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again to the detriment of military relations.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Hit bottom in 2010 the Sino-US military relations began to gradually pick up in early 2011. In January, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited China. In May, the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde visit, frank exchanges with the U.S. departments, both expressed concern about maintaining my core interests, but also demonstrated the sincerity of cooperation. In July, a return visit to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, went to China to organize its armed forces and the forces visited the Second Artillery exchanges, panoramic display of the military style. In a series of high-level exchanges, our military with an open attitude and constructive measures to express the emphasis on the development of military relations with the United States attitude. At the same time, US defense consultations and maritime military security consultations and working meetings and other Department of Defense mechanism of the exchange as planned. In May, in the third round of the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue under the framework of the two sides also set up a high-level diplomatic and military officials to participate in the strategic security dialogue mechanism. These mechanisms of dialogue and communication, and promote mutual understanding and to avoid misunderstandings miscarriage of justice. In addition, the military has conducted a number of professional exchanges, and played a better understanding, mutual learning and the role of mutual trust. These exchanges and cooperation, fully reflects the firm implementation of the Sino-US military heads of state reached important consensus on promoting the development of military relations have made new concrete efforts.

However, gradually into the track of normal development of Sino-US military relations, once again because the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan in a difficult situation. September 21, 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a total value of $ 5.852 billion in arms sales plan. Therefore, the military plans of some of the high-level exchanges, joint exercises, and large events inevitably affected. The United States again and again and again to ignore China’s core interests, again to the detriment of military relations.

Over the years, Sino-US military relations are three major obstacles: First, the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan; Second, the U.S. military arrived in China from offshore continue to air reconnaissance; Third China-US military exchanges for U.S. law to draw the penalty area. In addition, the U.S. blockade of China’s military technology and arms embargo has lasted 20 years. If the U.S. does not eliminate the three major obstacles to make serious efforts, Sino-US military relations is difficult to develop smoothly.

Outlook 2012, both countries face a more complex security challenges, jointly cope with new challenges but also provides for bilateral military cooperation, new opportunities. In the United States and China committed to work together to build mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win partnership context, the two armies should be dedicated to building mutual respect, cooperation and win-win new military relationship. (


Members muta Harry said

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Sustainable development of nuclear weapons against Iran, U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta 18, claimed the United States continues to pursue a diplomatic solution to Iraq’s nuclear issue, but also ready to prepare the military to attack Iran.

Panetta said Thursday the United States to pursue a diplomatic solution to Iraq’s nuclear issue, but if the Iranian threat to regional security, the U.S. military attack on Iran has been doing to prepare.

Panetta said:

Within the spread against Iran, the United States want to skip the mechanism of multilateral negotiations, one on one talks with Iran news, the White House to be rejected and that the United States persist in China, Russia, Britain, France and other members of the UN Security Council plus Germany plus a five- negotiations within the framework.


U.S. secret letter to promote dialogue

18 Members of Iran, said a U.S. President Obama referred to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei previously secret letter called for Iraq’s direct dialogue.

Members muta Harry said:


Will not intervene in the situation in the Strait of

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday that NATO is not involved in the situation in the Strait of Hormuz plan, while calling on Iran to ensure that the Straits open.

Rasmussen at NATO headquarters in Brussels, told reporters, to ensure that the Strait of Hormuz vital for oil transportation, the Iranian authorities should take responsibility, to play a responsible role and to comply with international law. Rasmussen also stressed that NATO did not intervene in the situation in the Strait of Hormuz plan.


Iraq is willing to restart six-nation nuclear talks with

18 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow that Iran ready to restart six-nation nuclear talks with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Deputy Secretary will visit Moscow in the near future, Russia will discuss this issue with.

Lavrov summed up in the annual foreign press conference, representatives of EU member states and Iran are being contacted to agree the next meeting date. Russia believes could restart nuclear talks, but Russia is concerned, this process will be disturbed. (


shooting death caused by cardiac rupture.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Hunt While also offering a reward of 200,000 Hyde, Hubei Province, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau deputy director, said the warrior, the Ministry has confirmed that Su Xiang Yu had to open your family is not the case for the.

