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hospice very key

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The health that signs a winter needs to keep Yin spirit hospice very key
November 8 is in 24 solar divisions of sign a winter.Sign a winter to symbolize autumn be over to start in winter, the creations all start getting into depressed cheerless appearance.In sign a wintry health health care to pay attention to food to eat tonic food to keep Yin under the appearance like this, and notice sleep, keep hospice in Ping-ho of spirit.神經疼痛

Signing a winter is a winter first solar division, in every year of before November 8 after, the sun arrives Huang through 225 degrees start.Because of the bad our country south northern latitudes degree, the winter of past real meaning, doesn’t all not take”sign a winter” as quasi-, but is with continuous several weather Wen Di is at 10 degrees is winter.But in the traditional idea”winter” namely”eventually also”, idea of be over.The Chinese medicine learns to think, the arrival of this solar division is a sun spirit to hide, the Yin annoys a prosperous pole, the plant is floating about, the Zhi insect Fu hides, the creation activity inclines to stop to hibernate appearance and conserves strength and stores up energy, for come to spring source of vitality to thrive to make preparation.

Although the mankind have never hibernated it says, but the folks has already signed the custom that the winter repairs a winter.Every time round this day, south northern people all eat tonic food the mountain Jean’s game in different way and say is only then can resist a strict cold hit like this till cold winter.So in the real life, sign winter days what should we exactly notice?

The our country earliest medical science classic work 《Emperor Huang inside through ·the vegetable ask ·adjust absolute being all the year round big theory 》middle finger:”Winter March, this calls to shut to hide, water ice ground Che, have no Rao sun, buyun bu yuearly lie to get up late, necessarily need sunlight, make ambition if Fu if Ni, if have a private idea, if with have, go to cold didn’t leak a skin for, made to annoy Ji Duo, this winter annoys it should, keep to hide of the way is also.Negative harm kidney, spring is paralysis Jue, receive to living little.”This is opened up ground to discuss spirit to adjust to keep by text Jing, the living adjusts to keep the method that adjusts to keep with food, and according to the variety of nature lead into a human body winter the principle of the health, it tells us, winter is coldly a Che, ten thousand woods floating about, the source of vitality delitescence shuts to hide of season, the sun of the human body spirit also along with nature of conversion but Be hidden to inside.Therefore, the health should adjust nature to shut to hide in winter of regulation, with the Lian Yin protect sun for root.Adjusts to keep in the spirit up want to attain “…… make ambition if Fu if Ni, if have a private idea, if with have” to beg it to be quiet, control a feeling ambition activity, keep hospice of spirit emotion, contain but not dew, avoid bothersome, make the sun spirit in the body of can hide.

The living adjusts to keep to emphasize”have no Rao sun, early lie to get up late, necessarily need sunlight” is to say, at cold of winter, not important cause perturbation sun spirit but break human body yin and yang conversion of physiology function.Positive such as”the world spirit shut in winter, the guts Fu hides, and the person can not make a Lao sweat and let out sun spirit.”Therefore, early sleep to get up late, sunrise but make, promise ample sleep, be advantageous to sun spirit to hide, the Yin Jing stores.But the leading of clothes is little to lead thin,Sleep unexpectedly indoor temperature lead low namely easily catch a cold and consume sun spirit.Whereas, the clothes is excessive over thick, the indoor temperature opens to leak over Gao Ze Cou’s reason, the sun spirit can not hide, cold evil be easy to incursion.The Chinese medicine thinks:”Cold is the Yin is evil, often harm sun spirit” human body sun spirit compares to the sun on the sky and give nature is brighter than warmth, losing her creation can not exist.Equally, if the human body there is no sun spirit, will lose the vitality of metabolism.So, sign the living after winter to adjust to keep to slice to record “keep to hide”.

