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More than the sun can prevent breast cancer

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Good physical condition of the basic needs of day-to-day care and testing, no matter which aspect wrong, you are likely to bring untold suffering and endless trouble. In fact, both women and each has a strong self-protection with the ability to check in daily life does not change the premise of the way, we can effectively with the infection in the struggle to protect and strengthen bones and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Because of this, health experts and doctors for our list of 10 “health required course”, do not be lazy, and seriously abide by it. Over time, you’ll gradually see these courses bring you the pleasant effect – of course, that is healthy!

1, thyroid function tests

The next medical examination, let us not forget the blood of thyroid hormone (TSH) test. These tests will show the impact of thyroid metabolism is working correctly. Thyroid dysfunction can cause many symptoms, such as non-menstrual phase bleeding, weight gain, feelings of irritability, anxiety, physical fatigue. Pre-pregnancy must be prepared to conduct such tests, because even minor asymptomatic hypothyroidism, can also lead to the huge baby IQ deficiencies.

2, intolerable itching, seek help from doctors

More than 90% of women are suffering from genital itching problems, but few seek help from doctors in the early disease, but can buy their own cleaning products to the genitals “autonomy.” Genital itching realize is that many of the symptoms of gynecological diseases alone, “washing” can not solve the problem fundamentally, there is likely to delay treatment. Bacterial infections such as vaginal or Trichinella infection, any one of the two patients will have a pungent smell of the secretions, there are burning feeling, and itching. Infected with these diseases during pregnancy risk of premature delivery or fetal malformation.

3, to avoid “leakage” embarrassed

30% of women between the ages of 30 to 40 had experienced a sudden urinary incontinence, in the laughing, sneezing or jumping, the few drops of urine will be uncontrolled Chung vent out. This phenomenon is the culprit for post-natal muscle atrophy, production control urinary tract of the pelvic muscles by stretching the chassis, while a short period of post-natal difficult to restore to its original state. A survey shows that 67 percent of women through called “kegel” exercises, you can restore and control the sudden incontinence.

kegel the correct posture is: flat, will be one or two fingers Add the vagina, the repeated contraction and relax muscles, should be able to feel the pressure of a finger. In order to achieve better results, you must regularly conduct kegel exercises conducted at least once a day, each three minutes, and maintain 4 to 6 weeks. The scholars also found that 73% of women are about to cough, sneeze or laugh, and take a ride and potential cross-legs, body forward, then they could avoid an embarrassing phenomenon drop of urine.

4, drug supplement of vitamin C and E

These two vitamins are disease-resistant, anti-oxidation, contribute to the prevention of ovarian cancer. The latest study found that lack of vitamin intake of women than 90 mg daily supplement of vitamin C and 30 milligrams of vitamin E in women, the risk of ovarian cancer twice as high. Of particular note was the only extra vitamin C and E supplements to achieve this effect, only consumption of vitamin C and E containing food and there is no preventive effect.

5, to add folic acid

Through the 329 women found that those with cancer or cancer of the female precursor of folic acid levels in healthy women with low levels of folic acid 30%. In addition, adequate clothing during pregnancy folic acid, can reduce the infant suffering from potentially fatal risk of neural tube defects. This was a very easy way of nutrition, as long as the daily food intake of some whole wheat, or 400 mg daily doses of folic acid supplementation can Nethersole.

6, drive out of the ignition terrible flu

Cystitis had been tortured by the people all know, the kind of bladder infection caused by the burning tingling feeling there is suffering a statement. In order to avoid recurrence, it should be noted the following points:

- Drink plenty of water. Increased frequency of excretion, bacteria along with the excretion of urine to the in vitro.

- Sexual activity immediately after micturition. Sexual activities each insertion may lead to bacterial infection of the urethra into the open mouth. Activities immediately after sex can prevent the bacteria have entered the urinary bladder.

- Eat more fruits, especially acidic fruits, such as orange, mango, grapefruit and so on. Colombia University USA, a study shows that women suffering from cystitis to add enough acid, the ability to annually cystitis halve the number of incidence.

How do women face identified health

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Unshapely face a symbol of physical problems, to have a smooth flawless face is difficult, in fact, each person faces a greater or lesser extent, there are always some small flaws, which are not easily noticed flaws in the show the body may be unsatisfactory, or your diet problem.

A) face:

Face is too pale, indicating a lack of dietary folic acid, iron and vitamin B12. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of food folate, animal liver, and some fruits are also rich in folic acid.

(B) of the forehead:

Pox spots appear on his forehead, is the liver contains excessive toxin is due to the need to reduce excessive consumption of sugary foods hours more to avoid too much alcohol. Liver detoxification, to be carried out in deep sleep, so you in this time period you should be asleep, do not stay up all night, not sleeping at this time, you will be so tired of the liver, with the passage of time will certainly be impaired. In addition, we can diet to eat carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. to help the liver detoxification.

