease.

There are 45% samples in this examination checking an anti- type fatty acids, set Consumer’s Foundation means that all of big milk fragrant sources of parts of milk tea are creams, but cream actually and mostly the plant oil there is no the composition of milk,illuminating interruption and may produce through product of hydrogen turn but become to the human body healthily harmful anti- type fatty acids.

In addition, in all samples there is even 80% being checked to imply antiseptic, set Consumer’s Foundation says, add “personal two Xises are sour” pearl milk tea of antiseptic, if eat “sausage” of implying the second nitrate again, probably cause chromosome’s mutating, but have cancer-causing risk.Excessive artificial chemistry set Consumer’s Foundation also reminds that the consumer not and excessively drinks to sugar beverage, otherwise not only possible obese and decayed tooth,England first material, also increase the burden of liver and kidney, have to carefully.

disease once in 10 minutes

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

See cellular phone or urge hair intelligence the cellular phone forcing a disease once in 10 minutes
In the near future, the abroad contain the living quality that several think factories mean that”the intelligence cellular phone force a disease” is lowering people and even threaten health.
The research expresses that this kind of behavior is lowering people’s living quality and even threaten health.

The iPhone that the Joe cloth Si founds makes cellular phone function infinite to expand, the intelligence cellular phone brings a customer many unexpected surprised pleased, in the meantime, also bring person many unexpected linger effects.In the near future, the abroad contain the living quality that several think factories mean that”the intelligence cellular phone force a disease” is lowering people and even threaten health.

So-called”the intelligence cellular phone forces a disease” means that the person who own the intelligence cellular phone will usually not aware of self ground to brush machine and play games and receive and dispatch an information to brush a tiny Bo etc..Generally speaking, looking into a cellular phone can’t more than 30, this still including among them is just pure of open a screen lock or is open the hand on board any procedure.A fact-finding organ in England suggests having 60% young men and 37% adult descriptions oneself the opponent machine”highly become addicted”.Among them, 60% is many of the intelligence cellular phone customer go to bed to also take own cellular phone, the customer of 30% will continuously look into a cellular phone in the ambulation and make to need and dependence of intelligence cellular phone they with surroundings of the world break to open contact, including own friend.A latest research in the United States points out that the each intelligence cellular phone customer has to look into a cellular phone 34 times every day on the average, sometimes frequency more Gao Da Mei’s 10 minuteses is once.

The research of professional organization suggests excessively depending on an intelligence cellular phone to easily make people lose thinking motive and ability to, in the meantime, no longer know usage coffee break to at will amuse.In fact this very harmful mind and body health.Intelligence cellular phone the function is more and more strong and get to the Internet, see e-book, go to the movie, play games, social intercourse, shopping etc., these functions that have to lure dint make people neglect the tired feeling of body, for a long time stare at to begin a machine screen will make eye tired;For a long time lower the head to use a cellular phone will result in neck, arm muscular fatigue.Moreover also making the person get into to deeply sleep to expect is more slow-moving and keep on time also shorter.If sleep not good will make the person’s mental state excrescent sensitive, anxious, the emotion easily undulates, severity of even will have a light degree nervous prostration.The doctor suggests, if has a circumstance like this, should tries to put the cellular phone a little bit farer and, in the meantime, re- develops the habit of exchanges.

Addict a cellular phone to lack a sense of security?

Existing is still by all means reasonable, and represents the development direction of science and technology.The intelligence cellular phone brought us many just to of influence, the information has great capacity and anywhere communicates to acquire the latest information at any time, as a result helped the young man to have quick thinking, the range of experience is also more spacious.

