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Seven good habits to improve the immunity

Monday, December 15th, 2008

It usually attacks the human body to external, to identify and rule out the possibility of resistance to foreign body known as the “immunity.” Most of the body’s immune system depends on genetic, but there is also a great impact on the environment, such as diet, sleep, exercise, stress and so on. The body’s own “immune system” for our health checks, in order to enhance immunity, from the most fundamental way of life start

Clothing, food, shelter, “simply natural”: In order to protect their own health, should be to minimize the use of “civilization of things”, such as reducing eating canned food, fried food, avoid the often stay up all night revelry, overeating, alcohol and tobacco chain And so there are always things that “simply natural” principle, we can reduce the harm.

Do not take medicine at every turn: take medicine is a kind of harm, whether Chinese or Western medicine, will often take medicine to lower the body’s resistance, so unless necessary, can not take medicine or eat better.

Do not abuse antibiotics: Long-term, repeated use of antibiotics by the rules does not lead to human disorders and secondary bacterial infection of human listening, liver and kidneys, cause harm, but also generate toxic and allergic reactions.

Enough sleep: sleep when the body will have an acid known as the sleep factor can be increased to leukocyte, macrophage activity, enhance liver detoxification function, so that invasive bacteria or virus eradication. Therefore, the amount sleep quality sleep, the immune system can “build”

To maintain optimism: optimism in the human body to maintain an optimal state, especially in today’s society, people are facing great pressure and great psychological pressure will lead to inhibit the body’s immune system hormone components increased, so easy By influenza or other diseases.

On a Diet: The light and nutritious as a good day, eat fish, milk, eggs, beans and bean products, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, edible fungus, to supplement the in vivo high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals To help enhance the body immunity.

Strengthen the resistance movement and more: Sports histiocytic can increase the activity and the promotion of normal metabolism, enhance and increase physical fitness and good health will be a natural antibody, the bacteria can resist foreign invasion, the exercise will enable the blood of IL -More, and to enhance the activity of natural killer cells, cancer cells and eliminate the virus.