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November 29

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Xinhua Nanchang, November 29 (Reporter Lin Yanxing Oasis ) at 8:30 on November 29 Xu , Xinyu City, Jiangxi, a private coal mine town in Europe – new coal mine accidents occurred , the accident killed six people , one person seriously injured.

It was learned that the accident take mine Department barrel go down when the miners , mine barrel bolt off , resulting in falling to the bottom ore bucket fall due . 9:10 pm , rescue workers rushed to the scene to rescue a seriously injured person was rushed to hospital , now out of danger.

Xinyu City official says , will properly handle the aftermath , the specific reasons still under investigation .


counterfeit market chain

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security dispatching a total of 29 provinces and 170 cities in the public security organs to carry out manufacturing and selling fake drugs to combat crime, successful campaign to close the net project cluster around the country the police arrested the suspect 1776, destroyed the crime of manufacturing and selling fake drugs 350 gangs and seized more than 308 million counterfeit tablets, according to genuine value over $ 2 billion.

and so large a pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting operations, from (Zhejiang Province) Jinhua police during a routine inspection.

acquisition of large pharmaceutical packaging

let us look back four months ago. July 20, Taxi Management Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau found standing in a routine check, take a taxi from Anhui Li Guiyong, carrying more than 700 sets of drug packaging materials to Hangzhou. Police keenly felt, Li Guiyong carry large amounts of expensive prescription drugs imported packaging, it may be used for counterfeiting.

police reported the matter to the Jinhua Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment. Soon, they received instructions detachment: immediate release, bait. Li Guiyong grow breath, but he did not know that he has been firmly locked in. Police investigation, we learned that Li Guiyong usually live in Hangzhou, his father and two brothers are engaged in pharmaceutical packaging-related business, a person from Ningbo, Wenzhou, Quzhou, etc. buy expensive imported drugs packaging, bottle and label. They all parts of And others by Li Guiyong hand, mailed to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Heilongjiang, Tianjin and other places.

discovered facts of the case, Jinhua, Yiwu public security authorities quickly set up two task force to carry out the investigation. Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Public Security Department under the command of the task force was removed in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other places, through the capital flow, logistics, information flow and other information involved to carry out careful investigation, involving 23 provinces and cities to find out the final 347 of manufacturing and selling fake clues.

counterfeit market chain

the formation of interest task force to start from the drug packaging materials, son of 4 people found Ligui Yong-based membership group of pharmaceutical packaging materials, Anhui Mengcheng recovery personnel, and activities in their Shanghai, Guangzhou, a group of pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling staff contact each other more closely. Meanwhile, membership in Anhui Province Lixin Wang Mou and other personnel criminals based in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling area, and surrounding areas to identify local hospital cleaning staff, the acquisition of a variety of drugs prescribed to them boxing kits, brochures , bottles, boxes, etc..

Subsequently, the panel found that in-depth investigation, drug packaging materials and more flow Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanghai and other places. In Beijing, Heilongjiang staff to purchase packaging materials Heilongjiang Hulan, membership officer to the North Pine, packaging materials purchased in Shanghai to Anhui membership-based staff, after they buy drug packaging materials, and a large number of drug sales and online sales prescription drug information.

After investigation, police found counterfeit market has formed a gray chain of interest: the bottom of a hospital cleaner, and the second layer is responsible for the acquisition of the broker each hospital, the third layer is the acquisition of the box wholesalers, the fourth layer is the counterfeit business. All localities between members of the pro with friends, close, not to help end gang, interests are intertwined. At the same time, involving a wide range of drugs, mostly prescription drugs, mainly for anti-cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, chronic hepatitis B and so on. As the high cost of anti-cancer drugs, a bottle of medicine up to two or three million, therefore, involves the most anti-tumor drugs. In addition, suspects generally adopted way of family-owned production and processing all kinds of counterfeit, process simple and rough, without any disinfection equipment, hardware tools alone some of the rental housing by filling, blending and other illegal production and processing all kinds of big fake medicine.

network is the main channel for counterfeit

after 4 months of careful investigation, the Ministry of Public Security and other provinces in the investigation of the integration of manufacturing and selling counterfeit case, the organization launched a crack down on selling Battle of counterfeit crime cluster. The action, Jinhua police arresting 25 and seized more than 5930 counterfeit boxes, involving mifepristone tablets, Viagra, insulin injection, Norvasc, Lipitor, Plavix and more than 20 varieties seized drug packaging materials 1.4 million sets (pieces).