But the problem is equally existent, similar to the net habit, addicting the young man of cellular phone will more neglect nearby of person or matter, interpersonal association time is less, the human relations association became machine association.Actually, all of this are the reason that lacks a sense of security and completely is absorbed in the environment that the intelligence cellular phone constitutes in.White’s getting is similar, is also originate worry anxiously, uneasy, would put out strength to see a cellular phone.See from the psychology angle, intelligence cellular phone habit’s refracting exactly is universal uneasy emotion.Force a disease in the psychological and main judgment symptom BE, know to have no necessity to do like this, but the control don’t live his/her own behavior, from experiment detection of circumstance BE, the intelligence cellular phone user does mostly and really don’t know and like this by himself[herself], and majority of people don’t use very multifariously on the whole, therefore these behavior doesn’t belong to force a disease, more is mental demand.

For student but speech, this kind of behavior can equal net habit.Moreover, the reason of a young men multifarious usage intelligence cellular phone is “showing to put”, when the intelligence cellular phone hasn’t completely made widely available, taking out own cellular phone equally can satisfy his/her own vanity, especially the iPhone wait some more expensive intelligence cellular phones the user is particularly obvious.

pregnant woman eats liver

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The pregnant woman eats liver of pig to repair iron should a little amount many times
For make iron in the liver of pig betterly absorbability, dvb t receiverssuggest the pregnant woman to insist many a little amount principles whiled eating liver of pig and ate 2~4 times every week and ate each time 1~2 two.

The Yun period lacks iron anemic outbreak rate very high, almost all pregnant womans will appear, but medium weigh a degree to lack iron anemic will result in baby can not the intelligence conversing injure.For prevent iron from lacking and lack iron anemic, the whole Yun expects to should notice to absorb to contain the food that iron enriches,dvb t tuners like liver of pig, pig blood and red meat.Iron that these foods contain belongs to hemoglobin iron, the absorption leads higher.The liver of pig is particularly worth to recommend.

For make iron in the liver of pig betterly absorbability, suggest the pregnant woman to insist many a little amount principles whiled eating liver of pig and ate 2~4 times every week and ate each time 1~2 two.Because this include iron at inside of when big parts of mineral qualities absorb in the stomach and intestines way all follow absorption regulation like this:cable supplierAbsorbing quantity at a time is more big, the absorption then leads more low.

according to own demand

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Want the easy weight reduction join a natural weight reduction Chinese herbal medicine quickly concentration camp
Reduce weight a medicine and reduce weight to hold, you once tried, whether feel and hurt body hard again greatly?In fact reduce weight to not necessarily want to torment so oneself, the small plait recommends your few kindses and reduces weight,poisonous soup again beneficial body of reduce weight a Chinese herbal medicine, you can draw up to reduce weight a plan according to own demand.

Have already reduced weight a function maximum amount in the Chinese herbal medicine, have medium very big one part is used to diet food, reduce weight a capsule and reduce weight tea etc., the underneath introduces some in common use reduce weight a Chinese herbal medicine, reduce weight a Chinese herbal medicine and purchase diet foods to all have a good instruction function to your understanding.


Characteristics:Containing hawthorn is sour, sour Rou, soap Mao, fructose, vitamin C, protein, fat oil, amino acids, tartaric acid, citric acid, flavonoid, inside the fat, fresh fat Mao and sugar and the calcium, Lin, and iron…etc..

Effect:Have to extend blood vessel and ease heart burden and increment coronary artery blood quantity, improve a myocardial to provide blood,Europe takes charge provide oxygen and alleviate angina pectoris, stuffy to chest, the heart palpitates contain certain curative effect.Pass is eliminated a food by the Pi to accumulate to make the blood fat lowered thus, have a light body to reduce weight a function.

Dan three

Characteristics:Contain Dan three Tongs and different Dan three Tongs and different concealed Dan three Tongs and vitamin E.

Effect:Live blood to turn Yu and decline a fat to reduce weight, tranquilize the nerves rather heart.

Red flower

Characteristics:The flax is sour, the oil sour etc. unsaturated fatty acid is sour.

Effect:Obviously lower the serum total cholesterol and glycerin three esters.

Mythic fungus

Characteristics:The whole stubses of much bore germ plant purple orchid or red orchid.

Effect:Repress a combining of fat and convert, Struggle justattain cholesterol-lowering, prevent°from the artery gruel kind hardening, reduce weight a function.