(C) temple:

Temple near the small acne, show your diet contains too many processed foods, the gallbladder caused by obstruction, the need to quickly clean-up line in vivo. At this point you are paying particular attention to avoid eating food with high oil content.

(D) around the eyes:

Four dry eyes around, or like dry surface cracks, shows that you need to strengthen the vitamin B2 and B6 intake. These vitamins you can obtain from the following foods: beans, a variety of nucleolar, bean sprouts and carrots, a variety of fruits and vegetables, seaweed, bean sprouts and whole wheat, bananas, dried grapes, peanuts, wheat grass.

(E) cheek:

If you smoke, you are prone to swelling of the cheeks, and a clear pattern of microvessel. This is the skin hypoxic gas signal. The best way is to never quit!

(F) mouth:

Minor mouth wrinkles appear that you want to add a lot of iron!

(Vii) lips:

Dry and cold winter in particular, lips appear dry, peeling, cracking phenomenon stripping the body to tell you a lack of vitamin B group, something needs to be added.

(Viii) the jaw:

Before and after a month in the menstrual jaw grow for many, this region of skin changes and ovary is directly related to, you can enter the body or lymphatic drainage massage to improve.

(Ix) the eye below:

Below the eyes and kidney have a direct relationship, when a black eye, swollen eye and the phenomenon, that you drink too much coffee and tea, it is necessary to control this type of beverage, drink plenty of water at the same time.

(J) on both sides of the nose:

Blackhead appear on both sides of the nose, a slight dry desquamation phenomenon that poor circulation may be appropriate to carry out massage and strengthen this part of the skin blood circulation. Or appropriate to add zinc, vitamin B2 and B6, this part of the skin to improve blood circulation and greasy big help.

(Xi) the cheeks on both sides:

This part of acne skin that must be restrained eating, not overeating, and more to help the body to eat poisonous food, such as Apple that is self-purification for the body gastrointestinal great effect.

10 reasons of faster old

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Passage of time quietly, unconsciously, wrinkles crept climbed to your face, this is what is distressing. Although it is merciless years, but please think carefully what their peacetime have bad habits before they get their chances to make these wrinkles? In fact, the best way to fight against aging is the best work in the prevention of aging. Life must adopt good hygiene practices, avoid the following bad habits.

Aging causes a: facial expression throughout the day, worrying about troubles we imagined

A day before skin cells would lack nutrition, dry skin face, there wrinkles, but also to deepen the face of “unhappy pattern.” Wear a smile, ten years less. Emotional stability of the endocrine balance is very important, with a mild heart tolerance is a very beautiful woman, but in fact it is not only a psychological impression.

Aging causes II: stay up all night

Sleep is the enemy of skin care, lack of sleep, they will take skin cells regulate the activities of the various disorders, affecting the vitality of epidermal cells. So every day at least eight hours sleep, if below this level, happen on their own health index re-estimated. Sleep will be very easy for the adequacy of the skin on the surface now, especially the delicate skin of the eye. And a sweet good sleep, you can eliminate the skin fatigue, skin cells so that the regulation of activities in a normal, slow down the aging of the skin.

Aging three reasons: Regular exposure

Excessive harm to absorb more ultraviolet radiation, ranging from dark skin, heavy can cause skin cancer, and it certainly is premature aging of skin, one of the chief culprit. Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin deep elastic fibers and collagen, resulting in facial skin becomes lax Matte, wrinkles appear. Therefore, in order to develop the use of high-quality sunscreen good habit.

Aging four reasons: smoking, drinking

Nicotine on the skin contraction of the role of blood vessels, so wrinkled skin of smokers than non-smokers ahead of the arrival of 10 years, so if you are a smoker, will look more than 10 years of age peers. And alcohol will reduce the number of skin oils to the skin dehydration, indirectly affecting the normal function of the skin.

Aging five reasons: too rich facial expressions

Often squinting, frowning, laughing, twitch one’s mouth, these movements and facial expressions will cause an increase in wrinkles, so, it is best to minimize excessive movements and facial expressions.

Aging six reasons: do not love to drink water

Water is the source of life. Add a timely manner to allow adequate skin moisture, skin care is the key to the road. If not enough water intake will lead to inadequate secretion of oils and fats, skin can easily dehydrated, so every day must force yourself to drink 6-8 cups of water, but do not drink caffeine-rich drinks.

Aging seven reasons: do not like sports

This can be bad. Appropriate amount of exercise can induce systemic blood circulation accelerated, so that the body of a modest relaxation activities, thus enhancing the skin lubrication, so the body can also be a large number of sweat skin opportunity for the skin to a healthy balance, and greatly reduce the chance of skin aging. Therefore, in order to strengthen the training ah.

