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moisten deep autumn

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Autumn health:White three treasures moisten deep autumn
After the cold dew, the raining season ends, the dew increases, the weather is autumnal from the Zhong of cool become cold gradually, is particularly obvious sooner or later, get into deep autumn.The Chinese medicine thinks that the autumn is lung gold be make of, if neglect a health care, be easy to is been dry by the autumn and consume harm Jin of liquid,prepay type expends cause thirsty tongue dry, throat ache, the lung hot cough etc. disease.

“Dry” is deep autumn the most obvious weather characteristics of seasonal changes, so cold after exposing, health health care should from keep lung, smooth lung and repair lung to commence, but bulb of lily, white food”white food”s, such as lotus seed, white fungus and lotus root…etc. for go into the lung head choose.

Lotus root

“The lotus lotus whole body is a treasure, the autumn Ou repairs a person most ” goes into after the autumn air aridity, the person is easily fidgety discomfort.Want to eat some pure hearts smooth dry food more to come and go an autumn to be dry at this time.The lotus root is rich to contain trace elements, such as iron and calcium…etc., plant protein, vitamin and starch, obviously open the stomach pure heat, smooth dry quench thirst, pure feel at ease absolute being, benefit blood the benefit annoy of effect, can also strengthen human body immunity dint.

The edible lotus root livings familiar all can.Is a fruit to living to eat, the flavor is sweet and fresh and cool to go into lung;Steam together with glutinous rice, honey and red date,spot center pink transparent, the soft Nuo is pure smooth, is an autumn to make delicious small vegetables;Braise soup with sparerib, the Jian Pi opens stomach, nourishment abundant, suit the person of appetite infirmity to nourish a health.


The common saying says “the turnip almond stem pear, cure to cough effectively don’t beg to cure”.Be easy to an autumn of quilt in autumn dry consume to harm Jin of liquid, cause thirsty tongue dry, throat ache, it are smooth to eat pig lung, persimmon a round flat cake, loquat, and water chestnut…etc. dry repair the food of lung proper.But moisten most in the nut of, must belong to almond.

《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》medium enumerated the three greatest effects of almond:Smooth lung, pure accumulate a food, spread Zhi.The almond is rich to contain protein, trace element and vitamin.Have smooth lung, stop coughing, slippery bowel etc. effect, cough to have no phlegm, lung to the stem falsely long cough etc. the disease definitely alleviated a function.

The almond divides sweet almond and bitter almond, among them, the sweet almond smooth lung effect wins 1 more.Almond can with Yi rice according to 1:5 comparisons cook gruel, can also braise soup together with pig lung, all have the effect that nourish the mitigation.Be snack to eat certainly of roast almond can also eat appropriately some.

Bulb of lily

Bulb of lily, the flavor sweet tiny bitterness, sex is even and go into heart lung through;Because it has smooth lung to stop coughing, pure feel at ease absolute being etc. effect, become autumn edible on the article.The nourishment composition of bulb of lily is abundant,the common ground there are protein, vitamin and carotene and some special effective compositions, such as starch, much sugar and fruit gum and various alkaloids, increase to living to have certain curative effect towards repressing cancer cell.

The method that the bulb of lily eats is a lot of, can stir-fry together with west Qin and beef, the flavor is simple elegance and enjoy in retrospect everlasting.But the autumn eat bulb of lily, the best eat a method is cook a gruel.Can make into a bulb of lily gruel with glutinous rice, join some rock sugar cook system, not only tasty, and tranquilize the nerves, contribute to sleep;Can also use bulb of lily, lotus seed to cook into a thick soup with the red date, can benefit to tranquilize the nerves.

because of malnutrition

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

China lost 1.6 last year because of malnutrition
“Breakfast:Don’t eat;Lunch:Rice or corn stick, soybean in brine;Dinner:Rice or corn stick, soybean in brine.”

This isn’t one to reduce weight recipe, but the daily food of western some poor region children.

Over a long period of time have no meat to have no egg have no the food of vegetables may result in of malnutrition, will produce result like this:Person all the height lower 3~4 Li rices, the intelligence quotient lowers for 10~15 centses, the end labor force loses 2%~9%.