Chicken blood rattan

Characteristics:The bean section plant airtight flower bean, white flower oil hemp rattan and fragrant flower rock rattan or leaf rock bean rattan.

Effect:Live the blood comfortable Jin and keep artery gruel from kind to harden, reduce weight a function.


Effect:Anti-virus eliminate inflammation, the pure heat counteracts poison, cholesterol-lowering reduce weight.

Taboo:The boiled water pours.

The grass is definitely clear(Cassiae Torae Semen)

Characteristics:Contain big yellow Fen, big Huang Su, big yellow sour, the aloe big Huang Su, big yellow plain glucose Mao, big Huang Su Mao Mao, big Huang Su Jia’s ether, definitely clear vegetable.

Effect:Decline to press, cholesterol-lowering, anti-virus, reduce weight.

Fruit of Chinese wolfberry

Characteristics:The fat main composition is sour for second oil.

Effect:Zi kidney, smooth lung, repair liver, clear eyes, the anti- decrepitude prevents and cures high blood pressure artery hardening, decline a fat to reduce weight.

Taboo:Proper make into to reduce weight a medicine of food.

Lotus leaf

Effect:In addition to vexed quench thirst,That autumn reduce weight to decline a fat.

The benefit female grass

Characteristics:Contain the benefit female grass alkali, water Su’s alkali and benefit female grass to settle, the benefit female grass rather etc. is various alkaloids.

Effect:Live blood to go to Yu and eliminate a fat to reduce weight.


Characteristics:Have the yellow chrysanthemum(picture-news-web page), white chrysanthemum and Hang the chrysanthemum.

Effect:Shu breeze, pure hot and clear eyes, counteract poison, decline a fat and reduce weight.

Taboo:Can make tea to drink.

Hemlock parsley

Effect:Going spirit to open Yu and living blood to relieve pain, dispel breeze is humid, in addition to the fat reduces weight.

Chinese angelica

Characteristics:Contain various amino acidses, mineral quality and vitamin.

Effect:Increase the blood and blood, live blood to turn Yu and decline a fat to reduce weight.

Taboo:Can steep medicine wine, cook a medicine food and move bowels Tang to leak to carefully take.

Mao root

Characteristics:Contain to measure cane sugar, glucose, a little amount fructose and wood more sugar and citric acid, malic acid and grass sour etc..

Effect:Pursue a wet benefit water, light body to decline a fat.

Ze Xie

Effect:Benefit water oozes wet, for the treatment Gao Xie Zhi’s disease, diabetes, fatty liver, suffer a stroke convalescent period etc. all have obvious curative effect.

Chen of the bacterium

Effect:Benefit Dan, decline to press, benefit urine, reduce weight a function.

Notice:Reducing weight the Chinese herbal medicine can make tea, cook water to drink to also make into a soup article together with other materials.But want to be advertent BE, the Chinese herbal medicine reducing weight isn’t that everybody is all suitable, is a colder particularly some medicines cool Chinese herbal medicine, musting once inquire a doctor just can use, taking time of medicine cans not lead to grow, either.

woman’s body

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Six desire periods big Jie Mi of woman’s body
Did you become angry again?Or be the emotion low to fall to a little small matter and then cry bitterly?Even if you have consciously control, can to oneself have a little incapable is dint.Though you know this that in fact being not own is wrong, is all disaster that the hormone inside the body asks for, these hormone exactly is how present periodic variety?
The 1–7th day:Menstruation ―― you outward the boundary respond too sensitive

Because the gestation didn’t take place and hanged adjusting of body hormone to control in the brain under, the secreting of the estrogen and the Yun hormone quantity descends in the ovary, the film inside the womb provides blood small artery occurrence spasm constringency, then break, the film inside the womb lacks blood, bad dead and sheds off,poisonous soup hence express in order to menstruate tide, this process about meeting keep on 2-8 day ……this process is physically a kind of living creature body oneself very ingenious adjustment, it makes the film inside the womb that didn’t conceive renewed in time and unlikely take place because of excessively propagating similar cancer so of abnormality variety.Descends because of the ovary hormone level while menstruating tide, wet quantity to slightly increase a little bit in normal times, therefore you feel that your own shape is specially slender, the physique is beautiful.In the meantime, you of the skin also with each passing day become delicate.