Police with dogs search the mountains

6 o’clock yesterday morning, the Nanjing people found the village in Qixia District Xing Xing Wei Wei near the old mountain, a large number of armed police and special police armed with dogs from the north and south sides of the mountains, several hills on foot to take a blanket search. As of press reporters this morning, still no suspects were arrested for accurate information.

While the hunt has entered into 10 days, but the intensity of Nanjing, the police searched but did not reduce the total blockade of ETC lane highway, leaving only four lanes out of the city, as a time when the spring, resulting in the entrance of the city of Nanjing, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed vehicles a substantial backlog.

According to the Nanjing local media reports, not just one or go all out to more than 10,000 regular police overtime, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department Director Sun Wende Nanjing in the just-concluded two sessions, and several areas of criminal investigation police did not attend the CPPCC National Committee members , but in the first line of command hunt.

Prior to the case in many media reports, refer to the alleged Tsang expensive. In fact, once you open the gun case is another major suspect, has confirmed irrelevant. Yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director, head of Hubei martial panel said, the Ministry has confirmed that Su Xiang Yu had to open your family is not the case for the, but the characteristics of the two suspects do have similarities: all about early 40s, medium build, Sichuan accent, act calm and sophisticated, with military qualities and so on.

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security has been clear: The case is named

Changsha, the robbery occurred more than shooting, the Ministry of Public Security expert guidance Changsha police investigation, to obtain close-up pictures of the suspect, named as These two close-up pictures, taken in the near future, this is the most powerful to arrest the suspect information.

Accumulate money over principle

Martial said the suspect committing the crime a long time span, a long incubation period, space conversion range, a serious threat to people’s lives and property. In particular, since June last year, its crime rate accelerated to around crime around Hubei Province, Hubei Province, and even their escape through the possibility of crime in Hubei considerable. Commitment to public security organs, Hubei Province, to provide clues to the suspects arrested, they will award 200,000 yuan.

It is understood that, at present, Chongqing, Kunming, Changsha, Nanjing and other places are posted reward notice, bonus from 200 thousand to 1 million yuan range. Since then, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hainan, police have released the reward notice offering a reward of gold be cumulative, the total exceeded 300 million yuan. However, according to Ministry of Public Security explained to those concerned, informants should suspect there’s the local public security organs, in principle, bonuses are not cumulative.

8 years seven revolver 7 lives

[1] city Two were shot dead and another injured withdrawals. Suspect stole $ 70,000 in cash with paper bags.

[2] Chongqing Two withdrawals were shot dead. Suspect stole 170,000 yuan in cash.

[3] Changsha City The dead body of 6 guns, shooting death caused by cardiac rupture.

[4] Changsha A teller who was shot dead, 4.5 million in cash was taken away.

[5] Changsha The deceased was shot dead, robbed of the computer package.

[6] Changsha, The victim was shot, the result of someone shouting, not to commit robbery suspect fled.

[7] Nanjing Teller who was shot dead, robbed of nearly 20 million in cash.


rain and snow over the cement is just brush off

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

At 11 o’clock yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Bureau Deputy Inspector, Provincial Tourism Bureau Accidents caused by peer attachment Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy head of Padang build a new minor child, Lee Jae-Hill injured drivers.

Yesterday, Badong County, had a light snow, seven groups to look at Doubletree Village, Chaoyang Peng reservoirs progress, check the weather, rain and snow over the cement is just brush off, and met with people through the winter sun Ping difficult situation. 11 am, with members operating Fosamax build a new child, Lee Jae-mountain driving by the driver off-road vehicles to the sun E A0S123 floor, in the , skidding more than 80 meters deep cliff fall. Operation Fosamax injuries, He died at 12:10 or so died. Children build a new jumping out time of the incident, the driver Lee Jae-Hill was seriously injured and rushed to the rescue in Enshi.

After the incident, Badong county leaders to lead the relevant departments to the scene to carry out rehabilitation and related work.