The Chinese disease makes control centre nourishment and food safety livinged to tell researcher, Ma Guan, 《economic Chinese weekly magazine 》:”Currently, the our country 0~14-year-old child has 290,000,000, poor child 15,000,000, the poor region child grows speed more slow, compare with WHO standard:The low weight leads up to 12%~36%, the growth dilatoriness rate is 6 times that of child in the city, and vitamin A’s lacking a rate is 4 times that of child in the city.”

On September 15, is handed a “poor region kid’s nourishment adds meal item to hand a poor month to donate an activity” that the poor foundation sponsors start by China, as long as you donate 100 dollars monthly, can make the poor region kid get every day the lesson of an egg, a bag of milk meal.

Because of 2010 of malnutrition our country lose 1.6 dollars

Central village work leadership group vice- senior clerk and office director, Chen Xi Wen, mean in handing poor month donating start rites,LEDs in Taiwans the poor problem has already become the great problem that perplexs a Chinese development.In 2010, the person all pure income of our country farmer comes to a 5919 dollars, town residents the controllable income is 19109 dollars, both of ratio is 1:3.228.How narrow a city country margin, the cancellation narrow circumstances becomes the focus of social concern.”The kid is national future, the kid of poor village is more national future.”Chen Xi Wen says.

The reporter understands in releasing willing, “our country child the nourishment condition away below world is standard.”The Chinese disease prevents control centre nourishment and the food safe from weaving Zhao of 《the Chinese children of school age young nourishment and healthy condition investigation report 》suggest, because the economic loss that the malnutrition brings attains many 4% of GDP(GDP).

Ma Guan livings to tell 《economic Chinese weekly magazine 》, “malnutrition according to the growth dilatoriness, lack iodine and anemic three aspectses to carry on an estimate to the loss that the productivity results in, among them anemic is divided into a child again anemic and the adult anemic both side.American scholar according to our country the wage rate, iodine in 2001 lacks a rate, anemic rate, growth dilatoriness rate, and because of fall ill the labor ability lost, work time limit, made use of analysis software PROFILES to compute 2001 because of the productivity loss resulted in by malnutrition.(BE computed with renminbi)”

“The four-part cent productivity loses respectively is growth dilatoriness 16,600,000,000, lack iodine 19,800,000,000, the adult is anemic 65,800,000,000, the child is anemic 259,900,000,000, 4 adds up 362,100,000,000 dollars.2001 of”Ma Guan livings to say, ” our country GDP is computed with 9,038,000,000,000 dollars, should loss attain 4.01% of GDP.Should compute a method for the country between the in general use calculation method, so have no the necessity compute once annually.”

In 2010, our country GDP is 40,120,200,000,000 dollars and shine on this calculation, that year the economic loss resulted in by malnutrition is 1,608,800,000,000 dollars.

Invest child’s nourishment

The public-spirited organization has been being doing own effort in the aspects of improving poor nourishment in the region.LED of high-efficiencyThe “the every month contributes money and adds a meal every day” activity is a public-spirited activity that passes to settle a sum to contribute money to keep on for the poor region child monthly nourishment to add a meal every day that China hands a poor foundation to release.

China hands a poor foundation to often work Deputy Secretary-general Liu Wen Kui’s introduction to say and aims at poor child’s malnutrition and provides student’s milks for poor region child, the bread foods, such as 1 and an egg…etc. are that the lesson add a meal and have already helped a child to sex ground to promote nourishment to absorb.”That item takes overlay in the whole school as a principle, the item carries out time as a year.In addition to national legal holiday and winter and summer vacation, the school has a class the period(Monday is to Friday) provide nourishment to add a meal to the student every day.Nourishment the adding the supply number of meal is average to be worth for 220 days and physically provide the meal the number according to each is helped a school of physically have a class time certain.”

“The child nourishment subsidy is to prevent°from poor generation between delivering and by the root getting rid of poor measure.”Ma Guan livings to mean, ” presses everybody every day 3 dollars subsidy to account, is 200 for a year the day is at the school and need 600 dollars, 9 years annually, the compulsory education comes down to totally need 5400 dollars.From here, the income can raise 10% after canning anticipate a kid to become adult, then annually can increase the income of 1000 dollars at least.Then in consideration of the decrease of GDP increment, poor salvage funds, future medical expense of economical, this kind of income is more considerable.This will be most have worthy manpower capital investment, invest child’s nourishment is to invest future.”

