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the relative concentration should be based on the same property. into a piece of management …

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Reporter channel of the China Military Online, February 28 (Fan Huiqing Shen Xuefeng Liberation Army Daily reporter Diana Pang Yan Deyong) Shimen blockade of the Taihang Mountains, the Warriors opened between Gu winter urban crucial life and death battle, and countless revolutionaries young life in exchange for the liberation of Shijiazhuang. However, the blood shed warriors always down on this piece of land.
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Castle Peak everywhere buried loyal bone. The Pingshan canals village, an ordinary village in the North China Plain, but has only one dedicated to commemorate the sacrifice of the martyr’s cemetery in the battle of the liberation of Shijiazhuang, the loyal soul of the 110 martyrs buried here.

The Dongfeng dark for Love, as time goes on, the face of the martyrs, whose name and deeds and spirit, more and more away from people’s memories. In order to permanently commemorate the reporters to follow the construction of the main organizer of the liberation the Shijiazhuang battle martyrs’ cemetery, former deputy director of the Political Department of the PLA General Staff Headquarters Jiaxue Yang Major General came to the cemetery, to jointly open a chapter in history, pursuing the footsteps of the old heroes and martyrs …

Martyr’s attitude reflects a nation’s pursuit of value and value orientation

November 6, 1947, our army started the battle of the liberation of Shijiazhuang. After a brutal six days and six nights of fierce fighting, the liberation of Shijiazhuang declared during the field hospital set up in the village of canals, received more than 1,000 seriously injured treatment. At that time, medical conditions, no scalpel, with a sharp razor instead; no anti-inflammatory drugs and anesthetics, the salt washed incision wounds; tweezers, wire out and capsules to dig the bullet from the wound and shrapnel in this extremely difficult case, the mouth of a lot of unconscious soldiers still kept muttered: I will return to the front-line enemy …, the soul, but also bears the deep memory.

Smoke recede absent from the canals village wiped off the blood of the 110 martyrs who battle dust, remove the door to donate the stone, deep feeling burial the remains of the martyrs, and each erected a monument, bearing in mind, formed the tombs of the martyrs.

Time goes by, no hand maintenance and management, wind and rain, year after year makes a lot of tombs lost mark, the tombstone has been lost. To the 1990s, the young generation of people already do not know the story of the Village head of the last century – the recorded history of only a few slices of weeds cemetery, remaining a few crooked tombstone and silent sleep martyrs loyal soul.

Recruits to join the army to go home to visit relatives Jiaxue Yang, looking at the broken tombs, heartache incomparable. He knew that if we allow these preserved remains of the tombs disappears, then the next annihilation, it is possible to die for his country’s spirit.

1998, Gu Lao initiate and take the lead in contributions to fund-raising, organizing villagers and love to carry out repairs on the the Shijiazhuang battle killed the martyrs tombs finishing this North China only on the land only to commemorate the liberation the Shijiazhuang martyrs tombs built of permanent martyrs’ cemetery .

It comes to repair the original intention of the martyrs’ cemetery for the Liberation of Shijiazhuang, Gu Lao said emotionally, the martyr’s attitude reflects a nation’s pursuit of value and value orientation. Numerous revolutionary martyrs for national liberation, the heroic devotion of the people’s interests, must be carrying the remains of the martyrs revolutionary spirit, relics saved, because our people need to be able to the heritage of the martyr spirit, martyrs need to have to martyrs to the place of the hero bow, need to be able to let people’s hearts to be baptized, soul purification.

Countries need to improve the protection martyrs relics relevant policies and supporting measures

As the practice of civil repair martyrs’ cemetery, Jialao told reporters in the cemetery of the repair process, due to the lack of organization and coordination of relevant government departments and other built to go a lot of detours, of which the greatest difficulty in is the lack of funds, the most regrettable thing is to not be able to find relatives of some martyrs.

The construction of the life is not wealthy uncle, aunt, and took out all his savings, some of the package zero votes in the newspaper or even the 1950s! their deeds of people moving, but this cause can not be confined to certain , some organizations owed, it requires countries to establish sound martyrs, relics protection policies and supporting measures into national behavior by an individual act has, can be completely resolved in some areas martyrs cemetery were damaged or long-term unattended the status quo.

The success of the construction of the cemetery does not become a full stop, Gu Lao continued attention and thinking on this cause. He is both a practitioner, is this cause one of the macro-level thinkers and researchers active in the country offer advice and suggestions:

more of the burden, but also can guarantee they have sufficient enthusiasm, experience and ability to do this work …


The construction of the national martyrs cemetery, is an effective way of national defense education

protect the Martyrs Monument, built the tomb of the martyrs, and truly noble spirit and the courage to sacrifice the interests of the people always retain.