The doctor specially hints:These several days, you will be very easily tired and easily catch a cold to catch a cold.Will suggest in the near future according to some surveys, 28% possibilities that the females get sick in the menstruation are higher a little bit in normal times, around more than 70% females feel a bitter menstrual cramp, the symptoms accompanying with still have stomach spasm and diarrhea.While experiencing this period the anti- Ning blood system of your body’s being placed in is activated of appearance, notice to keep warm and take a rest, together enter to avert from a possible issue of blood circumstance, for example surgical operation, dedicate blood ……you certainly also want to shunt a gynecology check.

The menstruation period number file:

A women will have 400 menstruation from cradle to the grave on the average

The menstruation period is on the average as long as 29.5 days, but are all normal for 21-35 days

Once normal menstruation of time is to don’t wait for 2~8 days

Along with the growth of age, the menstruation of female will become short, the great majority the period of the about 35 years old female is 28 days.

The 8–11th day:Egg bubble earlier period(after going by)-you of mind and body all beginning lived to work well preparation for the husband and wife

When menstruation just ended, the creation of ovary estrogen would recover day by day.But estrogen is stimulate the film inside the womb stirs up of foundation,Philip LED it repaired menstruation to shell to take off a surface layer gradually of inside film, and urge it re- increase thick, make the blood vessel enriched day by day and satisfied contain blood.If there is good a period of time your feeling appearance in a month, so was this time, you might as well chase the work of challenge the arrangement complete at this period, that probably will take for oneself and others some surprised pleased.More make what person felt joy BE, even if you don’t have enough many sleeps, these several days you of the skin can still be incredible rosy, have sheen.

The doctor specially hints:Although the estrogen doesn’t stir up chemisette sexual impulse,it can make vagina moist, is richer than flexibility, and make the blood circulation of growing the system provides full amount of blood for vagina to the vagina, for prepare that husband and wife’s life of gestation worked well satisfactory preparation.The check-up that this period is the most suitable to match to carry on whole body of, include the temple neck of gynecology check-up to put on slice and breast from check.If you need to do the treatment or surgical operation of gynecology, for example the vagina be only used a medicine, temple neck to treat or give or get an electric shock a Yu and fallopian tube a liquid etc., now is the most suitable proper time.

The 12–14th day:The egg steeps a later period(ovulate before)-pleased that the moods all write the face at you up

Go to this, you of the estrogen level attain high peak gradually, the egg steeps to immediately develop maturity gradually.The estrogen of Gao level makes the increasing of film in the womb the birthday attain perfect, everything all for expect in of the fertilizied egg implantation make like prepare.In the meantime, you of cervix’s gluing a liquid will start becoming sparse, make the sperm a little bit easily passed womb to combine by arriving fallopian tube and ovum.In this time, pleased that all of the mood write the face at you up, nearby of the person also felt a happiness.This period you of the eloquence is especially good, the sense organs is as well sharper.

The doctor specially hints:Your body has already got ready a pregnancy, therefore you probably will discover you of the sexual appetite will compare usually and severely much, if you adopt rhythm method of birth control, this stage appears a problem most easily,Europe takes charge because the egg steeps the length inconstancy of period, the period of ovulation may take place at any time.Suggest you for this opposite”dangerous” of the stage adopt some special measure.

good health every day

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The deep autumn”the algidity inherits feet” steeps the feet good health every day
Deep autumn arrival, cold is risen by the feet, by this time Be about to notice “foot bath” health.As the proverb says, the feet are human bodies the second heart.The correct bubble feet method can promote metabolism, promote body blood circulation, there is the effect that the health defends a disease.Today, the small plait comes right away to teach everyone how to steep a feet health a good method!

