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129 sets of real estate transactions

Monday, January 9th, 2012

New Year’s Day deserted during the first-tier cities to continue the property market, buyers wait and see mood strong, Beijing, Shanghai property market turnover fell sharply year on year. This bleak situation is mainly because the developers do not give sales force, led by only a small amount of real estate over to the buyers just need to attract, turnover rose slightly.

Insiders pointed out that in 2012 the property market regulation will not relax, only to drive prices continue to fall until the volume is expected to pick up. Increase in the expected future supply, the developer is facing more serious situation, the property market may enter the

Substantial decline in housing turnover

Property transactions in Shanghai during the bleak New Year. NetEase property data center, according to statistics, January 1, 2012 Shanghai 84 sets of real estate transactions; Shanghai on January 2, 129 sets of real estate transactions, including residential real estate turnover is only 21 sets; January 3, 97 sets of real estate transactions in Shanghai .

And compared to previous years, the New Year holiday, the Shanghai property market turnover in 2012 a huge decline. January 1, 2011 to 3, New Year’s Day three days without transaction data, but in the next two days, the Shanghai property market on the blowout, January 4, 933 sets of real estate transactions, January 5, 960 sets of transactions. And New Year period in 2010 before the daily trading volume of about 500 housing units in 2009, daily trading volume during the New Year there are 350 sets.

Statistics agency, in Beijing January 1, 2012 -2 days residential (including new and existing homes) net total of 335 units, compared with the same period in 2011 dropped 67%. Which houses net total of 323 residential units, down 66% year on year; secondary net total of 12 residential units, down 84% year on year.

Shenzhen property market performance more stable. January 1 and 2, 159 units of residential transactions in Shenzhen, with 160 sets of the same period in 2010, essentially flat compared. Average transaction price from 16,469 yuan per square meter in 2010 up to 2012′s 20,849 yuan per square meter. Analysis of the industry, the New Year in Shenzhen property market turnover average price during the one hand, and the transaction may be related to the structure, it also shows substantial loosening of the Shenzhen property market has not yet begun, the current in the sale of the new disc also the Lord.

Guangzhou New Year period or even cancel a lot of real estate promotions. Central Plains real estate project manager of Guangzhou Huang Tao estimates that the turnover of property Guangzhou New Year’s Day which fell 20% -30%, the average transaction price is higher than about 10% over the same period last year.

Cause I love my family group (microblogging) Hu Jinghui, vice president (microblogging) that Beijing, Shanghai and other places during the 2012 New Year’s Day domestic net signed volume compared with 2011 although sales of, but with the recent Dragon Boat Festival 2011 Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day compared to trading volume has been significantly warmer. Fourth quarter of 2011 the price of new and existing homes continue to fall, inspired some buyers who will buy a house.

Poor fineness real estate marketing

Before and after New Year’s Day (December 31, 2011 to January 3, 2012), has six residential projects in Shanghai opened, housing a total of 1,300 sets of launch, the opening price of about 23,000 yuan / square meter, which is nearly six weeks average price for the first time since opening more than 20,000 yuan / square meter.

Overall, the January 2012 Shanghai New site listing the number of rare, only eight projects expected opening, not only compared with December 2011 the number greatly reduced, not to the January 2011 opening number by half. Low-cost market housing will continue until the general benefits, there came yet more concessions. Analysis of the industry, Shanghai’s developers seem to have deliberately avoided the traditional low season in January, Chinese New Year earlier this year, the property market in 2011 with .

Beijing property market is waiting to see atmosphere. China Securities Journal (microblogging) reporter interviewed found that the crowd did a few showings during New Year’s Day, but most to wait and see. Sales office staff said that most of the showings are just over the field, One critically, said:

Because of the strong price expectations, the majority of prospective home buyers now more inclined to purchase existing homes. New Year period, the Beijing property market, the new opening of the project is not much. East Asia is located in Daxing District Jiugong rings International is one of the few opening on January 1, one of the items, the average price of 14,500 yuan / square meter in 2014 to stay. Real estate sales, said the New Year during the consultation and a lot of showings, but most are still

New Year’s Day holiday in Guangzhou several indicators of real estate prices have not been loosened. Hutchison Whampoa coral Panyu project in the New Year holiday peak day does not have any benefits, Guangzhou was once known as the price of coral-day peak of the first set, now the price has returned to the high, rough housing 17,000 yuan / square meter. Yuexiu District is selling in the East Bonaventure Plaza, price 29000-38000 yuan / square meter, the average price of 33,000 yuan, known as

Price cut is expected to open

For 2012, the property market trends, Asian high (microblogging) Guo Yi, director of marketing for that trading volume in 2011 continued to decline in residential prices caused by loose regulation of the property market in 2012 will not relax, this will deepen the market price expectations and buyers bargain-hunting mentality. Buyers will make collective watching the first half of the property market turnover in 2012 is still hard to warming, but the real estate market will continue to increase fear, more intense development of enterprise funds.