Jialao believe that we should build a national martyrs cemetery, the establishment of a national public memorial Day, the organization of cadres of mass to pay homage to the revolutionary martyrs. Name of the state ceremony for the heroes and martyrs, and institutionalization of this history and reality, ceremony and spiritual culture of behavior is the best way of national defense education, as far as I know, many countries have taken such measures .

When it comes to countries on how to better the construction of national martyrs cemetery, Jialao proposed his own view: unified survey of a variety of protective measures taken under different circumstances. if it is particularly influential single Martyrs, repair and management should be strengthened and to highlight its own meaning; if ordinary Martyrs, the relative concentration should be based on the same property. into a piece of management …

Towards the end of the interview, Gulao emotion, told reporters the blood of martyrs in exchange for our happy life today, we must not forget the past. Material life of

He also said, hope to be able to see in their lifetime, of common concern and resolve the martyrs relics preservation and martyrs of the social and spiritual tradition.

Reporters very understanding of his feelings, if there is no specialized management agencies, the system requires only a personal love, passion, that the tomb of the martyr whether long-term maintenance, the spirit of the martyrs will never be able to get passed.

The national hero is poor, with the hero does not know how to cherish the nation is sad. As media of social hope, we genuinely hope that he owed as the butterfly effect, radiation can promote all social forces.


a reporter’s question

Friday, February 24th, 2012

People in Beijing , February 23 ( Reporter Huang Zijuan , Hyo Jin Bo ) this afternoon , Defense Ministry Secretary , Ministry of Defense spokesman Geng Yansheng colonel at a regular press conference on the Taiwan media, the PLA Navy in the Pacific reported that the the
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the Iranian media reported that the talks were

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

According to Iran ‘s Press TV reports , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in meeting with officials and nuclear scientists of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran , said: and theoretical , Iran to possess nuclear weapons is a serious offense , Iran believes that the proliferation of nuclear weapons does not make sense , destructive and very dangerous . the purpose of the arrogant countries to stop Iran’s technological progress , pressure , sanctions, threats and assassinations will not produce any results, Iran will continue to promote scientific and technological progress He said that if the world were allowed independently to promote the development of the field of nuclear energy and aerospace , the powerful countries can not get to the dominance of world affairs .

International Atomic Energy Agency , a delegation of 20 to 21 in Tehran and the Iraqi side on the nuclear issue held a closed-door talks . 22, the agency issued a statement saying the talks did not achieve concrete results due to differences on the issue of whether to allow a delegation to visit Iran Parchin military . This is the second within one month of the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation , traveling to Iraq . The end of January , the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation visited Iran, the Iranian media reported that the talks were

International Atomic Energy Agency released a report last November that Iran at least the end of 2003 , before The manufacture of nuclear weapons given the clear conclusion. Iran insists he was not a secret nuclear weapons program and accused the report politically motivated .


Afghanistan and Libya.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

AFP, Tehran, February 20 – Iran today the deployment of aircraft and missiles to Iran warned that Iran may stop to stop oil supply to more EU countries, unless the lifting of sanctions against Iran.
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This gesture of Iran in confrontation with the international community about its nuclear program, Iran has become tougher, and ready for any possible conflicts. Iran’s military said today that Iran has in the south of the country held a four-day exercise aimed at improving air defense capability to protect nuclear facilities.

Iran’s provocative acts, including targeted military deployment.

Two Iranian warships have docked in Syria, according to state television reported, and to help train the country’s sailors.

Israel says it will pay close attention to the movements of the two warships to ensure that they are not close to the coast of the Israelis

Fars news agency Tehran February 20, 2009, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Muhammad Ali Jafari, Major-General stressed that the Iranian armed forces are the military exercises to strengthen the country’s deterrent capability.

Gap of the neighboring countries.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said:

Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said: one.

He stressed the need to do high-level military to prepare to defend Iran. He pointed out that:

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a new military exercises held in Yazd Province in central Iran, as part of its annual military exercise to strengthen the combat readiness of troops. The new military exercise dubbed

America to the use of force will lead to disaster

TEHRAN, February 20, 2009, Fars news agency (Xinhua) – Iran’s military and security sector, one source stressed that the United States and Israel unable to launch a military strike against Iran to start a new war in the region .

The anonymous sources of the security sector news website reporter on the Persian Voice of the revolution, Iran concluded that the United States and Israel lack the ability to launch a new war in the Middle East.

The source said: understand Iran’s situation is completely different with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

However, the source said, the U.S. government is trying to make the Iranians lost patience, and enhance their grievances, so that the Iranian regime from internal collapse through pressure and sanctions.

Some countries, including Russia, China and the Non-Aligned Movement member states and some international agencies and politicians to the United States and Israel issued a warning, urging them to refrain from military attack on Iran.