The white gets MM to often sit office, universal foot department the blood circulation is bad.Often steep feet, good foot department circulation, can make the heart don’t need to additionally add to press, then the ability transport the blood to the foot department end, reduce high dangerous paroxysm occurrences such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke etc. thus.

The veins and arteries theories that the Chinese medicine learns thinks that viscera self-sufficient three Yinses through(Pi, liver and kidney) start, the ankle department has 66 acupuncture pointses as follows.In Chinese medicine’s eyes, the hot water steeps feet like burn these acupuncture pointses with the moxa, have the push the effect that the blood luck,president againwarm internal organs and workout defends a disease.The modern medical science measureses, the temperature of person’s feet felt the most comfortable while keeping in 28-33 ℃ .

A.Steep feet to have what advantage?

Every day if the bubble feet can develop a health care function for 15 minutes, if dip into the double feet to 40 Celsius degrees or so hot water, about 15-20 minute in back the pain will obviously alleviate.This because the double feet blood vessel extends, blood from the beginning the department fly to a feet department, can opposite decrease stroke, alleviate a headache thus.For catch a cold to have fever the headache that the disease causes, the hot water bubble feet are still contribute to reducing fever.If at steeping feet in the meantime can continuously and by hand massage to flow out spring cave and press to press big toe rear to be partial to side instep outside of too blunt cave, Be also contribute to lowering blood pressure.Therefore, insist that the foot of science treat, particularly and easily for alleviate modern city crowd to deliver of various occupational disease, usually can receive the effect of half effort and double results.

Steep the advantage of feet

1, promote blood circulation.Sees from the health theories, the feet leave the heart of human body farthest, while the burden is the most heavy, therefore,global market this place causes blood circulation not good most easily, the medical science ancient works jots down:”Person it has feet, just like tree it has a root, the tree withered root first Jie, person old feet first Shuai.”Particularly usually feel a hand and foot ice-cold person to those, the bubble feet are a really fine method.

2, stimulate the acupuncture points of foot department and reflect area and veins and arteries.The many peoples all once did the foot treats, when the masseur orders to press our feet will feel painful painful and sour bulge, this circumstance basically can explain that the glint area internal organs that we correspond contains problem.So, after we finish doing enough bottom massage, will feel a whole body easily.In the meantime, there are 6 main veins and arterieses on the human body feet, include three sun through(urine bladder through, stomach through, Dan through) of terminate a point, and three Yins through(Pi through, liver through, kidney through of the start order, all on the feet, therefore, steeped feet to also equal to stimulate these six veins and arterieses of mosts.

3, have the assistance treatment the function to various diseases.The common saying says:”The rich man takes tonic, poor people bubbles feet.”It is thus clear that the function of bubble feet is very big.A great deal of usage of air condition particularly modern society, , and people widespreadly love to eat cool food, so much cold wet inside the body, pass bubble feet, can accelerate to line up inside the body cold.

Two.Teach you to steep a feet method every day

The convenience that the modern takes a bath makes the many people all disliked trouble, don’t like to steep feet alone.But, the best bubble feet method of exertion effect to steep with a little bit high bucket whiled being to steeped feet alone, and steep feet and passed thermodynamic energy to relax the veins and arteries of the feet top and calf and made the blood circulation sped, improvement providing of the heart brain etc. organ blood, but along with thermodynamic energy of continuously increment, will be tiny to perspire, can dredge veins and arteries, eject the algidity and the discard in the body, regulate body temperature, decline weakness.Moreover the improvement of blood circulation is very obvious double of to the blood pressure to regulate a function.

The expert hints:At busy one diva, must spend first half time of hour to relax, regulate for body.As long as insist every day, only steep feet, this health care method and then can make you live 10 more years.

1.Want to steep feet with the bucket

Wooden pail although the heat preservation is effective,performance minoritiessink too much too costly, use inconvenient, can arrive supermarkets to buy a little bit high plastics bucket to replace, part the bubble simultaneously fill with hot water.There are a lot of dynamoelectric bubble feet now basin, if can make a little bit high, like one Be getting soer much the better deeply.