On the one hand, 2009,2010 to peak for two years after the project started in 2011 there has been wave. Case Study of Beijing, from January to November 2011, Beijing city commercial residential new construction area of ​​24.452 million square meters, up 45.5% over the previous year, starts in the increase means that many projects into the opening On the other hand, light property transactions in 2011, listed some of the delays in new projects, but the drag in 2012, the developer has the financial pressure to the high in urgent need of Sales Outstanding ease the financial difficulties, would have braved the risk of forcing the market opened.

Beijing Zhongyuan Zhang Dawei, director of market research that almost all major cities in 2011 the property market have suffered no immune to cold. 2012, China’s real estate market, in the 10% of third-tier cities fell about the possibility of very large.

Previously in one fell swoop below the Real estate officials say, before the only ones who enjoy the pricing strategy that can beat the gun market, future market pressure is still great, the developer only to give up fantasy, given the psychological expectations of buyers who meet the price, it may quickly return the funds. A sale of the Star River in Shanghai, Huang Tsai, chairman, said the initiative is to lower the price control policy response, the current real estate industry has entered the winter.

World Union Properties (11.21, -0.11, -0.97%) (microblogging) Chairman Chen Jinsong (microblogging), recently said that the developer is now down to price and not only to buy other way. First half of 2012 will be conducive to the formation of a real environment for developers to cut prices, then the developer’s sales from the current

Many real estate insiders said it expects first quarter of 2012, or will have a more substantial


the school must not only solve the problems of teaching and learning

Friday, January 6th, 2012

The current educational resources to optimize and improve the quality of education everywhere, actively promote the adjustment of rural primary and secondary schools, and achieved remarkable results, but in the implementation process, there have been some problems. Because a large number of village primary school into the town, into the county middle school, reducing substantially the number of rural schools, many students go to school far away, insecurity increases. Financial burden on some families, the dropout rate in some areas there has been a rebound phenomenon. Young students live on campus, away from home too early and the rural living environment, the growth of students also have an adverse effect. And the school can not engage in across the board, the nearest school can significantly reduce security risks. How further from reality, considering the various factors to adjust the layout of work to do.

Minister of Education Yuan Guiren:

Adjustment of rural primary and secondary schools, most recently a focus of concern to the community. In particular, several recent school bus safety after the accident, more attention has been paid. To solve this problem, the premise of this problem is to understand the causes and processes. First, adjust the layout of a comprehensive understanding and grasp of reason. This can be summarized as National compulsory school-age population aged 6-14 from 205 million in 2000 decreased to 158 million by 2010, reducing the 47 million. National migrant workers is now about 240 million, their children either stay, or or wife. City study in 2010 Suiqian about 12 million students receiving compulsory education. Small rural schools, the teacher less, difficult for parents to worry about quality assurance, but also led to the movement of students to schools in cities and towns. From 2000 to 2010 decade, due to the above reasons, our primary school reduced by half, from 550,000 down to 260,000. Reduced one-sixth of junior high school, from 64,000 down to 55,000.

Second, adjustments need to address the layout of the new situation. Adjust the layout of integrated rural educational resources, improve the level of teachers with improved quality and efficiency of education, on the whole, should be in the affirmative. But some schools merge, there are also simplify the work, procedures are not standardized, and after the merge does not keep up with the problem of school conditions, it is should be improved. Merge after school, or stay, or do not stay. For the accommodation of students, some students after school to merge the schools far from home accommodation, the school must not only solve the problems of teaching and learning, but also to resolve to eat, live, play, health, safety, and family economic burden. Accommodation of the students go to school without either walking or riding a bicycle, accounted for 64%, or by public transport, including school buses, buses, rental cars, private cars, which also brought the traffic risk.

Third, we must strive to solve the layout adjustment problems. This includes a few points:

A school must have a clear idea of ​​merging the principles of the school merge to take it seriously, we should give full consideration to the convenience of students to school, traffic safety, boarding school conditions and other factors. Does not merge with the conditions, the need to retain the teaching point to adhere to the winding up, and to run.

Second, we must merge to clear the school’s procedures to adjust the layout of the establishment of the school system of hearings and publicity, parents and students to fully listen to the views of village self-organization, to be scientific proof and strict procedures to merge the schools, it must first build retreat, no better accommodation of students to solve traffic problems, to solve students’ living accommodation problems.