Recently, the former Chairman of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, Hans Blix, a diplomatic solution to the problem, he warned the West to take any military strikes are illegal and will result in disastrous consequences. Blix, a former IAEA Director General.

Blix warned that the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will lead to disaster, not the solution to the problem.

Israeli attack required one hundred fighters


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other senior officials this week to Israel’s national security adviser, Donilon expressed their displeasure. Israel senior official said Netanyahu and Barak, Donilon said they were dissatisfied with the Martin Dempsey, the U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, interview with CNN Sunday saying.

Dempsey said:

Israeli officials also objected to a senior U.S. official reporter to the United States a series of hair. U.S. reporter wrote that Israel might strike at Iran’s reported in recent weeks.

Netanyahu angry, the U.S. NBC two weeks ago reported that Israel will be spent on missiles and commandos, and the F-15I fighter jets to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

An Israeli official said: the pressure.

[British This is reported that some U.S. military officials and analysts close to the White House to interview, if Israel decides to bomb Iran, its fighters for aerial refueling over Iran with the Iranian Air Force combat and bombing of the many underground nuclear facilities at least 100 fighters.

Has been involved in the formulation of U.S. bombing of Afghanistan and the second Gulf war plans the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Agency retired General David Deputula,, said the attack on Iran

Analysts doubt whether Israel has the capacity to implement the full range of military strikes against Iran, worried that Washington will have to help Israel to complete the mission.

The report said Israel against (Iran’s) nuclear facilities must fly over Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

According to analysis, fly over Iraq is the easiest, because after U.S. withdrawal, Iraq has no air defense. The problem is (from Israel to Iran), about 2000 miles away, fighter air refueling, but also to avoid Iran’s air defenses and fighter for the Israeli Air Force is much more difficult and complex battle,

U.S. officials believe that Iran’s air defense system is hard to break. They are worried about Iran for Israel to fight back, so face the threat of the outbreak of a large-scale war in the Middle East.


the country’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko refused to accept the Commission’s medical .

Monday, February 20th, 2012

BEIJING , Feb. 15 , according to Itar-Tass reported on the 14th , the Ukrainian National penalties Executive Board news release, Wu Ji expert medical appraisal committee members , the country’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko refused to accept the Commission’s medical .
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It was reported by Canada and Germany , and Ukraine, doctor of medical appraisal committee on the 14th arrived in Kharkov , ready to conduct an independent medical examination on Tymoshenko . Tymoshenko has been sentenced to seven years in prison and is currently the city’s Women’s prison .

The center said :

These medical experts including members of the foreign doctors involved in medical appraisal committee , therefore, the whole committee can not Tymoshenko undergo a medical examination .


But others believe that the proceedings in the United States is a normal move

Friday, February 17th, 2012

February 15 – According to foreign reports , the prosecution of the 39 survivors on the coast of Italy last month capsized cruise ship
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Cruise overturning incident occurred on January 13 , at least 17 ​​people were killed and 15 people still missing .

The lawyers for the prosecution said , the the carnival parent company is headquartered in Miami , because of malfeasance and fraud shipwreck tragedy .

The indictment raised $ 500 million in claims .

Relevant experts believe that due to the ticket marked with the terms of the legal action in Italy

But others believe that the proceedings in the United States is a normal move , the Concord coast belongs to Italy, Costa ship company Carnival Corporation belonging to the same entity .

At the same time , Costa announced on Tuesday ( 14 ) has to receive the amount of compensation deadline extended from February 24 to March 31 .

Costa compensation to each passenger € 11,000 and restitution of the ticket price , as well as some additional travel expenses .

Costa ‘s statement also said that the issue of compensation of the shipwreck of the dead, wounded and missing persons , will be different treatment according to different situations .


Do not attack the United States is now Iraq and Libya

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

People , Beijing , February 14 ( reporter Yang Yang Li ) well-known military experts, the Chinese Society of Military Science Deputy Secretary-General Major General Luo Yuan, a guest at the People’s power forum today on a military hot topic with friends online . Major General Luo Yuan , how to protect the interests in the Middle East
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Luo said the Chinese have a huge economic interests in the Middle East or , 1/5 of the global oil through the Strait of Hormuz , where 1/ 3 is shipped to China , China is Iran ‘s largest oil buyer , average daily imports usually in about 55 million barrels , accounting for Iranian oil exports 1/5 , once the source of oil by the loss , it will affect China’s peaceful development . Iran, Syria , we can not feel that the matter concerns an armchair , in fact, the Middle East issue is closely related with China’s interests .