2.Had better steep feet at 4-5:00 p.m.

The ordinary people will choose to be just before sleep steeping feet, so on being convenience, two is a benefit in sleep.

But if there is ample time, can is also an urine bladder on around 4-5:00 in afternoon through with kidney through annoy the most prosperous time of blood steep feet, the effect that restores virility at this time had better.

Small hint:Steeping feet to generally have fever by steeping whole body each time is tiny to perspire, at last steep good, bubble over feet behind want to drink water more, drink humidity in time.Had better be a part bubble feet, simultaneously drink Wen Shui or ginger brown sugar water, make the body internal fecundity hot, pass to perspire to let cold wet expel a body in time of outside.

3.Steep the temperature of feet water

This wants to depend on the concrete heat-proof degree of everybody, the temperature can be a little bit low, then slowly increase hot water and continuously heat while just starting steeping and steep whole body to have fever.

4.Steep don’t literally add thing in water of feet

Had better not literally add thing in water steeping feet, because of being because of the function of thermodynamic energy, steep the medicine that the feet are used to absorb very easily.The algidity inside the body could add a moxa while being heavy the leaf steeped together, but could not add every day and added 1-2 times in a week, the moxa leaf added a small pair of all right.

Small hint:Remember, must don’t can usually add salt in water steeping feet, so will harm a kidney, easily cause whole body anasarca, already many people because of see some health care newspapers and magazineses up recommend hereafter steep feet with brine but cause whole body the anasarca, endocrine mess and original kidney disease aggravate.The person of beriberi severity can join vinegar in water steeping feet, can disinfect, Yang.

Can insist regularly using bubble’s feet to is already very nice health care method, don’t be old to want to add various Chinese herbal medicine, if isn’t suitable for the condition of your body, on the contrary will get just the opposite.

good habit

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The good habit is to”beat” to come out
“Kid not how should the delicious rice, sleeping do?”"The kid sticks to a person too much how do?”"How to exactly should develop the kid’s good habit?”"Much and greatly start doing does he sign rules?I ain’t obedient to can beat?”……After kid is born, various breeding problems will arrive in close succession.The pedagogy Doctor, Wang Tao ,Enhance safe consciousness of Harvard University teaches experience to the parent:

Kid one birth will sign rules

“Loving a kid is difficult and still sign rules for kid more difficult?”Believing all parents will say” signs rules more difficult!”Why sign rules more difficult?Because the parents want to sign rules for they first.

Love and rules should be together, isn’t disjunctive, much the time that the parents are usually loving had no rules, signed rules have no love.Some parents think that the kid returns it’s small, waited him greatly and then will slowly be getting more reasonable, in fact, rules have to from birth start signing, the price is more and late more big.The real love should be the love that embodies rules, the real rules should be the rules that takes to have a love.Real love and rules need to have parents’ view of exactitude.

Each rules are an important test to all of parents while signing for the first time.

Many 1 year old Johns and father mothers divides a bed to sleep the first day evening, super babysitter(abroad, the super babysitter once was subjected to the professional training of much nursing) instruction mother:put John to the small bed of his cubicle, then side lead the body sits on the bedside to lower the head to read aloud a story book for John,consciousness the half that shows John mother side face, make mother not have vision exchanges with it.Finish reading a story, the mother moves room doorway slowly and at 1.1:00 again and finally comes out to close a door.Can be a mother to finish reading when the story hadn’t moved footstep little John realized not in the right son and started weeping aloud, and the rounding of bed column up turned over to more come out and jumped on the ground since the childhood.Under the super babysitter’s instruction, the mother stays calm and collecteds the ground chase again small

John puts into a small bed and re- sits on the bedside to read a story, can little John weep aloud again and again turn over to more come out, so again and again three times.The little John the hoarse dint Jie ground weeps aloud to greatly make, John’s mother insisted not to live at this time and lowered the head to start wiping off tears.The super babysitter have to start out and enter a house to be alongside of with mother to sit on the bedside and shut to fix attention on to sit like this quietly, little John cried to in a short while lie down and immediately fall asleep again ……

There is the first-time rules, connect down to do so much.Many parents gives up because the persistence wasn’t when the first time signs rules, or loudly reprimands angrily to a kid because the kid cans not do it, this is all count for little.The kid treated to make trouble without a cause, the tone has to be moderate, the attitude has to be firm.