Party Secretary Li Hongzhong line of duty on the operations Fosamax attention, please Provincial Tourism Bureau on behalf of his comrades to visit and comfort the families of operating Fosamax, wounded every effort to work.

It is understood that, in March 2011, the Provincial Tourism Bureau depth Badong counties December 8 last year, led by the parade Fosamax practical December 29, just 11 days helping the working group completed the first when dengjiatang, praised by the local villagers.

Operation Fosamax Biography Born in 1952 in Wuhan New Island, enlisted in December 1972, October 1975 joined the Chinese Communist Party, in November 1987 after the Provincial Tourism Bureau, she served as deputy chief of the political department, chief , deputy director, deputy secretary of the party organs, Finance Director, Office of the Director, Deputy Inspector. At 11:00 on January 3, 2012, to carry out


Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported , according to British media recently reported that the British Ministry of Defense has soldiers in Afghanistan to provide new uniforms , but not only did not get the praise soldiers , but was complaining that these uniforms do not fit and rough work.

According to the British According to reports, the British Ministry of Defense for the purchase of these new new multi- terrain camouflage (MTP) spent a total of nearly 40 million pounds. Department of Defense originally intended to be distributed to all of these garments 100 000 front-line soldiers fighting in Afghanistan , but did not expect just a small part of the release caused a complaint to voice . Some people also said that wearing such clothing looks just like the United States,

38 from Northern Ireland Brigade Keli Xi Rogers quipped : these new uniforms hung up like He also said ,

It is noteworthy that, in August 2010 the British media has revealed that British troops planned to fight in the battlefields of Afghanistan to provide a number of British soldiers in new uniforms , the uniforms will be manufactured in China. According to reports at the time , these last 20 years of design , costing 20 million pounds of new uniforms include a high-tech materials , to better protect the battlefield in Afghanistan fighting British soldiers . At that time some people on the issue of new uniforms made ​​in China in the offing , some officials even openly express their dissatisfaction , concerns uniform quality will be poor .


which will once again stimulate the sensitive nerve investors

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

January 5, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo up to four months, new CEO.

Thompson previously served as an online payment service provider PayPal (Paypal) the company’s president, he also served as PayPal senior vice president and chief technology officer positions. Thompson’s reputation in the industry is not very large, so it was selected as the outside of the new head of Yahoo was surprised. I believe that Yahoo executives in the past few years, hopes to take various measures to help the business to profitability, but the results have failed, so Thompson assumed office inevitably will face daunting tasks and challenges, and the following is Thompson took the initial five

1, find out their position in Yahoo CEO to stay on this long time

Analysts pointed out that Thompson was not much behind the background, which makes Thompson in the management of time will be more independent Yahoo. Last week, from China’s Alibaba (microblogging) hired a Washington lobbying firm, a professional lobbying the U.S. government to agree to its overall acquisition of Yahoo’s plan, before the acquisition of Alibaba and Yahoo on assets in Asia, the latter The negotiations eventually broke down. Yahoo search for a new CEO for the company’s behavior is intended to show Yahoo’s board is more hope in the business enterprises to have more independence, which I believe Thompson at Yahoo working hours will not be too short.

2, as soon as possible so that investors know that Yahoo plans to do

Yahoo announced the appointment of Thompson, the company’s shares fell 2%, this phenomenon reflects the non-normal Yahoo investors questioned the personnel changes. Yahoo had announced large-scale reforms in the internal reorganization in order to further tap the potential value of business, some investors said Yahoo was busy looking for new business head is actually to delay the implementation of the restructuring plan. Thompson took office after the restructuring plan before a certain will be re-evaluated, which will once again stimulate the sensitive nerve investors, in fact, he needs to do is decide as soon as possible next course of action and Yahoo pay close attention to implementation.

3, the redefinition of Yahoo

Thompson’s predecessor, during the reign successfully Bartz Yahoo’s internal organizational structure and product service reform and restructuring, but her actions ultimately did not help Yahoo beyond For Yahoo, in the end is a multimedia technology company or IT is no longer important to the company’s arguments, but in fact these two definitions is not much difference between Thompson to do is clear as soon as possible together with the Yahoo board of directors and investment for the user by the exact location.