Police said the network as well as some unscrupulous pharmacies, clinics have become the main distribution channel for counterfeit drugs, which sell fake drugs situation highlights the network. Since last year, Li Guiyong and other personnel in Hangzhou, Anhui membership to 0.5 to 1000 yuan of price ranges, from the hands of hospital cleaning staff complete the acquisition of pharmaceutical packaging, brochures, bottles, boxes, etc., and counterfeit packaging sold to Beijing , Liu Liang, Heilongjiang and other places for criminals such as the production of counterfeit foreign Pfizer, Solvay Pharma, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Roche and other companies of anti-tumor, the treatment of cardiovascular and other drugs, to Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Shanghai, 23 provinces of Hebei, pharmacies, clinics, and through network marketing to patients.

remind the public security organs, the masses to refrain from freeloaders, blind to buy drugs, to choose hospitals and pharmacies to buy drugs from a regular, guard against being taken.


and that 28 this month Japan’s parliamentary elections will proceed as scheduled. However

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, the Egyptian Armed Forces Supreme Council Xitantawei the evening of 22 televised speech, announced the resignation of the Cabinet to accept Xiela Fu, will form a national salvation government, in the next year June 30 presidential election, and that 28 this month Japan’s parliamentary elections will proceed as scheduled. However, the current situation, the military statement only partially meet the political demands of the demonstrators, the protests is difficult to completely subside.

Ministry of Health, 23, said the Egyptian capital Cairo and other places on the 18th since the demonstrations conflict continues, has caused 32 deaths and 2000 injuries. Ministry of Health spokesman said the Cairo locals are mostly dead. Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency news agency quoted security sources as saying the conflict has resulted 180 police and soldiers were wounded.

military said do not want to control the power

Tantawi said that the military requirements of the current cabinet formed before the new government to continue to exercise his powers, the latest presidential election be held before June 30 next year. He said the Supreme Council of the armed forces do not want to control the power, if the people want, you can immediately transfer by way of referendum power. According to the military originally planned, the transfer of power in the period around the end of next year.

a clear timetable for the transition period is a key demand of protesters. The military is clearly in the violence intensified under pressure made the decision.

military response to the demonstrators from the latest key parliamentary elections only a week. Cairo University political science professor Nuha that the military that it will not long-term power to quell the demonstrations, to ensure that elections be held as scheduled, so that transitional arrangements are not to be disturbed due to protests.

people demanded immediate transfer of power

speech in Tantawi, the heart of Cairo’s Liberation Square demonstrators did not significantly reduced. 23, Liberation Square, downtown Cairo is still tens of thousands of protesters gathered, they asked the Egyptian Supreme Council of the armed forces to hand over power immediately. Protesters and security forces defend the Interior Ministry personnel in the square near the intensification of the conflict.

Square demonstrations in the youth organization Another group, The two organizations are the major organizers of the protests.

military dialogue meeting convened 22 participants is limited to freedom and Justice Party, waffle resign, Sala Fei bright party faction, the Islamic political party and the Democratic Front party center representatives, organize protests The Therefore, analysts believe that the military party consensus and dialogue do not represent the aspirations of all parties.

Nuha that the military position is not clear when the new government was established, there is no mechanism to explain the implementation of the transfer of power, nor police brutality demonstrators condemned the attitude.

military power transfer plan and the requirements of young demonstrators still significant gaps. Young protesters believe that the military actually ambiguous attitude of the surface clear. Their misgivings about the intentions of the military, so the protest will continue to maintain pressure, and observe the military next.


Meteorological Department expects to Liaoning Province

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

November 22 , Liaoning usher in the second winter snowfall , high winds , cool weather. Liaoning, central, and eastern region in the snow to heavy snow , the province’s average temperature ranges from 6 ~ 8 ℃.

which , Shenyang, Anshan , Fushun , Benxi , Yingkou , Liaoyang , Panjin area in the snow to heavy snow , local snow ; Jinzhou , Fuxin , Tieling , Chaoyang, Huludao regional snow ; Dalian, Dandong drizzle to moderate rain changing to sleet .

22 , Shenyang Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal icy road , the evening is expected 22 to 23 in most parts of Liaoning Province on the morning of the traffic impact will occur road icing . To remind drivers should pay attention to road conditions , safe driving ; pedestrian bike out as little as possible , attention to slip .

Meteorological Department expects to Liaoning Province, 23 day weather cloudy to clear .


about 100 countries or regions to participate in this forum activities

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

A senior Iranian government official said Wednesday that Western sanctions will make Iran

several U.S. media reports, the U.S. government plans to involve 21 sanctions against Iran later announced a new decision.