The food adjusts to keep to to follow “keep Yin autumn winter” the ancient Xun of”have no Rao sun”"falsely repair it, cold it”, with 4:00 weather of variety but regulate food.The dollar generation suddenly thinks Hui the Zhao 《drink a food is just wanting 》Yue:”……The winter annoys cold, the proper food Shu cures it by heat cold.”Is also say, the little food is cold, but also not proper rashness hot, have of put the Shi ground eats some reinforce body fluid Qian sun, the calories higher meal is proper, also want to eat fresh vegetable more in the meantime with avoid vitamin of lack, such as:The cow mutton, black chicken and Ji fish, drink bean milk, milk more, eat turnip, green vegetables, bean curd, and tree mushroom…etc. more.Here what to claim attention BE, our country the territory is broad, geography environment is each difference, people’s life style is different and belong to the same a winter to make, the northwest region is utterly different from at the weather condition of southeast coast;Northwest weather in the region of the winter is cold and eat tonic food proper big Wen Da Dun Re’s article, like cow, sheep, and dog meat…etc.;But although region in the south of Yangtze River has already gone into a winter,the air temperature more northwest region wants to be moderate much and eat tonic food should with pure repair the flavor of sweet, like chicken, duck and fish;The ground plateau mountain area, volume of rain less and weather are partial to dry district, then should with sweet smooth promote the body fluid of the fruit Shu of article and rock sugar is proper.Also need to vary from person to person in addition, because the food separates the valley the meat fruit vegetables, the person has both sexes and all ages it do not, the body(physical endowment) contains the regulation that the hot cold truth or falsity argue, is in the light of a human body growth, Chinese medicine health principle, young heavy keep, middle age heavy adjust, old age heavy protect, Die Mao heavy postpone.Past”the winter makes to eat tonic food” should have already aimed at sex ground to choose according to the actual circumstance pure repair, Wen Bu, small repair and greatly repair, ten thousand can not blindly “eat tonic food”.

Gynecology disease

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The menstruation cares to female to the pass importance, a lot of gynecology diseases be because the menstruation health care does to can not get causes of, if the menstruation doesn’t adjust, painful through, vagina burning, basin the chamber blazes etc.s all have something to do with menstruation badly being used to.So, the following menstruation cares 8 important point the female want to keep firmly in mind.
1)the food has stanza:The menstruation needs ample nourishment more because of being consumed to spread by blood;The food is proper simple elegance and moderate, be easy to digest, can not lead to eat cold, because of cold make blood Ning, silver allied cardeasily cause pain through, and the menstruation is suddenly excessive or breaks off…etc..Can not lead to eat mordacious fragrant dry wound Jin food, reduce womb issue of blood.To drink boiled water more drink water fruit, vegetable more and keep facile defecation.

2)the Lao Yi combine:The menstruation can as usual work, study, be engaged in general manual labor, can promote a blood circulation of chamber, ease a low back thus aching and the abdomen is unwell, but should avoid heavy manual labor and strenuous exercises, because of lead the Lao can make a chamber excesssive Chong blood, cause menstruation excessive, the menstruation prolong and stomachache waist sour etc.;Also promise ample sleep to keep abundant energy.

3)regulate feeling ambition:The feeling ambition abnormality is important to the cause of disease vegetable of a, but spirit emotion to menstruation of the influence is particularly obvious.The past menstruation must keep an emotion stability, the mood is relaxed and avoid bad incitement, in order to prevent the menstruation doesn’t adjust.

4)sweep hygiene:The menstruation wants to keep outside Yin to sweep, each late use boiled water to wipe to wash outside Yin, should not wash a bath or sit a bath, should take shower as to like;The sanitary napkin, paper wants softness to sweep, had better the high pressure disinfects(have a market-available merchandise) an usage;The sanitary belt,心腎病 pants wants to frequently change and frequently wash to ease blood dirt outward Yin and the incitement of thigh seamy side, the boiled water is once very hot after washing, and dry in the sun under the sun spare use;The menstruation mattress is proper to use to disinfect yarn of towel and toilet paper.The bowels wants behind formerly wipe backward, in order to prevent the dirt get into vagina and cause vagina burning or womb inflammation.

5)avoid sexual intercourse:Menstruation, the film inside the womb shells to take off issue of blood, is fresh to create noodles inside the temple chamber, the temple is as well tiny to open some, the vagina acidity lowers, the ability of the defense germ greatly reduces.The thus current building takes the germ into and easily causes reproductive organs inflammation.If the fallopian tube burning disease glues to connect and blocks impassability, can also result in an infertility.Can also result in menstruation’s prolonging, even collapse to leak not only.Therefore, women’s experienced menstruation should forbid sexual intercourse and prevent°from an infection.

6)don’t use a medicine in disorder:General women menstruation has a little bit unwell, through empress then from eliminate, don’t need to use a medicine, in order to prevent interference it normal process.If meet stomachache difficult endure or bleed excessive, the day is long not only, need to make a diagnosis and give treatment through doctor’s check for secure, oneself doesn’t want to throw medicine bait in disorder.

