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How do women face identified health

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Unshapely face a symbol of physical problems, to have a smooth flawless face is difficult, in fact, each person faces a greater or lesser extent, there are always some small flaws, which are not easily noticed flaws in the show the body may be unsatisfactory, or your diet problem.

A) face:

Face is too pale, indicating a lack of dietary folic acid, iron and vitamin B12. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of food folate, animal liver, and some fruits are also rich in folic acid.

(B) of the forehead:

Pox spots appear on his forehead, is the liver contains excessive toxin is due to the need to reduce excessive consumption of sugary foods hours more to avoid too much alcohol. Liver detoxification, to be carried out in deep sleep, so you in this time period you should be asleep, do not stay up all night, not sleeping at this time, you will be so tired of the liver, with the passage of time will certainly be impaired. In addition, we can diet to eat carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. to help the liver detoxification.

(C) temple:

Temple near the small acne, show your diet contains too many processed foods, the gallbladder caused by obstruction, the need to quickly clean-up line in vivo. At this point you are paying particular attention to avoid eating food with high oil content.

(D) around the eyes:

Four dry eyes around, or like dry surface cracks, shows that you need to strengthen the vitamin B2 and B6 intake. These vitamins you can obtain from the following foods: beans, a variety of nucleolar, bean sprouts and carrots, a variety of fruits and vegetables, seaweed, bean sprouts and whole wheat, bananas, dried grapes, peanuts, wheat grass.

(E) cheek:

If you smoke, you are prone to swelling of the cheeks, and a clear pattern of microvessel. This is the skin hypoxic gas signal. The best way is to never quit!

(F) mouth:

Minor mouth wrinkles appear that you want to add a lot of iron!

(Vii) lips:

Dry and cold winter in particular, lips appear dry, peeling, cracking phenomenon stripping the body to tell you a lack of vitamin B group, something needs to be added.

(Viii) the jaw:

Before and after a month in the menstrual jaw grow for many, this region of skin changes and ovary is directly related to, you can enter the body or lymphatic drainage massage to improve.

(Ix) the eye below:

Below the eyes and kidney have a direct relationship, when a black eye, swollen eye and the phenomenon, that you drink too much coffee and tea, it is necessary to control this type of beverage, drink plenty of water at the same time.

(J) on both sides of the nose:

Blackhead appear on both sides of the nose, a slight dry desquamation phenomenon that poor circulation may be appropriate to carry out massage and strengthen this part of the skin blood circulation. Or appropriate to add zinc, vitamin B2 and B6, this part of the skin to improve blood circulation and greasy big help.

(Xi) the cheeks on both sides:

This part of acne skin that must be restrained eating, not overeating, and more to help the body to eat poisonous food, such as Apple that is self-purification for the body gastrointestinal great effect.