He said Iran sanctions strategy should also be more

recent issues involving Iran and then into the international community focus. 8th International Atomic Energy Agency released a report this month, identifying previously developed a nuclear weapon and Iran-related activities may now be continued. Iran, the report criticized the

U.S. officials earlier position, will continue to pressure Iran. Analysts believe that the introduction of new sanctions may be one of the options the U.S. government. Russia and many countries oppose new sanctions against Iran, advocates a peaceful dialogue to solve the issue.

praise law in Canada that the United States and other Western countries themselves will also suffer losses due to sanctions, including loss of oil supply reduction and investment opportunities and markets.

He said Iran can in many ways to safeguard their energy trade with the international community, such as cooperation with more countries, off.

plus praise new sanctions law, held a press conference in the same day, several U.S. media reports, the U.S. intends to publish later in the day involved a new Iran sanctions a decision.

unnamed government official told the

this identification will allow the U.S. government on Iran, enable the

unnamed official said the U.S. government may introduce new sanctions aimed at the export to Iran’s oil and petrochemical industry of goods and services to prevent foreign investment.

media and political analysts agree that the United States is considering sanctions against Iran faced a dilemma.

Reuters predicted that the U.S. will not cut off the entire Iranian financial sector, because it may bring chaos and global energy markets affect the U.S. economic recovery.

an unnamed Western officials told the

the United States and other Western countries to identify Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons, Iran insists its nuclear program for civilian purposes.

participants refused to continue Iran’s 21 nuclear issue in IAEA report on Iran’s hard-line stance on display, refused to take part, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency, involves the establishment of a nuclear-forum activities .

the Permanent International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asgar Soltanieh said the Iranian government that the decision was the IAEA

accordance Soltanieh say, another reason for Iran’s refusal to participants is the attitude of Israel’s nuclear activities of these forums can not achieve real results.

he accept Iran success.

Israel is widely considered the only nuclear weapons in the Middle East countries to side is neither admitted nor denied. Israel has not signed the

IAEA Director General Amano 21 weapon-free zone in the Middle East Forum meeting called on Israel and other countries in the region to establish a nuclear-open thinking on the issue.

about 100 countries or regions to participate in this forum activities, participants will hear weapon-free zones in other parts of the experience.


cycling and football.

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Spanish parliamentary elections held on 20 May, under the statistical results of the votes, the opposition People’s Party won a landslide victory, to obtain parliamentary majority, the main 席马里亚诺拉霍 Iraq (see below) elected the next prime minister.

economy play a key role

many voters complained that the current government to move slowly, leading to deteriorating economic situation, and then forced to take austerity measures to significantly reduce social welfare.

Angel of the electors who claimed respect, he will vote for the People’s Party, 21.5%, the highest in 15 years. Every five workers in Spain, there is one unemployed. Spain’s economic growth rate of 2011 is expected to 0.8%. Analysts expect first half of 2012, the economy may fall into recession.

2004 and 2008 parliamentary elections, La Huoyi twice defeated in the hands of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

La Huoyi act directly, plain, Self-presentation, La Huoyi filling the plain style. . Political analyst Anton Losada said,

La Huoyi previously held several government positions, low-profile life, like cigars, cycling and football.

face three challenges for the new government to quickly stabilize market confidence is essential. The new government will face three major challenges: to reduce the deficit, reduce unemployment and promote economic growth. Spain promised, this year’s deficit to GDP ratio decreased from 9.3% last year to 6% in 2012 to 4.4% in 2013 down to less than 3% of EU regulations. Jian-Jun Han (Xinhua News Agency for the newspaper is issued)


U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Alexander Downer expressed

Friday, November 18th, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) comprehensive report , Syria ‘s capital Damascus on the opposition 16, a military intelligence facilities in suburban attacked . The U.S. government said Tuesday that Syria, the opposition to use violent means

U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Alexander Downer expressed , for the opposition to respond with violence to Syrian President Bashar al – Assad regime’s bloody crackdown


vestigate a personnel

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Participation”1217″ financial big cases investigates case that the check Cha hospital in province of work investigate a personnel to exclusively reveal that while accepting this report special visiting to investigate back the behavior doesn’t know of detail-”the case material exactly fills up 13 cupboards”

On November 8, the sea south province checks a Cha hospital anti- be greedy for public prosecutor in the bureau court star for week one face is excited and expend them for 8 years, 到會服務the financial big case principal offender of energy-Chinese agriculture bank sea the south face Gao Xuan2 Zhi to go original vice- line of long Chen Jian to learn to bring to the court for prosecution.