7)cold warm feat:Notice weather variety, specially want to prevent°from heat insolation, cold rain pours, or wades across water, swims or shampooes to wash feet with cold water, or long sit coldly etc..

8)make a good record:To cautiously record the date of menstruating the tide reckon next month the circumstance in date of tide, easy to etc.好吃卻也能致命 for discovering that the menstruation didn’t adjust and gestation in early days.

divide sour alkali

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The stomach medicine also wants to divide sour alkali
Painful medicine, stop coughing a medicine, stomach medicine ……a lot of in common use medicines all have they not the behavior know of secret, the doctor probably too late instructed you while seeing a doctor.Latest an expect of Taiwan 《Kang Jian 》magazine writes to point out, if the in common use medicine isn’t careful to eat, not only delay a condition, but also will cause allergic, drug-resistant, even cause kidney Shuai.For this, this report invites related expert’s introduction”ten big in common use medicines, you don’t know of secret” especially,zhong he zheng this period first since stomach medicine.

A, all has side effect.The Li Hui Ling apothecary who conducts a community medicine store in Taipei introduces, hydrogen’s oxidizing aluminum, hydrogen to oxidize all of magnesium, calcium carbonate, and baking soda…etc. is the familiar compositions of stomaches medicine, over a long period of time eat these medicines will make the compositions, such as aluminum, magnesium, calcium and sodium…etc. absorbed excessive, cause various side effect of each kind thus.For example, high blood pressure disease, kidney function not good sufferer over a long period of time eat baking soda may aggravate an original condition;The not appropriate usage product with the aluminum will result in constipation and bowel Geng over a long period of time Zu or cartilage disease;The calcium carbonate easily causes stomach and intestines flatulence;Containing the magnesium product familiar side effect is diarrhea.The stomach trouble sufferer often pulls Shi(Luo match gram) to wait proton pump depressant with Ao the United States, this medicine can be from”the source head locks stomach acid to secrete”.”But international there is up a clinical research discovering, take the on the sick list risk that will increase a heart attack, pneumonia over a long period of time.”Taiwan ten thousand director,青少年也要預防糖尿病Guo Li Nuo2 ,s with vice- section from medicine in Fang hospitals point out.

Two, in proper order disorderly curative effect bad.The many people stomach would take 23 kinds of medicines while being uncomfortable,小肚腩 doing effect like this might become to differ.Win south university Xiang Ya Er hospital digest Medicine director Huo after glory professor introduction, such as many Pans sign Tong slice( D Mao) and sulphur sugar aluminum(the stomach Kui is rather), the Gou Yuan sour Bi potassium(the beautiful bead must enjoy) all generally before meal the half an hour takes, if eat in the meantime, D Mao at speed while stomach row is getting empty, may make other medicine too late overaly a stomach mucosa is ejected.

Three, “sour alkali medicine” don’t eat together.The stomach liquid, Yi liquid and small intestines liquid sour alkaline quality is different, a lot of stomach medicines also divide sour alkali.Like cardiac passion, be suffused with sour take “alkalescence” anti- sour medicines, such as baking soda slice and aluminum carbonic acid magnesium(reaching is pleased)…etc..The food accumulates,高血脂 have impaired digestion will also have similar symptom, but protect with pill wait medium the patent medicine belong to “acidity medicine”, mixing to use will influence curative effect

Chinese medicine teaches

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The autumn winter Chinese medicine teaches you to”keep warm” for the womb
The algidity rebels in the womb, true nobody tube-the Chinese medicine think, these algidities have of from the outside but go into, have of from inside but living, what we want to do be:The Zu lives a source head.
A, the female temple inside the body is cold and be like to have no the sun in the sky屋頂花園的類型

The womb said by Chinese medicine isn’t only the room that conceives a baby and include gynecology to grow system and related function.The temple is cold and all call to is that the womb is cold, not that the temperature in the womb chamber is low, but means womb and it the related function present a kind of seriously lowly appearance.This kind of appearance there is no the sun in the equal to sky in nature’s eyes.

The sunlight, air, humidity and soil is creation growth to multiply greatly of four outline vegetable, the sunlight ranks the first.If the warm temperature that have no sunlight to give, the earth is a sever winter forever, the womb is also similar, cold warm is the index sign of female body groundwork.The womb is warm and annoy blood to circulate inside the body lucid, wax and wane on time, menstruation such as often, the seed sowing develops into a baby.If the womb catches cold evil perplex, the guts meets cold will condense, body of the facial look can not keep and multiply greatly posterity more have no from start to talk about.