Can the kid beat after growing up?Certainly.Wang Tao thinks that this is the effective punishment meanses, is also make the kid undertake to make a mistake result of a kind of method.We discover that the kid, who have, does amiss after the event to recognize one wrong usually shine on to make next time, be because don’t make him undertake result in time toRequest student.Beat a kid and wait a kid to have certainly basic language exchanges ability(at least should in the 2-year-old half) after.

The kid can beat, but not the ability is blind dozen and wild blow, beat a kid and speak an art.

The premise that beats a kid can not take exasperation.Otherwise the kid is beaten what feeling arrive first is you of exasperation, he at this time want Yao is an exasperation, the Yao fears, while the kid has no study ability in the extreme emotion.The parents want the academic association”in a soft voice and lightly annoy to say strong words”.

Beating the kid can not directly and by hand need to use Zhang(the domestic discipline said by ancient times).Like this do at 3:00 advantage, the first, is give oneself time calm down;The second, explain rules at gives on, idea namely”is not that I want to beat you, but the rules wants to punish you”;The third, the creation shakes Zhe dint.Need phonetic exchanges before beating a kid.The exchanges is a loving passage, is the means that signs rules, use a kid to comprehend according to the kid’s characteristics and the way for accepting carry on exchanges.

Beat a kid to need love, the parents want to learn a love first a kid.

Once a parent after listenning to Doctor Wang’s method wented home and then dided a “domestic discipline” hanged on the door, and pointed at “domestic discipline” to methodically say:”later if you weren’t well-behaved, will use this’domestic discipline’punish you, isn’t that I wanted to punish you, is a rules to want to punish you.”Can who know the second day, “domestic discipline” disappeared to copy, Doctor Wang told this parent and signed “domestic discipline” for kid and paid attention to atmosphere, can not literally say to settle a dispute, should make the kid realize the dignity of “domestic discipline”.

The Mr. Liu 9-year-old son usually asks for is living not, a son makes mistake again, he then queries a son how do, who know a son Du Rang 1:”beat Bai!”Listenned to this words, Mr. Liu ate a surprised, he enters a house to deliberate very long, then calls to son, say:” father loves you, but father loves you to can not take rules away, either, you make a mistake you have a responsibility, father also has a responsibility, you made a mistake before, was all father to beat you, you did amiss to settle a dispute again today, I also have a responsibility, because I am an educational performance, I punish today!”Hence this father beats a kid at ordinary times much heavy, beat oneself this time much heavy.The son sees a form, “plop”1 kneels to pour in the ground and cries to say:”father, is that I Be getting wronger, please beat me, don’t beat oneself.”After the event, the son was completelylike to completely become a person, afterwards become the good student of a good both in character and scholarship.

Doctor Wang reminded, wanting to use feeling to the kid never was used tricks, otherwise the kid will see you deeply and deeply of, he will also use tricks to you hereafter.

The heart is tamed nature will do a correct choice

One in the United States is Monty western cowboy, the father who saw him since the childhood tames a horse.A mustang just started making people is on saddle of set for it, if wanted to tame it, needed 21 days, and would be hanged up to tame every day, Monty cant not bear to see this kind of ruthlessnessly tame method horse, want to try a kind of more moderate way to tame mustang.