4, a member of the Board to adjust

CEO of the company’s board of directors usually work under the guidance, the Board must consider the formation and business owners (investors are) views. Thompson on the Yahoo board member as soon as possible to adjust, Yahoo’s board now there have been some disharmony issue, which does not lie in Yahoo’s upgrading of products and services can be changed. Thompson will no longer be excluded from the board the right people, in addition, can absorb some fresh blood in.

5, the selection of some of the possible future areas of popular cutting-edge R & D efforts

Yahoo’s Web search and social networking for research and development has lagged behind many other peers, not only a huge waste of time and money, Yahoo employee’s ability to innovate is being constantly spend. Mobile services and social networking has become the new cutting-edge IT R & D, but I believe that these areas are unable to give Yahoo a huge success. Yahoo has about 700 million users worldwide, it should be more advertising companies to provide competitive opportunities for them to put up a bridge leading to Yahoo customers.


Formally established in 2009

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Recently, the The article points out, the Ministry of Defense is developing a virus, the virus attacks can be the case, follow it to detect attacks on the reverse path, and the source of the attack to fight. At the same time, the virus also has the ability to gather intelligence. This again raises the

Blockbuster show

November 2 that year, the U.S. 23-year-old Cornell University computer science students to Morris, the use of computer programs to manipulate the virus, invade the United States Department of Defense Strategic c4i system at all levels of computer control center and command center. This led to about 8500 Taiwan computer virus, of which about 6000 can not function properly, resulting in millions of dollars in direct economic losses.

The network warfare in military applications, began in the 1991 Gulf War. U.S. Secret Service to the Iraqi air defense systems purchased from France the use of printer chips, implanted the virus into the chip, and remote activation of the virus before the raid. Iraqi air defense command center so the host computer system procedures have confusion, air defense systems c3i system failure, so as to attack the U.S. military to provide convenient conditions.

Analysts pointed out that network warfare gradually become a new form of warfare, with war in the traditional, while itself began as a relatively independent sphere of war.

The rapid development

In recent years, network warfare this In 2002, the Pakistani hacker group This cost the Department of Defense network management personnel eight hours after the break to change the password. In 2007, the Estonian Soviet war dead in World War II monument mobile behavior, attracted to its network of large-scale Russian attack, the government had cut off the love and the international network. The matter by the media as a July 2010, the U.S. war in Afghanistan, 90,000 copies of classified documents be

Last year, world-wide In May, the world’s number one arms supplier Lockheed Martin and several other U.S. military enterprises to hacker attacks. In July, the Iranian nuclear power plant to use Germany’s Siemens (microblogging) industrial control systems have been considered from Israel’s country’s nuclear development program was forced to delay for two years. In September, Japan’s largest arms supplier Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the company’s 83 servers and personal computers were attacked, attacked the 11 factories primarily for submarines, missiles and nuclear power plants to provide equipment and components.

Recruiting countries

Today, cyberspace has risen with the sea, land, air, space, side by side, Ability to control the network to become an important national component of military strength. Therefore, countries have taken measures to strengthen the forces of its own network, and enhance network protection and control of space:

Formally established in 2009, the United States the world’s first According to defense experts, Joel Harding’s assessment in 2010, the number of U.S. troops should be in sites around 8.87 million people, equivalent to 7 101 Airborne Division. Early in 2001 the British established a secret military under 军情六处 hacker in 2009, then introduced the first National Cyber ​​Security Strategy, the establishment of networks and network security center security office, and the 21st century with 19th century network security safety at sea compared. Russian analysts believe that cyber warfare is the South Korea since 2000, annual defense budget to 5% used to

Thus, it appeared in the field of cyber warfare arms race. With the status of network warfare has become increasingly prominent, spare no effort to savings of their own countries However, as analysts have pointed out that people for the pursuit of peace will inevitably require the international community to develop appropriate rules, confrontation and arms race to resist the vicious web development. Then, the After all, even if the


is to accept the charges or face arrest

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Elderly man named Tong Pei Kanxi ( phonetic) , who lives up to the government . He told local media last month , according to his son 37 years ago, a Tong Pei by saying that his son was 5 years old , passed away shortly after making this prediction .