Aging eight reasons: Cleansing not thorough

This is the most common mistakes people. Face cream alone is not able to thoroughly cleanse the skin. You should regularly do the work of deep cleansing in order to avoid the naked eye, with which we do not see the dirt plug the pores, affecting the skin of normal breathing.

Aging nine reasons: lack of understanding of their skin, skin-care products using inappropriate

Do you really understand the severity of their skin it? Only when we truly understand their own skin in order to make the right choice. May wish to find an opportunity to be a skin test to find out more.

Aging 10 reasons: close to irritating food, stay away from vitamin

Quickly pull back from the brink! Irritating foods, such as spicy, deep fried, like a time bomb for the skin, fried goods, hot food should be appropriately reduced, will contribute to skin endocrine balance, reduce acne and oily skin problems, such as the opportunity to . And vitamins in fruits and vegetables is beneficial to the skin Moreover, not only delicious fruits and vegetables, make us feel good, but also can make natural facial mask, good effect, but also a great life thing. As soon as possible a reasonable allocation of your diet ah.

From the face to see the man’s health

Monday, December 15th, 2008

The quality of human internal organs function will be reflected in his face. The busy you may often look at their face, may find that their health status a secret.

All of a sudden increase in the wrinkles on his forehead

This shows that the liver of his own over-burdened, it is necessary to eat less animal fat, such as pork and the like, but should eat some light food such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish and so on.

Black eye socket, gloomy face.

Up in the morning if they own the surface like that too heavy a burden on the kidneys. To reduce the use of salt and sugar, no sugar to avoid sugar vegetables, cooked duck with chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, etc. burning diet can also use red and white radish broth boil drinking. In addition, the use of kidney-eat soup is also useful results.

Red nose

On behalf of the tip of the heart. Tip red or purple blood pressure may be high, or too much salt and alcohol intake.化妝課程

Swelling on the lips

This is likely to be caused by stomach cramps. Eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnut, sweet potato, lotus root, and so on Nuanwei food. If the skin is too rough, you try to use bamboo, sea cucumber, can eat lean meat stew.

The skin is too white

This may be due to blood loss caused. Dates will be, peanuts soaked with warm water, cook low heat, together with some sticky honey Aozhi. Eat this food, ruddy face will be up.

Brown cheeks were red

Red cheeks are signs of high blood pressure. Attention should be paid to reduce the amount of smoking or smoking cessation, regular blood pressure.

Red ears

Ear on behalf of the kidney. Ear was purple or red bad that cycle. Less alcohol, eat fine food, eat less sugar and exercise in order to promote circulation.

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Seven good habits to improve the immunity

Monday, December 15th, 2008

It usually attacks the human body to external, to identify and rule out the possibility of resistance to foreign body known as the “immunity.” Most of the body’s immune system depends on genetic, but there is also a great impact on the environment, such as diet, sleep, exercise, stress and so on. The body’s own “immune system” for our health checks, in order to enhance immunity, from the most fundamental way of life start

Clothing, food, shelter, “simply natural”: In order to protect their own health, should be to minimize the use of “civilization of things”, such as reducing eating canned food, fried food, avoid the often stay up all night revelry, overeating, alcohol and tobacco chain And so there are always things that “simply natural” principle, we can reduce the harm.

Do not take medicine at every turn: take medicine is a kind of harm, whether Chinese or Western medicine, will often take medicine to lower the body’s resistance, so unless necessary, can not take medicine or eat better.

Do not abuse antibiotics: Long-term, repeated use of antibiotics by the rules does not lead to human disorders and secondary bacterial infection of human listening, liver and kidneys, cause harm, but also generate toxic and allergic reactions.

Enough sleep: sleep when the body will have an acid known as the sleep factor can be increased to leukocyte, macrophage activity, enhance liver detoxification function, so that invasive bacteria or virus eradication. Therefore, the amount sleep quality sleep, the immune system can “build”

To maintain optimism: optimism in the human body to maintain an optimal state, especially in today’s society, people are facing great pressure and great psychological pressure will lead to inhibit the body’s immune system hormone components increased, so easy By influenza or other diseases.

On a Diet: The light and nutritious as a good day, eat fish, milk, eggs, beans and bean products, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, edible fungus, to supplement the in vivo high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals To help enhance the body immunity.

Strengthen the resistance movement and more: Sports histiocytic can increase the activity and the promotion of normal metabolism, enhance and increase physical fitness and good health will be a natural antibody, the bacteria can resist foreign invasion, the exercise will enable the blood of IL -More, and to enhance the activity of natural killer cells, cancer cells and eliminate the virus.