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stranded passengers delayed flight schedules can be when the

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Plus a large area of ​​snow fog affected flights

from yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Capital International airport fog (advection fog), visibility is only 300-400 meters. Fog shrouded the airport continued all night.

to 11 pm last night, 49 flights departing the airport delayed flights, 104 flights canceled; inbound flights to cancel 227 flights.

morning, the reporter be seen in T3, dragging to the size of the passenger terminal baggage hall a little crowded, the radio constantly playing flight information, to inform visitors to register.

According to airport staff, since last night, the airport has started to run low visibility procedures, to increase the terminal building cleaning services, increasing radio frequency, timely flight information collected and published.

10:00, the reporter learned from the airport, affected by the fog, flights delayed more than 1 hour 68 sorties, canceled 89 flights out of Hong Kong together.

10 时 30 am onwards, airport snow began to fall. Staff said that the visibility of 1 km, suitable for flights taking off and landing, the snow conditions on the flight No impact.

Currently, the airport started operation and management committee coordination mechanism, coordination of security units, and through the network form, does not regularly updated weather conditions resident timely release to the passenger travel tips.

terminal shapes and sizes

stranded passengers dizzy

dying mother returning passengers to switch trains

What other way?

two women is not much luggage, I heard the proposal to switch to other modes of transport, the two eyes at a loss.

conversation, the reporter learned the day before dying mother received a phone call, they immediately booked my ticket from Japan arrived in Beijing. Intended to directly turn the night arrived in Harbin, but the fog led to flight cancellations, let them by surprise.

because the ticket is purchased in Japan, only two women can not refund Meal.

Subsequently, the reporter to Beijing to Harbin to help check the train schedule, the two women trotting along, take the fast-track ticket to the Beijing Railway Station.

stranded passengers put up the hall into a temporary hotel

2:00 this morning, a quiet airport lobby. Passenger flights have been canceled, some airlines have returned to urban areas to wait for the notice, remaining small part of the stick in the hall, irritability but helpless. They carry clothing

covered, against the failure of the seat, sleeping corner, a passenger traveling alone, were lying on the seat rest in the hands did not forget the trunk pulled tight.

reporter saw, even as baggage sorting station is also a temporary shop, a middle-aged man curled up on top, cover the hat shading his face. Some seem to feel the cold, the passengers carefully turn over.

3:00 pm, the T3 terminal hall into a temporary hotel, corner came snoring.


stranded passengers delayed flight schedules can be when the

travelers carrying laptop computers and mobile phones, according to the stage to sit into a row – browse the web, made to it, and fly to Chongqing, Wang is one of them.

was easily made to it, and some brains leave.

correspondents in real-time flight information display seen under the big screen, the number of passengers pulled out cell phones, cameras take pictures facing the big screen.

At this point, the screen on a red, orange (representing flight cancellations and delays).

he wanted to lead by MMS back


stranded passengers got up early that is, to the airport on the trips to the bathroom!

Ms. Lee and her husband booked an early flight, intended to use annual leave time to Wuyi Mountain Resort. Fog struck, she has waited at the front of a computer, see the airport flights taking off and landing conditions.

But last night, she repeatedly call the travel agency and airline reservations phone, not busy is no answer, can not be found from the Internet but also the specific flight information tour, character it!

After more than 1 hour’s drive, they successfully reach the airport, get off on the straight flight information screens, flight number to find their own ride. But the red

making inquiries, they learned that more than 6 pm flight tour to make up classes, bus to go home, Looked at the gray sky, Ms. Lee could not stop complaining about.


deputy director of female juvenile POP Counter

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

DNA test results came out, the suspect confessed to the crime before the fact Daimou

correspondent seized the reporter Xie Yong Liang

Morning News Wenzhou Yongjia County Board of Education’s early years, a news Web site, which has this to say: Dai Moumou vivid and effective teacher’s lesson, the students listened with great interest, very well reflect the characteristics of the new teaching materials, successful completion of the teaching task … …

However, this Past lectures interesting,

yesterday came news of Yongjia County People’s Procuratorate, suspected of rape have been prosecuted under the law Daimou.

KTV boxes

met, deputy director of female juvenile POP Counter

Daimou, 35, Yongjia. 1997, Daimou in Yongjia County Middle School.

2008 August Daimou was transferred to the town of Yongjia County government if the rock, from the teacher who became a national staff.

, he was also appointed to the town government, deputy director of public affairs services.

Daimou this have a happy family of three, but all good, but never after he met a woman POP Counter, quietly changed.

Chen, born in September 1993, when the incident under 18 years of age, Guizhou.

before the incident, Chen Yongjia a KTV in when the POP Counter lady, mid-May, in the box and Daimou met.

Chen accompany Daimou drink, chat … … day of leave each contact. Afterwards, Daimou gonna take her home.

, the two often text messages or phone contact, Daimou out of play, Taiwan Chen will point to the

am on May 25 this year, Daimou chat about Chen to tea, to 2 am, Chen intends to go home.

Chen Mougang on the street, I heard someone call her name, looked back and was actually Daimou.

Daimou Chen proposed to send back, however, to the Chen temporary office on the first floor, he was a large animal hair, use violent means to work his way down in the chair, covered her mouth Chen, and Chen’s pants torn.

Chen has done the right knee surgery, because of minor disabilities and unable to resist, ultimately lead to tragedy, Dai Moujiang line and she had had sexual relations.

after the incident, Chen and sister holding, crying into a group.

live on the opposite side of a neighbor, said Luo, the evening had seen the two sisters cried a lot Chen, Chen’s pants also broke a piece of very messy hair, blood on his face.

six transcripts are not willing to admit the fact that

rape on June 2 this year, on suspicion of rape Daimou Yongjia police criminal detention, June 17, was arrested according to law.

prosecutors, from the arrested so far, police interrogation transcripts Daimou done six times, each time he refused to acknowledge their own rape.

oddity lies, Daimou each confession, actually

example, Daimou and Chen does not recognize at first had sex, however, identified in the DNA results came out, he admitted;

wearing a start that night of the murder, Chen offered to let him be sent, the two had been walking side by side on the road.

and when surveillance video showed Chen and sister side by side that night was to go home, Daimou said that he can not remember.

prosecutor handling the case said that confession is changing along with the evidence, confession does not fully reflect the Daimou objective.

the indictment, found evidence of alleged rape Daimou, as well as forensic identification book, phone call records and SMS records, and more than the testimony of witnesses and so on.