Reporter:Please introduce the characteristics of”1217″ projects.

Week court star:”1217″ projects aren’t only that year

The sea south case is worth the biggest economic case, and the case is the most complicated and involve of commit crime means to reach to 20 varieties.Commit crime to have no regulation, have no composition, and almost make a case every day, at will sex is very big.Chen Jian learns the bank be opened as his house of similar, want how do how do, adopt a direct thief to pay the Qi business unit savings and falsely increase savings and issue a deceitful loan etc.美食到會the means corruption appropriate public funds.Moreover, that case is much involved, the personnel signed 34 and pursued having of criminal responsibility 34 people.

Reporter:Understand according to us, that year checks Cha organization and public security official’s section while arresting Chen Jian to learn always the persistence gave him the very big earthquake Zhe unremittingly.

Week court star:Yes.The strength that made track for to escape at that time is very big.Save a public security official the hall is facing Gao, Dan state to develop to twice and large-scalely make track for to escape an activity and used more than 500 peoples Jings and 10 police dogs to round mountain to hunt for.The province checks a Cha hospital to still ask Guangdong province to check a Cha hospital to support help’s investigating, and help to check cloth to control in Guangzhou and Zhan river two sides.Also send out to help to check a notice to more than 30 airport police substations in the whole country and the police departments.

Reporter:Could you say that”1217″ cases are in the weight in that year with some datas?

Week court star:That year project set the all member exactly did for more than a years, successfully recovering a Zang style the booty was more than 10000 dollarses 1000.Learning Chinese The file of case fills up exactly 13 cupboards.

Reporter:What feeling do you have now?

Week court star:I mean to say and give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice is the suspect’s only exit at the escaped convict offense.

self-make a Ling

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

After signing a winter self-make a Ling shell the pear cream stop coughing to turn phlegm for autumn
Since today, “everyday one vegetables” column eyes will from all new”anticipate’ food’ like absolute being” column eyes act for, Monday go to release five styles of health foods to treat every week on Friday, let you eat healthy and happy!From sign a winter to spring begins this time, si zhong shuibei heshui feixanis the inning that keeps lung.Can self-make a Ling shell pear cream after signing a winter for autumn.
Food material:Autumn pear 500 gs, the fritillary female 6 gs, fu ling 12 gs, few honey, the sugar is few

Way of doing:

1, the autumn pear wash squeeze to do pear juice clearly and;

2, join sugar, honey in pear juice, use the fire cook system;

3, join again to beat into floury fritillary later on mother, fu ling, use a tiny fire cook to the thick dense form namely become.

This square smooth lung stops coughing and eats 2~3 Shaos every day and have already helped to resist to catch a cold in winter

39 food absolute being specially reminds:shuiqianxiaobaoyang

A, stop coughing to the smooth lung, treat at more dry, the weather much change of people, more need this food treat.

China east region:The winter volume of rain is abundant this year, damper and cold, can consider feeling decrease.

China west region:The weather variety is quick, winter dry, can much take every day some.

South region in China:Moister in winter this year, 冬季減肥can consider feeling decrease.

North China region:The weather is dry, can much take every day some.

Region in China:The this place area is dry in winter, can much take every day some.

Two, the teenager and old peoples be greatly little to use the food repairing to treat a square.

Teenager:The quick temper is prosperous and follow behind a region then.

Medium prime of life:The resistibility is stronger and follow behind a region then.

Old people:The not good old people of lung condition are edible, but measure each time can not much.

39 food the absolute being remind every Thursday:

Gold to in response to the lung, with breath way the disease is related, if have already been short of breath, stuffy chest, a cough, breather, the speech lowly etc. symptom, need to keep lung.

Lung the strongest time:Lung at 7~9:00 the weakest time:Strong lung keyword at 21~23:00:Smooth

The house resides to keep a lung method:Every morning 8~10:00 or afternoon is 3~5 points and inhale with the nose,profession of LED the mouth breathe out and totally do 12 times and insist having the function that add the lung spirit shortage over a long period of time.

Still want advertent BE, don’t be tired at ordinary times, little health for getting angry, quiting smoking wine for the lung department also very has an advantage.

health of the longevity

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

100-year-old old man all what does the love eat?
Recently, the country of world longevity investigates regiment and replies Dan university the graduate school carried on to go and see a survey to 100100-year-old old mans in the region and discovered some longevities secrets that in brief and easily go such as the Gao longevity.重金屬

From the force beginning of Qin Huang Han, the mankind have been being looking for the secret of longevity, it is old man’s specially many places to particularly is a longevity, and total someone wants to go an and investigates unexpectedly.In the our country, in addition to in addition to expecting horse and Xinjiang and farmland, these two longevity countries with well-known world, Guangxi also had a place to ascend recently”global longevity placard”.