Facts have proved that

Thailand, combined $ 1.33 million ) .

Thai police say , is to accept the charges or face arrest , pass Pei must be made in the January 10 decision .

Bhumibol Dam to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand named tributary of the Chao Phraya River at Riverside , north from the capital Bangkok, about 540 km, both power generation, irrigation, navigation , flood control and other functions , is one of Thailand’s largest hydropower station .


nearly half of the country.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Dalian PX complex mass production

According to the First Financial Daily News December 22, a mysterious 19, the project is located in Dalian Jinzhou New Area Administrative Committee an official said, he did not know this

So-called And a noteworthy point is that authoritative information is displayed, on December 8, held in Dalian Fujia Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical companies such as transformation of the overall relocation planning feasibility studies. At the meeting, Mayor of Dalian Lee Wan was said in favor of the proposed program Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical enterprise group in due course as a whole move.

According to reports, complete elimination of risk, safety rectification meet the requirements of the premise, agreed to resume production of ‘The main spirit of the requirements, please accept Fujia normal group of related businesses for work.

One person said that the government’s request, Fujia in September this year had a shutdown, but since late September has been present in the normal production.

A Dalian relevant officials claimed, and can now reveal the attitude of the Crown: the existing Fujia Dagushan Peninsula petrochemical companies such as upgrading the relocation and construction group new petrochemical industrial park overall planning, compliance with government guide, the main business principles, in the relocation technological upgrading of enterprises and industrial upgrading.

The official said that Lee Wan was also the recent statement in favor of the

Reported that, in Fujia two former factory found in front of the bus stop, one after another loaded with earth and rock materials, some large vehicles entering the plant. Seen in the vicinity of the height, number of devices emitting steam plant in the region as well as white gas, and rumble, some workers around the equipment inspection.

Work in a nearby construction site workers, said Fujia within the plant noise is not usually large, but can see a small amount of white smoke gases. Dagushan Dagushan power plant will always be along the normal to the production of corporate supply, Fujia is no exception.

Reports indicate, the industry said that China has more than a dozen PX device manufacturer, Fujia production ranked fifth, five companies account for a total capacity of domestic PX (nearly 900 million tons), nearly half of the country.

PX product in accordance with the recent market over 1400 U.S. dollars / ton prices Fujia PX year, sales of only $ 1 billion or so. In theory, the cut-off a month means less than 80 million dollars in revenue.

Officials confirmed the resumption of production in Dalian PX

According to the Daily News reported that on December 29, Dalian municipal government official said, Dalian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Fujia PX (paraxylene) project, through consolidation and safety standards, the recent recovery has been production. Cancel the project for the relocation rumors, he stressed that the relocation of the project is still advancing, not stagnation, nor the

For the printing of process, this also requires the approval of relevant state departments.


Experian HitWise released in less than a week before the above data

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

January 5 , according to foreign media reports, local network data company Experian HitWise 2 data showed Google + December 2011 the number of visitors reached 49 million U.S. passengers, more than in November increased by 55%.

Google + first time in October last year, open to all Internet users , the month will hit 25 million visits , followed by the number of visits in November rose to 30 million . Google + in the main social networking products will also Google’s Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube and other applications .

Experian HitWise released in less than a week before the above data , the market research firm founder Paul Allen (Paul Allen) that Google + in the world already has 62 million users , nearly new users every day 62.5 million . Alan local time on December 27 in a published article that : days of 62.5 million new users registrations , the total number of registered users is expected on February 25 this year will exceed 100 million people, to August 3 will reach 200 million people in 2012 at the end of this figure will reach 293 million or people. years exceeding 4 PHYLLIS mark.

Previously , according to market research firm Nielsen statistics , Internet users visit Facebook every month around the time of 7 hours, while browsing Google + time less than 2 hours; compared to Google search , Google + , the users often prefer to spend time View video on YouTube .