Body of performance may first is pain through, the womb caught cold to much absorb a few cool spirit, appear nerve to have muscular spasms right away.Then is Huang He Ban and the menstruation on the face to delay, cold will be more lazy than a work, the metabolism wastes nobody that piles up on the skin sweeps, more and more, color spot soon after and since then, but menstruate tide then because unmanned manage, give reason not to appear again and again.The womb feels cold, connecting down the desire will also lower.The most what a mess is to have no feat temperature, baby the very difficult existence or growth bottom go, temple cold type the barren don’t teach to get from here.絲路旅遊區規劃

The algidity rebels in the womb, true nobody tube-the Chinese medicine think, these algidities have of from the outside but go into, have of from inside but living, what we want to do be:The Zu lives a source head.

Two, the Chinese medicine diagnosis temple cold body advertise for


Through blood color the An is black, the white take a color white pure sparse, the complexion An is black or pale have no China, the tongue color is dreary, tongue-coating white and water slippery.


The white takes gamey smell.


Pain through, Huang He Ban, cold sex, menstruation’s postponing dysmenorrhea, waist knee even is sour cold, arms and legs not.


The lower abdomen temperature is lower.教妳使用各型泡沫潔面産品

Some female and born physical endowments are colder:The arms and legs is easy icy cold, become cool special sensitive to the weather, the facial expression is more pale than ordinary people, like to drink hot drink, few thirsty, fear in winter cold, heat-proof in summer.The cold sex physical endowment mostly results in to°from the factor in the day after tomorrow, the living environment is cold, the habit cold cool food, lead Lao or irascibility harm body sun to annoy these is make the body been partial to a cold familiar problem.Also have a moreover part heredity factor, probably you of parents’ physical endowment be partial to cold, or is you birth, their age more old, the body sun annoys gradual decrease, this will directly cause the gene at you up write in cold sex physical endowment password.Even if be placed in a same condition with other people under, you more easily appear the temple cold symptom, so carefully defending is cold, besides which, also want long-term warm body.

Three, the womb defend a cold airtight key

1, take tonic the food of annoying the warm body more

For example walnut, Zao and peanut, make the congenital shortage been made up deficiency by the high energy in the day after tomorrow, need not worry up the fire, the temple cold physical endowment belongs to quick temper shortage, and the not easy emergence becomes angry the symptom of body heat.

2, use abalone nourishing

The Chinese medicine thinks nourishing abalone pure heat, can reinforce body fluid to keep Yan and the pure liver clear eyes, is a best tonic for female.Pass by too a hospital to pay tribute the imperial concubines are to the empress of Chinese herbal medicine pill, don’t seem to be now to use honey while tempering, but use abalone juice.So the temple cold female should usually give the do-it-yourself some abalone foods.

3, eat the cold cool food less

“The Chinese medicine health tradition is medium, the female physical endowment belongs to Yin, don’t be greedy for cool.”Even if in blazing hot summer, the female don’t eats the excessive cold drink, and melons and fruits…etc. cold cool thing, either, from the refrigerator in the food taking out had better place a period of time again eat, had better eat some hot food mats first before eating cold food bottom, in order to prevent cold food direct incitement internal organs.The peacetime should also eat some foods that repair to annoy a warm body more, like walnut, Zao, and peanut…etc..

Female also don’t rapid weight reduction, because the humidity and fat that ejects the surplus in the body by not- normal means, equaled body to throw to lose a great deal of energy material in the in a short time in Chinese medicine’s eyes, cold evil gain an advantage very easily but go into, attackstone womb.”For prevent°froming a temple cold, the female should specially notice warmth of keeping the lower abdomen.”The new concord expert points out that particularly is usually treat at the female in the air condition building and can cover with a piece to open Shan, in order to prevent the belly catch a cold.Cause barren very easily otherwise.

The expert reminds:

The female never lie prone on the office desk to rest in the morning, because lie prone the pore that goes to bed to easily peep out small of the back, and sleeps a contemporaries body on the table to be slacken, easily drive cold evil harm.Zhu Xiao Hua still specially reminds female not want to sit to be”cold”, particularly is in summer also not want to sit in the place of having the algidity, for example ground, stone noodles or iron noodles chair, because these materials transmit heat quickly, the algidity is heavy.The womb should not lead cold, keep definitely warm degree, just be advantageous to be pregnant after getting married.