On September 5, 2011, Jiangsu province such as Gao City drive international natural medical science will, the world longevity country science attestation committee reviews for the country of world the sixth longevity, this is should organize from 1991 unique affirm of longevity country.According to the statistics, have 265 people such as the old man of the Gao longevity over 100 years of age, 80 years old above have 6.7 myriad peoples, 100-year-old old man’s total amount resides the head of whole country.More special BE, the longevity old man of the region mostly the eye don’t spend an ear not deaf, the life takes care of ~ for oneself ability very strong.Among them, as old man’s amount over 90 years of age that the 100-year-old old man prepares a soldier, is farer far high than 37 in the last yearses always Japanese Okinawa that reside “Japanese longevity first”.

The country of another 5 longevities is Ba Ma of China Guangxi, Xinjiang and farmland, the Pakistan rare Sa and outside region of Gao Jia Suo and Bill of the Ecuador respectively in the world card class Ba.Those 100-year-old old mans in the place are firm heap of, 6710-year-old persons are only called “green prime of life”.But chance and opportunity strangely fits of BE, the country of these longevities wants Yao to be placed in high cold district,手機上網時輻射最強 the Yao resides a secluded mountain area, like the environment of the utopia and the air of the delightfully fresh purity, let long residing citied people can hope but the interest sigh.But such as Gao City ground in the middle of department chief river downstream plain, nearby industrial flourishing region, positive because there are no too many inborn advantages, the longevity here contains just more precious experience, worther most people draws lessons from.

Recently, the country of world longevity investigates regiment and replies Dan university the graduate school carried on to go and see a survey to 100100-year-old old mans in the region and discovered some longevities secrets that in brief and easily go such as the Gao longevity.

Like to drink a gruel sooner or later

Investigate a result:such as Gao old man the favourite vegetable is a green vegetables(south call Chinese cabbage or ear horse’s vegetables, north call small rape), Chinese chives and spinach;The favourite staple food is a corn, buckwheat, big rice;The near 80%100-year-old old man likes to drink a gruel sooner or later.

Expert’s reading:”the effect of food not only is prevent°from disease, in some paroxysm instaurations and the under medical treatments also had an important function, prolonged the sufferer’s life span, probably is also such as Gao longevity of reason.”International natural medical science will the president of association, the world longevity country investigate round and round long Sen the bottom respect a to tell 《 life Times 》 reporter, ” from my clinical experience to saywenquan, the chronic disease sufferer should eat acrospire more and ferment food.”

Make reference to the longevity the aged favourite green vegetables, professor from Chinese medicine medicine university dietetics in Peking week Jian tells a reporter and there is abundant folic acid in the rape, the content of mineral materials, such as calcium and potassium…etc. is also very abundant, these nourishment materials can strengthen the resistibility of machine body, is a healthy human body bodyguard.Moreover, the rape has to live a blood function, usually eating can lower the blood sticky dense degree and contribute to protecting heart cerebral health.Chinese chives, the folks is called “strong sun grass” and have to restore virility the effect of strengthening the sun, majority of sun debility of old peoples are weak and usually eat healthful.In the meantime, there is abundant meal fiber in the Chinese chives, can promote bowel way peristalsis, to prevent old people’s constipation from having good effect.Spinach in addition to keep blood smooth dry, the most outstanding advantage is to imply to change with yellow spot sexually transmitted disease .

The corn is often to eat of thick miscellaneous food, the country old man’s health of the longevity also cans not gets away from its help.Corn since Jian Pi and then benefit water contribute to prevent°froming old man fat, and imply abundant xanthophylls and contribute to protecting eyes.The buckwheat is divided into 2 kinds, the bitter buckwheat declines the effect of sugar and surpasses a sweet buckwheat, and having a diabetic person can much eat.

The habit that has “two gruels one rice” such as the 100-year-old old man of Gao, the morning drinks a gruel to regulate appetite, in the evening drink a gruel to restore virility effect very good.Need to be advertent BE, had better put while cooking a corn gruel some sour convert visit to leave a type, is betterly absorbed exploitation by the human body.In addition, corn gruel and big rice gruel want to mix to eat, in order to prevent nourishment one.