Third, we must deal with the new situation brought about the school merge. Boarding schools to improve school conditions, increase the student dormitories, canteens and toilets and other living facilities construction, to solve students with financial difficulties living allowance. There needs to be good teaching points, currently there are nearly 70,000 teaching point, we must strive to improve their school conditions, with qualified teachers, especially the use of information technology, and teachers go to teach and improve their volunteer service, etc. teaching point of education quality. In all these efforts, the establishment of school bus system, standardized operation and management of school bus, to school students to solve traffic safety problems. Thank you.


the first fly overhead to achieve the goal

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

December 8, newly established in the Air Guizhou Aircraft Co. will Recall the Flying infinite wisdom and solidarity, Guizhou Aviation Industry innovative design opens a new starting point

First time over the 1980s, with the higher level of military equipment modernization, the Air Force need for a better performance than the FT-7 advanced new advanced trainer.

At that time, your Air Group under the leadership of your flight from the United States in 1990, Russia, Britain, France and other countries, fighter pilot training system and its trainer status and trends, carried out research and analysis, combined with the conditions in In May 1992, proposed a new advanced trainer aircraft taking off and landing performance based on the FT-7 for further improvements, aerodynamic body and change the layout of both the wing to change the idea, made a report to superiors on leadership. 1993 selection trials for the wing and the engine inlet matching with theoretical calculations. 1995, demonstrated the new advanced trainer aircraft program and the preparation of the first report of a demonstration. 1997 the airborne equipment selection. 1998, a comprehensive avionics and other equipment of the demonstration program. 1999 organized the new advanced trainer aircraft technology will be assessed. January 21, 2001, in Guizhou Aviation Corporation Board of Directors, the meeting decided to develop decisive leaders, Project in the country has not been the case, start self-financing project development.

December 3, 2001, you held a big flight of the From that day, your flight kindled the big man, hours of In less than a year’s time, your flight less than 200 people so the design team, the

Energy and low-altitude sub-transonic performance; with a double ribs on both sides of the intake layout, effectively improve the front and rear compartment under the perspective of improving the efficiency of flight training and pilot work environment; design with a wide viewing angle, widened the pilot field of view; The machine also has the use of advanced and sophisticated integrated avionics systems, better convergence of the third-generation fighter, greatly enhance the overall performance.

Efficient development in the magic of creating three-speed

In September 2002, From preparation to completion of production, laid the foundation for the flight, aviation history and create a new machine developed another miracle.

From early 2003, the cloud Machang, Shuangyang plant

Field interpretation of tacit understanding with the scene everywhere: from the mold line drawing to full production ready, from the . Shuangyang plant up.

Throughout the design stage, the clouds parting line

Design Room 24 of the past six months to complete nearly 100 professionals need to complete two years of work, tooling design, 30 people nine months of 2000 to draw various types of tooling drawings, more than 24,000 sheets of A4 paper.

September 1, 2003, the new machine first pushed into the fitting NTU parts of Shuangyang plant a new assembly plant, 60 days time to complete the aircraft assembly task, no doubt a formidable challenge. Assembly plant calm leadership, they unified thinking, strengthen confidence, to process files from the tooling test equipment, actively organize and coordinate the development site, are well prepared to work. From that day,

Jiang Ping, director Shuangyang factory workshop shoulder the important task of directing the assembly battle, his mind filled the management of software and hardware facilities, the progress of the aircraft, the problem of feedback, logistics security. He

Boil the red eye again and again, 60 days in order to lay the assembly battle, did not sleep a stable feel. Director Zhang Yun power plant technology wholeheartedly in the work, his father died of illness, he did not even arrived at the hospital and his father a permanent farewell, left the hearts of the silent regret. Cockpit craft Yao Mingxiu for new aircraft development process documentation, the wedding postponed again and again, in the big assembly, just as the bride, she has put into the heat of the work. Cockpit installation class monitor, model workers to lead the Yellow Sea during the day and night people take turns squatting class cabin more than 40 consecutive working days, numb legs, squatting, back straight up, and only reluctantly came out from the cockpit were replaced with other work.

October 31, 2003 afternoon, assembly line workers embody the efforts of the new machine, after 60 days of day and night and finally delivered by the node. In order to ensure the successful completion of the development plan by the node, the test station Yang Min, led the team early to make a carefully prepared and arrangements: establishment of production, technology, logistics, field service, youth five commandos, established a set of security mechanisms and new machine developed the original records system. From the General Assembly this day of war, the assault team members put their own with the new higher education are linked together, there is no day, no night, only in their memory

To fly. Zhang Guozheng mixing unit, led by the captain, with great enthusiasm into the new machine production to them during the day and design, technology, technology and other departments work together in the evening and taking the time to the aircraft fuel system cleaning. Where there is a need , where they went, with their own words:

December 13, 2003, a new advanced trainer aircraft with your good wishes and expectations of people in Shuangyang airport to the sky, into the sky, flying in the blue sky of the motherland, the first fly overhead to achieve the goal, to commemorate the Aviation and presented a gift of years!


noise and dolphins

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012