Luo Yuan said , I have contact with a famous American writer called William En Doyle ( Engdahl.FW – - editor’s note) , he wrote a book called One of the main ideas of this book is : Do not attack the United States is now Iraq and Libya , in fact, are directed . I asked him, on what basis do you have ? He said that China ‘s dependence on oil has reached 55 percent by 2020 , will reach 70 percent , while China ‘s oil source in the Middle East and North Africa . Therefore, destroyed in Iraq , the United States first in the Middle East , then North Africa, Libya destroyed . Also disrupt China’s oil lifeline – the South China Sea , in fact, is to contain China’s rise . I think Americans have this sense of crisis , we absolutely can not be indifferent .


Iran territory

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The United States and its allies is to upgrade the sanctions against Iran, Iran also issued a Results, not only the United States even sent three aircraft carriers to the deterrence, the United Kingdom also sent to active duty, the most advanced destroyer British

January 11, Although the British Ministry of Defense stressed that the ship’s trip is just a routine training and access, but no one knows,

Iranian state television reported that The numbers in the Gulf’s warm waters, it will be Experts point out that Iran in the Persian Gulf occupies a near perfect geographical advantage – up to 150 km north shore of the Strait of Hormuz, Iran territory, especially in England to give up the Suez Canal, east of the command of the sea in 1971, Iran captured lightning means Strait in the throat Mishima (Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa), from the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, the smooth flow of had to look at the face of Iran.

However, the former British Defense Secretary John Reid said: >

Sunny, but when there are cloudy

Speaking of To replace the obsolete Type 42 destroyers, the British Ministry of Defense from 1983 to propose a variety of new ship design, but often fall through because of funding and political reasons, until November 1999 before deciding to BAE and fertile Sang co the construction of six Type 45 destroyers, cost £ 650 million per ship. Was launched in February 2006, the Until the mid-21st century, the ship will be the most powerful surface warships of the British naval combat capability. British armed forces minister Bob Ainsworth, who visited the

Ainsworth’s enthusiasm can not hide the problems in the Type 45 destroyer project. According to the British Audit Bureau said, encountered many difficulties, due to the development of multi-function radar, and installation of air defense missile vertical launching system, the Type 45 destroyer project’s total cost of £ 5.4 billion to 6.1 billion pounds, which led to the battle management system with a low grade, be postponed until all the service time of six Type 45 destroyers from 2014 to 2020. No wonder the British media dubbed the Type 45 destroyer project of the Department of Defense is sunny, but when there are cloudy.

According to data provided by the British BBC, The British Navy said the firepower of a Type 45 destroyer firepower than the 8 and 42 destroyers in the fleet that can cope with the

British Defense Research Institute and Germany’s Siemens jointly developed the aerial targets. The bow is equipped with a 127 mm caliber gun, the gun followed by a 48-cell vertical missile launching system, capable of firing 16

Ship the middle of installing two eight-mounted


South Korean prosecutors

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

World Wide Web Reporter Chang reported that , according to Yonhap , January 30 , the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutor’s financial tax investigation of three at 30 am local time on the South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade office were searched .
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It is reported that at 10:00 on the 30th , the prosecutors and prosecution staff is located in Jongno-gu , Seoul , South Korean Foreign Minister searched and seized computer hard drives and other kinds of information in the office of energy resources, Ambassador Kim Eun- stone .

In addition , the prosecutor on the other office , including the Office of the Spokesman searched . It is the

South Korean prosecutors , when he was Prime Minister Room foreign and security policy official , Kim Eun- stone dominated the reported data released by the Department of State on December 17, 2010 , which became the source of CNK stock soared .

Prosecutors also revealed that Kim Eun- stone it comes to family gatherings at the end of January 2009 , the CNK -related businesses , followed by his two brothers in January last year to buy a total of over 80,000 CNK stock , profit from the huge profits .


It is reported that about 2

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 30 , according to foreign reports, the Syrian army was 29th on the outskirts of Damascus, the opposition launched the armed occupation of the siege , in order to regain control of the region .

It is reported that about 2,000 government soldiers in tanks and armored vehicles under the cover of dawn on the day moved into the eastern suburbs of Damascus , for control of these areas to wipe out the opposition militants . Local activists said 19 civilians and opposition fighters were killed.

In a tank surrounded by Kafu Er – Batna town , an activist said , this is a city of war , the body can be seen in the streets .

Residents of downtown Damascus , said the city’s main square, the army and police are deployed to prevent opposition forces infiltrated into the city center.

Syria ‘s official media said 29 Syrian people call Xujun action , Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Bing Seoul regards the security forces recently in the families of martyrs , said Syrian security forces are on the land

Another reported that at least 16 Syrian soldiers in the day killed in different attacks , several of them were allegedly

A day earlier , the Arab League officials said that given the increasing violence in Syria , Arab League Secretary General Arabi has decided to suspend operations in Syria Mission . Arab League foreign ministers will be held on February 5 headquarters held an emergency meeting in Cairo to discuss Syria .