For how make selection to add a meal school, Liu Wen Kui said,Throw away burden China handed a poor foundation to order an investigation through an item and carried on built-up sieving, “the local Bureau of Education subsidize standard sieving to provide to be subjected to list in the benefit school, basic materials, such as circumstance and picture…etc. according to the item school.China hands a poor foundation to carry on examining to the related data, and after carrying on an on-the-spot investigation, the assurance is helped list in the school.”

because of appetite

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Eyelids twitch or because of appetite not good to
There are old words saying “the left eyes twitch disaster right eyes twitch wealth”, certainly this kind of parlance isn’t scientific, the eyelids twitch contains much reason, if jump and then need to go to and then cure over a long period of time.Latest of research suggest, the eyelids twitch returns to have relation with appetite quality.

The eyelid is responsible for the work that shuts an eye, from the eye round full circle muscle of circumambience eyes constitute;And the eyelids twitch said by us is in fact the as nutty as fruitcake excitement of control eyelid muscle cause,Hong Kong necessarily tastes is also partial eye round the full circle muscle muscle fiber can not independently keep on constringency in the in a short time, with the result that affect the skin of its top.

General at tired excesssive, use an eye over long or sleep shortage of, the incidence rate of eyelids twitch is more multifarious, the other is like strong light, medicine creation of incitement, or eyes be usually blown into a foreign body, or smoke to drink an etc., will stimulate eyes and cause eyelids twitch.

The most familiar eyelids twitch is “the muscle small quiver disease” of the eye round full circle muscle, each time jump one severals to several minutes;Normal circumstance as long as lead a period of time after,cabaret quality placardthen will automatically recover, can also shut eyes take a rest, or spread eyes with the hot towel, and the daily food and ample sleep of match well balanced, shorten time that the eyelids twitch moves.

If the eyelids twitch doesn’t stop, then should immediately seek a doctor to make a diagnosis and give treatment.If you of the eyelid jump about, is all take out together with the half on the side department muscle, eyebrow and quarrel dynamic of words, be a then likely to be facial nerve to is subjected to the spasm phenomenon that the incitement causes, should be aggressive to cure, otherwise will appear a people’s 喎 eye of inclined disease.

Jump about to the eyelid,Cheap family hotel the Chinese medicine then thinks to lead Lao from the long disease harm heart Pi, or liver Pi blood falsely the day Be long to living what breeze result in.

If heart Pi two falsely cause of, and and have already suffered from insomnia forgetful, feel vexed heart palpitates and eat the little body tired etc. disease, can add and subtract medicine flavor to cure it by”return Pi soup”;If because the blood falsely livings breeze to cause of, and often jump about not only, and mutually lead with eyebrow, sum, noodles and quarrel but not ability from control, Accommodation Hong Kong then add and subtract medicine flavor to cure with”the Chinese angelica lives blood to drink” it.

caring for dint menopause

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Work well a caring for dint menopause
The menopause is each period that the female friend will have, in the menopause, easily occurrence whole body hot and dry, faint, heart palpitates, in the moment have black mark or arms and legs to deliver cool etc. symptom, need to specially notice to maintain.In the menopause, the women can appear a series of physiology and mental variety.Majority of women can fair and softly spend menopause, but also have minority of women because of menopause physiology and mental variety a little bit greatly, is trapped Nao by a series of symptom, influence mind and body health.Therefore each arrived the women of menopause to all want to notice to strengthen a themselves health care, promised to spend a life turn successfully of this at that time period.So, what the regulations of menopause health care are there?Underneath, let small plait come to everyone introduce once!

1, understanding menopause knowledge the menopause is a natural physiology process and understand necessary of knowledge, exactitude understanding the menopause appear of symptom.

2, keep mental balance and adjust own very of mindset, protect and entertain optimistic emotion, set up and make the confidence of the conflict with disease, control searchesthe cancellation should not have of fear with worry anxiously.