The mustang likes to live together, Monty rides a horse with a few cowboys and tries to slowly lead a mustang to open when a group of mustangs dash about and leaves big troops, this mustang and big troops after walking lose run without intermission and forward, and then Monty have been following behind its or so, ran on the boundless big steppe for a days and one nights like this, the speed of the mustang gradually declined down, Monty tries to slowly approach it, whenever this horse has aggressive performance to the Monty’s approaching, Monty meeting’s giving it food is reward, and often clap its head, petting once its body, slowly, Monty and his colleague tries to wear saddle for it, 1.1:00, slightly, the saddle put on, on the muzzle set, but this a horse still a brush-off the other people ride the top and several times try, a few conciliations after, the cowboy finally rides horseback, Monty succeeded.

Monty says that according to the will of horse, with it can the way accepting communicate with it and give reward to its progress in time, its heart is tamed, it will according to its own heart, not Be forced to outside of the power does a correct choice.Afterwards, Monty useds for this method to educate a kid a body up, also often meet with a strange effect.

Wang Tao thinks that the principle is the first.There is correct principle, will there is correct method.As a parent, first essentials comprehension, understand kid’s demand, then use the method of fitting reward and punishment to slowly train a kid good habit.

medicines food

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The male sexual intercourse excessively should eat which medicines food
After getting married sex the life is the men and women’s a kind of physiology to need, normal sex life should with every week 2~3 times is proper, concretely say, should with have sexual intercourse an empress and have no tired unwell feeling on the second day for standard.If after the sexual intercourse feel all over the body have no the dint, spirit doesn’t flap, dizzy dizziness, arms and legs have no the dint, heart palpitates annoys short, anorexia,healthy cutthroatthe waist sour backache, whole day murky of, explain that sex lives already and should forbear in time excessively and eats tonic food to adjust to keep appropriately, or arrive the hospital seek medical advice.

The type that the sexual intercourse Lao harms has:

1.Sexual passion wound:Pointing sexual intercourse is too excesssive, or thinks desire, desire not hence the human body caused annoys blood yin and yang harm.

2.The Jing takes off:Point take place in the process in the sexual intercourse of shoot after the Jing big sweat to pour the certificate of the disease of Li.

3.Color Jue:Point sexual intercourse process in or take place suddenly arms and legs Jue while having sexual intercourse high tide or sexual intercourse be over is cold, consciousness loses of the certificate of disease.

The sexual intercourse Lao wound is sex living excesssive, the reason have:

1.The sexual intercourse is over- multifarious; legs exercise

2.Strong proceeded energetically building when physical strength could not stand up;

3.Thinking desire too but masturbating is unrestrained.

The Chinese medicine thinks that Jing, spirit, absolute being behavior body three treasures, among them, the Jing is a foundation, spirit is motive, absolute being is predominance, three of can convert mutually.If the sexual passion is excesssive, will hurt kidney Jing,trend obvious the Jing harms low-spirited then, discourage absolute being to then spread.But the Jing seriously consume wound, the absolute being, spirit will have no depend on, make the vitality absolute being accompanied to harm but to big disease.

Food therapy:The spring onion braises pig’s knuckles

The lord anticipates to use a pig’s knuckles, big spring onion.Pig’s knuckles 2 and big spring onion 150 grams Be pure to clean respectively and provide for use.

Place the pig’s knuckles and the big spring onion inside the pot, join table salt just the right amount, fill with water;First boil with the prosperous fire, join to anticipate seasonings, such as wine, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate…etc., braise with the small fire again lousy can immediately eat.

Medicine food therapy:Fruit of Chinese wolfberry red date gruel

The lord anticipates to use fruit of Chinese wolfberry, red date and Geng a rice.Selecting by examinations fruit of Chinese wolfberry is 15 grams of, the red date is 9, and the Geng rice is 75 grams.Put into fruit of Chinese wolfberry, red date after opening a pot,LEDs in Taiwans braise to cook to red date lousy familiar namely become.Just before sleep doing midnight snack in the evening is edible.This gruel function rather feels at ease absolute being, heart kidney, so be applicable to confused to suffer from insomnia, dizzy and kidney spirit decline the building Lao caused harm.