3, health in peace and harmony family, not only make the menopause women’s mood relaxed and get rid of annoyed, and can dissolve to come from a work to moderate living medium bad La to arouse, establishment rise life confidence.

4, insist feat of the sport appropriate body toughens, reduces slow physical strength to descend and makes oneself have ample energy to throw in with the physical strength work and life.

5, attention Lao Yi’s combining a work, life should have regulation, don’t drink alcohol before sleeping, don’t drink tea, don’t see breathtaking with pathetic film to keep good sleep.

6, reasonable meal.Because the menopause occurrences, such as women’s physiology and metabolism…etc. definitely changes, the stomach and intestines function absorbs a decrease, should limit absorbing of sugar, calories, animal fat, cholesterol and salt and adds high-quality egg white(milk, fish, bean, lean meat, mushroom, seafood article, and black fungus…etc.), vitamin, trace element, calcium and cellulose.With the normal metabolism that maintains a human body.

7, moderation offix to execute sex is living reasonable appropriately arrange sex of life, be good for a heart body health.

8, the prevention and cure have irregular menses.After the menopause of bleed, must can not neglect the gist, once having an excrescent phenomenon, making a diagnosis and giving treatment in time.

9, periodically have a gynecology check.The incidence rate of women’s tumor increases Gao after the menopause, so should periodically did a gynecology checked to prevent and cure tumor or gynecology paroxysm purpose in early days by attaining.

10, pay attention to menopause personal health oral hygiene.Get into menopause, the tooth starts to be loose moving and chews function to descend, more intimateshould develop a good oral hygiene habit;Skin hygiene:The menopause weakens because of the protection function of skin and often takes a shower and frequently changes an underwear, need not soap takes a shower, in order to prevent the body fat is excessive to wash and go and cause an infection.Should flush outside private parts to sweep by keeping every day moreover with comfort.

Alleviate eyestrain

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

1, vitamin AN and β -carotene:Contribute to repairing the liver clear eyes, alleviate eyestrain.The vitamin AN is mainly being existed to the liver, cod-liver oil and egg yolk of various animal.The plant food can provide vitamin AN at first.The β -carotene is mainly being existed to the carrot, tomato and wave academy blue vegetable and fruits, such as vegetables, Chinese chives,flower and youth almond and sweet potato…etc..

2, vitamin C:To eyes are also very beneficial.The content of vitamin C in the person’s eyes than blood high number times.Along with the age growth, the vitamin C content obviously descends, crystal form body malnutrition, as time passes will cause a crystal form body to change sex.So the vegetable, fruit wanted to eat vitamin C more the content to enrich.

3, carrot:Enriching to contain cane sugar,Catering Service glucose, and starch…etc. is among them known as the majority of the content of vitamin A, its function is similar to the cod-liver oil.On top of that, the carrot implies abundant carotene, can support health of eyes and skin.

4, spinach:Imply protein, fat, carbohydrate, thick fiber, calcium, Lin, iron, carotene and check Huang Su Deng, it not only is a nourishment to be worth of the highest vegetable, also is protect eye good product.

5, tomato:Imply the protein of abundant vitamin, mineral quality, carbohydrate and organic acid and jot.Take acidity, so there is protection the function of the vitamin C, cook the not easy breakage in the process.

6, Chinese chives:Enriching to contain vitamin AN is original, vitamin C, also imply protein, fat, calcium and Lin, iron and cellulose and volatile oil etc..On top of that,management pattern the Chinese chives implies antibiosis material and has a seasoning and disinfects of effect.

7, fruit of Chinese wolfberry:Imply abundant carotene, the vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, and iron…etc. are the essential nourishment of healthy eyes.Often drink a matrimony vine chrysanthemum the tea can rise to keep the liver clear purpose effect.

8, green pepper:Imply abundant vitamin, the nourishment vegetables, such as sugar, cellulose, calcium, Lin and iron…etc. are vitamin C the content is the tallest in the vegetable.

9, almond:Implying just the right amount of vitamin C and abundant vitamin AN is original and also contain sugar, protein, fat and have no machine salt,indoor equipment and the vitamin B1 the vitamin B2…etc., is a kind of nourishment to be worth of a higher fruit.

modern disease

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The from head to foot thin number”modern disease”
Put several decades ago, eat not satisfied wear not warm, every day must the next stem live of age, be regarded as doctor, also affirmation have never heard these fashionable of the face, headphones ear, carpal tunnel syndrome, computer neck, glass stomach of disease-screen, suppress urine urine bladder, anxious and fretful heart and sofa hip and economy class leg.become a passive
The disease of from head to foot, simply seeing a doctor and knowing is all disaster that the modern life asks for.Since want to enjoy a good life, again extremely bad modern disease, how attain?

Screen face

Typical model symptom:The skin is rough, the look in the eyes is silent

Face a computer for a long time, cause facial expression hair white, the skin is dry, severity of still have Cuo Chuang etc., some people also appear noodles to have no facial expression, stiff muscle, look in the eyes fan Mang.These symptoms for synthesizing be-screen face.

Career crowd”healthy condition big survey in China city” that the some organization holds once suggested as a result, , face a computer every day as long as 8~12 hours for time.Computer shows to hold to will send out electromagnetism radiation, plus is as less and less as others’ exchanges, easily make face facial expression cool, the taste is stagnant, the facial expression is silent and lack smiling face, these are also a kind of performances of screen face.

Defend to control treasure Dian:Use up a computer to wash face quickly

Keep off to show to hold is deal with the most effective method in screen face.contents includesThe peacetime decrease is also used time of computer and even if used a computer to want to make computer screen and body kept not less than 70 Li rices distances.

Can also adjust indoor ray in addition, keep ray from keeping shooting screen, see each time the computer taking for movable 10 minuteses around 60 minutes.Still need to notice to eat vegetable, fruit more on the food, increase adding of various vitamin, drink water more.Use up a computer and sweep a skin in time, use to a little bit moderately protect a skin article, give skin more to hydrate, as far as possible don’t turn heavy makeup.

Headphones ear

Typical model symptom:Listen to the dint descend, dizziness headache

Because wear to wear headphones to cause for a long time of listen to the dint descend, buzzing in the ears, ear bulge pain, the dizziness headache waits symptom, is been called by the image ground of the experts-headphones ear.

The person of the city, spend all longer in time on the road, wear headphones to listen to music, play games while walk, going by car main amusement way.However, in this wonderful melody back, but conceal invisible cutthroat.

After person puts on headphones, the external ear almost is placed in out-of-the-way appearance.In the bus, when avenue etc. for quarreling use headphones under the noisy miscellaneous environment usually adjust a headphones volume very greatly.The audio frequency voice of high volume presses to directly get into an ear, the concentration delivers to get to very thin ear drum up, and the ear fills an of the machine vibration film and ear drum the distance is very near, the scope of voice wave dissemination is small and concentrated and become bigger to the incitement of ear drum auditory nerve.Keep on a life under 80 decibels above noises, will appear a memory decrease and cognize ability to descend an etc. circumstance, weigh to then cause to lose astute.Particularly teenager, the auditory organ hasn’t developed maturity, the headphones are more obvious to their injury.The kid that listen to music to play games with the headphones over a long period of time, will not only make to listen to the dint descending, For livinging healthbut also may appear fidgety discomfort, memory decrease and attention don’t concentrate etc. circumstance.

Defend to control treasure Dian:The headphones volume ability is small small then

While using headphones the volume had better control can also hear while listenning to song the other people talk for proper, the in order to prevent excessively stimulates ear.And use time in a row can not definitely lead long, listen to half an hour each time, had better can dismantle headphones to take a break.Teenager had better need not headphones, if must use, had better choose the outside cover type for producing headphones in regular factory house, headphones sound like this the quality is opposite better.

In addition, the harm that listens to dint always unconsciously, the many peoples are listenning to the dint descend very seriously just go to the hospital, held up the best treatment time.Young kid can’t say, but when they usually “ignore”, hard concentration attention, reaction more muff, the parent will watch out for, had better take a kid to do to listen to at the hospital the dint Shai check, early discover.